A Set of Statistics Books


  1. 40 Puzzles and Problems in Probability and Mathematical Statistics (2008) by W. Schwarz
  2. A Course in Mathematical Statistics by Roussas, G. G.
  3. A Course in Probability Theory by K. L. Chung
  4. A First Course in Business Statistics
  5. A First Course in Business Statistics by Mcclave, J. T.
  6. An introduction to Probability: Theory and its Applications Vol II (3ed., 1971) by Feller W.
  7. An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications Vol I by W. Feller
  8. An Introduction to Probability Theory by C. Geiss
  9. Analysis and Probability: Wavelets, Signals, Fractals by Jorgensen, P. E. T.
  10. Applied Bayesian Modelling by P. Congdon
  11. Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes by W. Bryc
  12. Applied Probability (2008) by P. E. Pfeiffer
  13. Applied Probability by K. Lange
  14. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (Solution) by Montgomery & Runger
  15. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers by Montgomery & Runger
  16. Applied Statistics Probability for Engineers (3ed.,2003) by Montgomery, D. C.
  17. Basic Probability: Theory with Applications(2009) by M. Lefebvre
  18. Computational Probability: Algorithms & Applications in the Math. Sciences by J. H. Drew, et al.
  19. Computational Statistics (2009) by J. E. Gentle
  20. CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae by D. Zwillinger
  21. Discrete Probability (1997) by Gordon, H.
  22. Discrete-Time Markov Jump Linear Systems by O. L. V. Costa
  23. Elementary Probability by Stirzaker, D.
  24. Elements of Appl. Probability for Engineering, Mathematics and Systems Science by McDonald, D.
  25. Essential Wavelets for Statistical Application and Data Analysis by Ogden, R. T.
  26. Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases
  27. Foundations of Modern Probability by Olav Kallenberg
  28. Foundations of the Theory of Probability by A.N. Kolmogrov
  29. Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers by T T Soong
  30. Fundamental Probability: A Computational Approach by Paolella, M. S.
  31. Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers (2004) by Soong, T. T.
  32. Guide to Physics Probs Part 2: Thermo., Statistical Physics and Quantum Mechanics by Cahn S.
  33. Intermediate Probability: A Computational Approach by Paolella, M. S.
  34. Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis by Agresti, A
  35. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (6ed.) by P. Hoel
  36. Introduction to Probability (ed.) by C. M. Grinstead & J. L. Snell
  37. Introduction to Probability by D. Bertsekas & J. N. Tsitsiklis
  38. Introduction to Probability Models (6ed.) by S. M Ross
  39. Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by Ross S. M.
  40. Introduction to Probability Theory: Volume 1 by Feller V.
  41. Introduction to Probability with Statistical Applications by Schay, G.
  42. Introduction to Probability by Grinstead, C. M.
  43. Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition (2ed.) by K. Fukunaga
  44. Lectures on Probability: Theory and Statistics by J. Picard
  45. Longitudinal Data Analysis by Hedeker, D.
  46. Markov Random Fields and Their Applications by Kinderman & Snell
  47. Mathematics: Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics (2003) by A Khuri
  48. Mathematics, Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Probability
  49. Measure Integral and Probability by Capinski & Kopp
  50. Methods of Multivariate Analysis (2ed.,2002) by Rencher A.C.
  51. Multivariable Bayesian Statistics by D. Rowe
  52. Paradoxes in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics by Szekely, G. J.
  53. Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway, R. A.
