Dedicated To Providing The Best Catering, Clothes Design, Tailoring, Printing and other Vocational Training skills support services for students, young and aspiring mothers including the disadvantaged  in Suva, Fiji.
Total empowerment on house keeping , front office , Catering & Cooking , Clothes designing and general housekeeping skills for young school leavers ,those in GAP year, young housewives, house girls etc

Supported by Ministry of Education TVET Section. Come and  pay less for more. We can vouch no one else is offering this much value. 

Let Suva Vocational School  optimize your money value through an experienced student - teacher  integrated workforce with MoE /TVET Fiji  supported facilities, programs  and services :

  • Clothes material hand print designing, sewing and modelling on catwalk experience
  • Cooking and baking exquisite dishes and orders with variation of ingredients to suite taste 
  • Work ethics
  • Starting own business (MYOB) courses
  • Mutiple career paths to a) Fiji National University b) own business c) employment d) housewife e) house girl etc  g.
  • Enjoy reasonable costs with quality  services and products.
  • Expect satisfaction on students quality work output