Some important Mathematica Books ______________________________________________________________________________________

An Introduction to Programming with Mathematica (2005) by Paul R.Wellin
Beginners Guide to Mathematica(.m) by D. McMahan 
Beginners Guide to Mathematica by D. McMahan
Computing with Mathematica by Hartmut F. W. Höft
Differential Equations with Mathematica by Abell & Brasenton
Engineering Analysis Interactive Methods and Programs with FORTRAN.. by Y. C. Pao      
Essentials of Mathematica with Applications to Mathematics and Physics by Nino Boccara
Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica by Donald L. Vossler
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica by Henry C. Foley
Mastering MATHEMATICA - Programming Methods and Applications (1994) by Gray, J. W.         Mastering Mathematica: Symbolic Pocket Calculator
Mathematica by Example by M. L. Abell                                                                                      Mathematica Navigator Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics (3ed., 2009) by H. Ruskeepää        Numerical & Analytical Methods for Scientists and Engineers Using Mathematica by Daniel Dubin
Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica & Maple by Ioannis P Stavroulakis
Practical Optimization Methods (2000) by Bhatti M
Schaum's Outline of Mathematica (2ed., 2009) by E. Don
The Mathematica Book  by Stephen Wolfram
The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook (1995) by C. Smith
The Mathematica Guide Book for Numerics by Michael Trott

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