  54. Point Processes-Chapman and Hal (1980) by Cox D. R.
  55. Probability and Finance It's only a Game by G. Shafer
  56. Probability and its Applications by O. Kallenberg
  57. Probability and Measurements by Tarantola A.
  58. Probability and Random Processes by Grimnett, G. R.
  59. Probability and Statistics by Example I by Suhov, Y.
  60. Probability and Statistics: The Science of Uncertainty by Tabak, J.
  61. Probability and Statistical Inference by N. Mukhopadhyay
  62. Probability Demystified by Bluman
  63. Probability Distributions Involving Gaussian Random Variables (2006) by M. K. Simon
  64. Probability Theory: The Logic of Science by E. T. Jaynes
  65. Probability Theory and Examples (2ed.) by R. Durrett
  66. Probability, Random Processes and Ergodic Properties by R. Gray
  67. Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles (2ed.) by P. Peebles
  68. Probability Random Variables and Stochastic Processes (3ed.) by A. Papoulis.
  69. Probability Theory 1 by Loeve, M.
  70. Probability Theory with Applications by Rao, M. M.
  71. Radically Elementary Probability Theory by E. Nelson
  72. Real Analysis and Probability by Dudley, R. M.
  73. Recent Advances in Applied Probability by R. Baeza-Yates et al. (eds)
  74. Robust Statistics Theory and Methods by Maronna, R. A.
  75. Schaum's Outlines: Theory and Problems of Statistics (3ed.) by M. Spiegel, L. Stephens
  76. Schaum's Outline of Probability and Statistics by Spiegel, M. R.
  77. Six Sigma and Beyond Statistics and Probability Volume III by St.Lucie.Press.
  78. Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications With Microsoft® Excel by W.J. DeCoursey
  79. Statistics for Dummies by D. Rumsey
  80. Statistics for Environmental Engineers (2ed.)
  81. Statistics Hacks by B. Frey
  82. The Basic Practice of Statistics (3ed.) by D. S. Moore
  83. Theory and Problems of Probability by Lipschutz, Seymour
  84. Theory and Problems of Probability, Random Variables and Random Processes by Hwei P. Hsu
  85. Tutorials in Probability
  86. Theory of Probability and Random Processes by Koralov, L. B.
  87. Weibull Models by Morthy, D. N. P.
  88. A Primer of Multivariate Statistics (3ed., 2001) by Harris R.J.
  89. A Primer on Statistical Distributions (2003) by Balakrishnan N.
  90. Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection (2000) by Gustafsson F.
  91. Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics (2ed., 2002) by Khuri A.I.
  92. Algorithms for Clustering Data (1988) by Jain, Dubes.
  93. An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications Vol II (3ed., 1971) by Feller W.
  94. Applied Bayesian Modelling (2002) by Congdon P.
  95. Applied Logistic Regression (2ed., 2000) by Hosmer D.
  96. Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (2003) by Hardle, Simar.
  97. Applied Parameter Estimation for Chemical Engineers (2001) by Englezos P., Kalogerakis K.
  98. Applied Regression Analysis.. A Research Tool (2001) by Rawlings J.O., S.G.Pantula, D.A.Dickey.
  99. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (3ed., 2002) by Montgomery, D. C.
  100. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers (Solutions) (3ed., 2002) by Montgomery, D. C.
  101. Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language (1997) by Cody R.P., Smith J.K.
  102. Applied Survival Analysis: Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data by Hosmer D.W., Lemeshow S.
  103. Applying Generalized Linear Models (1997) by Lindsey J.K.
  104. Approximate Computation of Expectations (1986) by Stein Ch.
  105. Basic Principles and Applications of Probability Theory (2005) by Skorokhod A., Prokhorov I.
  106. Bayesian Field Theory (2003) by Lemm J.
  107. Bayesian Spectrum Analysis and Parameter Estimation (1988) by Bretthorst G.L.
  108. Beam Effects, Surface Topography and .. Surface Analysis (1998) by Czanderna, Madey, Powell (eds.)
  109. Binomial Distribution Handbook for Scientists and Engineers (2001) by Von Collani E., Draeger K.
  110. Chance and Stability. Stable Distributions & their Applications (1999) by Uchaikin V.V., Zolotarev V.M.
  111. Characteristic Functions (2ed., 1970) by Lukacs E.
  112. Classification (1999) by Gordon
  113. Combinatorial Methods in Discrete Distributions (2005) by Charalambides C.A.
  114. Combining Pattern Classifiers.. Methods and Algorithms (2004) by Kuncheva.
  115. Common Errors in Statistics, and How to Avoid Them (2003) by Good P.I., Hardin J.W.
  116. Convergence of Probability Measures (1968) by Billingsley P.
  117. Counterexamples in Probability (2ed., 1997) by Stoyanov J.
  118. Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography (1998) by Felinger A.
