Tourism and Hospitality

An East Asian renaissance - Ideas for Economic Growth (2007)
by I. Gill, H. Kharas, D. Bhattasali
Benchmarking in Tourism & Hospitality Industries-The Selection of Benchmarking Partners by K. W. Wober
British Tourism-The remarkable story of growth (2007)
by V. T. C. Middleton, L. J. Lickorish
Cultures of Mass Tourism - Doing the Mediterranean in the Age of Banal Mobilities by P. O. Pons et al.
Destination Marketing Organisations (2004) by S. Pike
Developing a Dream Destination - Tourism & Tourism Policy Planning in Hawaii (2008) by James Mak
Dictionary of Travel, Tourism, & Hospitality
Doing Business 2008 Country Profile for Iran
Doing Business 2009 Country Profile for Iran
ETC City Tourism & Culture - The European Experience
In Search of Hospitality Theoretical Perspectives & Debates
Lake Tourism - An Integrated Approach to Lacustrine Tourism Systems by C. M. Hall, T. Härkönen
Managing Coastal Tourism Resorts-A Global Perspective (2007) by S. Agarwal & G. Shaw (Eds)
Network Analysis & Tourism - From Theory to Practice by N. Scott, R. Baggio, C. Cooper
Pro-poor Tourism - Who Benefits - Perspectives on Tourism and Poverty Reduction (2007) by C. Michael Hall
Raj Rhapsodies - Tourism, Heritage and the Seduction of History by C. E. Henderson, M. Weisgrau
Resorts - Management and Operation (2ed., 2008) by R. C. Mill
Rural Tourism Development - Localism and Cultural Change by E. W. George, H. Mair, D. G. Reid
Tea and Tourism - Tourists, Traditions & Transformations by L. Jolliffe
Tourism & Development Concepts & Issues (Aspects of Tourism, 5)
Tourism Alternatives - Potentials and Problems in the Development of Tourism by W. R. Eadington
Tourism Demand Modelling and Forecasting - Modern Econometric Approaches by H. Song, S. F. Witt
Tourism Ethics (2006) by David A. Fennell
Tourism in the new Europe-Perspectives on SME Policies & Practices (2007) by R. Thomas, M. Augustyn (Eds)
Tourism, Globalization & Development Responsible Tourism Planning (2003) by D. G. Reid

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