  119. Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials.. A Practical Perspective (2002) by Ellenberg S.
  120. Discrete Distributions (2004) by Zelterman D.
  121. Evolutionary Catastrophes: The Science of Mass Extinction (2004) by Courtillot V., J.McClinton
  122. Fitting Statistical Distributions (2000) by Karian Z.A., Dudewicz W.J.
  123. Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers (2004) by Soong.
  124. Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing. Vol.1.. Estimation Theory (1993) by Kay S.M.
  125. Generalized Least Squares (2004) by Kariya T., H.Kurata.
  126. Group Representations in Probability and Statistics (1988) by Diaconis P.
  127. Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures (2000) by Sheskin
  128. Handbook of the Poisson Distribution (1967) by Haight F.A.
  129. Handbook on Data Envelopment Analysis (2004) by Cooper W., et al. (eds.)
  130. Independent and Stationary Sequences of Random Variables (1971) by Ibragimov I.A., Linnik Yu.V.
  131. Independent Component Analysis (2001) by Hyvarinen A., et al.
  132. Introduction to Error Analysis (2ed., 1997) by Taylor J.R.
  133. Introduction to Nonparametric Regression (2005) by Takezawa K.
  134. Introduction to Statistical Inference and Data Analysis (2001) by Trosset M.W.
  135. Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing (2000) by Gray R.M., Davisson L.D.
  136. Introduction to the Theory of Statistics (3ed., 1974) by Mood A.M., Graybill F.A., Boes D.C.
  137. Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences: Modern Applications .. (2003) by Chernick M.R.,
  138. Large Deviations Techniques and Applications (2ed., 1998) by Dembo A., Zeitouni O.
  139. Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics (2004) by Tavare S., Zeitouni O.
  140. Limit Distributions for Sums of Independent Random Variables (1954) by Gnedenko B.V.
  141. Limit Theorems for Large Deviations (1991) by Saulis L., Statulevichus V.A.
  142. Limit Theorems for Unions of Random Closed Sets (1994) by Molchanov I.
  143. Limit Theorems of Probability Theory (1995) by Petrov V.V.
  144. Linear Statistical Inference and its applications (2ed., 1972) by Rao C.R.
  145. Local Regression and Likelihood (1999) by Loader C.
  146. Martingale Limit Theory and its Application (1980) by Hall P., Heyde C.C.
  147. Mathematical Statistics (1998) by Borovkov A.A.
  148. Mathematical Statistics Vol. 1 (2001) by Bickel P.J., Doksum K.A.
  149. Mathematical Statistics.. A Unified Introduction (1999) by Terrell G.R.
  150. Measurement in the Social Sciences.. Theories and Strategies (1974) by Blalock H.M. (ed.)
  151. Medical Statistics at a Glance (2000) by Petrie A., Sabin C.
  152. Methods and Models in Statistics (2004) by Adams N. (ed.)
  153. Methods of Multivariate Analysis (2ed., 2002) by Rencher A.C.
  154. Modes of Parametric Statistical Inference (2006) by Geisser S., Johnson W.O.
  155. Monte-Carlo Methods, Concepts and Applications by Fishman
  156. Multilevel Analysis - Techniques and Applications (2002) by Hox J.
  157. Multilevel Modeling: Methodological Advances, Issues & Applications ('02) by Reise S., Duan N. (eds.)
  158. Nonlinear Regression (1989) by Seber G.A.F., C.J.Wild.
  159. Nonlinear Regression Analysis and its Applications (1988) by Bates D.M., Watts D.G.
  160. Nonparametric Regression and Spline Smoothing (1999) by Eubank R.
  161. Normal Approximation and Asymptotic Expansions (1986) by Bhattacharya R.N., Rao R.R.
  162. Notes on Probability Theory (2002) by Khoshnevisan.
  163. Order Statistics (3ed., 2003) by David H., Nagaraja H.
  164. Paradoxes in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (1986) by Szekely G.J.
  165. Partially Linear Models of Parameter Estimation (2000) by Hardle, Liang, Gao.
  166. Probabilities in Physics (2001) by Bricmont J., et al.
  167. Probability (1994) by Knill O.
  168. Probability and Measure (1986) by Billingsley, P.
  169. Probability by Vrbik J.
  170. Probability for Statisticians (2000) by Shorack G.R.
  171. Probability Metrics and the Stability of Stochastic Models (1991) by Rachev S.T.
  172. Probability Models for DNA Sequence Evolution (2002) by Durrett R.
  173. Probability Theory II (4ed., 1978) by Loeve M.
  174. Probability Theory with Applications (2ed., 2006) by Rao M., Swift R.
  175. Probability, Random Variables, Stochastic Processes: Solution Manual (4ed., 2002) by Papoulis A.
  176. Quasi-Likelihood & Its Application: A General Approach to .. Estimation (1997) by Heyde C.C.
  177. Random Allocations (1978) by Kolchin V.F., Sevastyanov B.A., Chistyakov V.P.
  178. Randomized Algorithms (1995) by Motwani R., Raghavan P.
  179. Research Design and Statistical Analysis (2003) by Myers J., Well A.
  180. Robust Statistics (1981) by Huber P.J.
  181. Sampling Theory and Methods (2001) by Sampath S.
  182. Satisfiability Problem.. Theory and Applications (1977) by Du D., Gu J., Pardalos P. (eds.)
  183. Schaum's Outline of Probability (1969) by Lipschutz S.
  184. Sequences, Discrepancies and Applications (1997) by Drmota M., Tichy R.F.
  185. Sequential Statistics (2004) by Govindarajulu Z.
  186. Spatial Statistics (1981) by Ripley B.D.
  187. Spatial Statistics for Remote Sensing (2002) by Stein A., et al. (eds.)
  188. Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae (2000) by Zwillinger, Kokoska.
  189. Statistical Analysis of Management Data (2003) by Gatignon H.
  190. Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments (2003) by Mason R.L., Gunst R.F., Hess J.L.
  191. Statistical Mathematics (5ed., 1947) by Aitken A.
  192. Statistics for the 21st Century: Methodologies for the Future ('00) by Faulkner L.L., C.R.Rao, G.J.Szekely.
  193. Statistics of Extremes.. Theory and Applications (2004) by Beirlant J., J.Teugels, Yu.Goegebeur, J.Segers.
  194. Stopped Random Walks.. Limit Theorems and Applications (1988) by Gut A.
  195. Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence (2003) by Wellek S.
  196. The Advanced Theory of Statistics, Vol. 1 (2ed., 1945) by Kendall M.G.
  197. The Advanced Theory of Statistics, Vol. 2 (2ed., 1945) by Kendall M.G.
  198. The Analysis of Time Series.. An Introduction (5ed.) by Chatfield C.
  199. The Theory of the Design of Experiments (2000) by Cox D.R., N.Reid.
  200. Theory of Multivariate Statistics (1999) by Bilodeau, Brenner.
  201. Theory of Probability: A Critical Introductory Treatment. Volume 1 (1990) by De Finetti B.
  202. Theory of Probability: A Critical Introductory Treatment. Volume 2 (1990) by De Finetti B.
  203. Theory of Rank Tests (2ed., 1998) by Hajek J., Z.Sidak, P.K.Sen.
  204. Time Series Analysis (1994) by Hamilton J.D.
  205. Univariate Discrete Distributions (1992) by Johnson N.L., Kotz S., Kemp A.  

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