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Free-Convective Heat Transfer
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Geometry Mechanics and Dynamics
Godel, Escher, Bach - An Eternal Golden Braid
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Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
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Heat Exchangers Selection
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Inverse Heat Transfer by Ozisik
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Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations
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Mass and Heat Transfer Analysis of Mass Contactors and Heat Exchangers
Mass Transfer From Fundamentals to Modern Industrial Applications
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Mathematical Models in Biology by Leah Edelstein-Keshet
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Mathematical Models Speech
Mathematical Relationships in Educations -Identities and participation by L. Black
Mathematical Methods  in Engineering
Mathematics and Beauty by N. Sinclair
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Mathematics for the Nonmathematician by Kline
Mathematics of Physics and Engineering by E. K. Blum and S. V. Lototsky
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MATLAB Guide to Finite Elements - An Interactive Approach by Peter I. Kattan
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Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations III by M. Griebel, M. A. Schweitzer
Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations IV by M. Griebel, M. A. Schweitzer
Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations V by M. Griebel, M. A. Schweitzer
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Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows
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Multiphase Flow Dynamics 3 by N. I. Kolev
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Numerical Modeling of Water Waves
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Numerical Simulations in Fluid Dynamics -  A Practical Approach by M. Griebel
Numerical Simulations in Fluid Dynamics -  A Practical Approach by M. Griebel
Numerical_Simulations - Examples and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics by L. Angermann
One Hundred Problems in Elementary Mathematics
Optimal Control of Viscous Flow by S. S. Sritharan
Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions by F. Marcelhin. W.Van Assche
Particle Physics and Cosmology by Francis Bernardeau, Christophe Grojean and Jean Dalibard
Particles Bubbles and Drops-Their Motion, Heat and Mass Transfer (2006)
Particles, Bubbles And Drops-Their Motion, Heat And Mass Transfer by E. E. Michaelides
Particle-to-Fluid  Mass & Heat Transfer
PEM Fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation Using MATLAB by C. Spiegel
Perturbation Theory for Linear Operators by T. Kato
Philosophy of Mathematics by Irvine A. (ed.)
Physicochemical Hydrodynamics- An Introduction by Ronald F. Probstein
Physics for Scientists and Engineers 6E By Serway and Jewett - Solutions Manual vol.1
Physics for Scientists and Engineers 6E By Serway and Jewett - Solutions Manual vol.2
Physics for Scientists and Engineers 6E by Serway and Jewett
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Principles of Computer Graphics by Shalini Govil-Pai
Process Engineering Equipment Handbook
Process Modeling Simulation and Control for Chemical Engineers - 2nd ed
Programming Massively Parallel Processors
Programming Pearls by J. Bentley
Progress in Wall Turbulence - Understanding and Modeling by M. Stanislas
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Python Scripting for Computational Science(3ed.)
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Quality and Reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations II Edited by Maria Vittoria Salvetti
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Random Number Generation and Monte Carlo Methods by James H. Gentle
Random Number generation and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods by H. Niederreiter
Reactive Flows,Diffusion and Transport by Willi Jager
Relativity, Gravitation, and Cosmology (2005) by Cheng
Romantic Ideas Creative Ways To Romance Your Love
Scaling Analysis in Modeling Transport and Reaction Processes by W. B. Krantz
Scientific Computing with Automatic Result Verification
Scientific Computing with Matlab - Alfio Quarteroni & Fausto Saleri
Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave by Alfio Quarteroni
Selected topics in heat and mass transfer
Solid Liquid Separation - Equipment Selection and Process Design (2007) by E. S. Tarleton
Solid-Liquid Separation Edited by L. Svarovsky
Solutions Manual for An Introduction to the Finite Element Method Reddy
Solving Direct and Inverse Heat Conduction Problems by Jan Taler Piotr Duda
Sparse and Redundant Representations by Michael Elad
Special Functions by Andrews et al
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Spectral Methods for Time-Dependent Problems
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Stability Criteria for Fluid Flows by A. Georgescu
Stability Domains by l. Gruyitch et al
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Statistical Modeling by wavelets by B. Vidacovic
Statistical Physics and Spatial Statistics (2000) by K. Mecke & D. Stoyan (eds.)
Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows
Strategic Financial Management Exercise book
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Tackling Turbulent Flows in Engineering by Anupam Dewan
Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems - Building Blocks for Iterative Methods by R. Barrett
The Art Of Computer Programming 2nd ed Vol3 - Donald Knuth
The Art Of Computer Programming 3rd ed Vol1 - Donald Knuth
The Art Of Computer Programming 3rd ed Vol2 - Donald Knuth
The Art of Computer Programming Vol. 4 Fascicle 2 Generating All Tuples and Permutations
The Art of Modeling in Science and Engineering by Diran Basmadjian
The Birth Of Calculus (1986) - 18 Jun 2006
The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles & ProblelDs
The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved by Mario Livio
The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved
The Essence of Chaos by E. Lorenz
The Finite Element Method for Three-dimensional Thermomechanical Applications by Guido Dhondt
The Finite Element Method Using MATLAB
The Finite Volume, Finite Difference, and Finite Elements Methods as Numerical Methods for Physical Field by Mattiussi
The First FourierTransform and Its Applications by E. Oran Brigham
The Golden Ratio The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number
The Golden Section
The Illustrated Dictionary of Nonlinear Dynamics (1999) by T. Kapitaniak, S. R. Bishop
The Joy of Mathematics by Theoni Pappas
The language of mathematics making the invisible visible
The Lattice Boltzmann Equation by S. Succi
The Liar Paradox AND THE Towers of Hanoi
The man who loved only numbers
The Math Book
The Mathematical Experience
The Navier-Stokes Equations - A Classification of Flows and Exact Solutions by P. G. DRAZIN
The Navier-Stokes Equations II - Theory and Numerical Methods by J. G. Heywood K. Masuda
The Nonlinear Universe - Chaos, Emergence, Life by A. C. Scott
The Physical Basis of the Direction of Time
The Physics of Coronory Blood Flow by M. Zamir
The Turbulent Ocean
Theoretical Astrophysics (1936) by S. Rosseland
Theoretical Astrophysics Vol.1. Galaxies and Cosmology by T. Padmanabhan
Theoretical Astrophysics Vol.2. Galaxies and Cosmology by T. Padmanabhan
Theoretical Astrophysics Vol.3. Galaxies and Cosmology by T. Padmanabhan
Theory and Computation of Hydrodynamic Stability
Theory of Heat Transfer with Forced Convection Film Flows by Deyi Shang
Thermal Conductivity Theory, Properties, and Applications Edited by T. M. Tritt
Thermal Convection - Patterns, Evolution and Stability by M. Lappa
Thermal Fluid
Thinking in Pictures by T. Grandin
Time-frequency analysis-concepts and methods by F Hlawatsch and F. Auger
Turbulence in Porous Media (2006) by Marcelo J.S. de Lemos
Turbulence Models and Their Application by T Cebeci
Turbulent Flows
Unsteady-state Fluid Flow- Analysis and Applications to Petroleum Reservoir Behavior (1999) by E. J. Hoffman
Verification of Computer Codes in Computational Science and Engineering Patrick Knupp, Kambiz Salari
Vibration Simulation Using MATLAB and ANSYS by M. R . Hatch
Viscous Fluid Flow Frank (2 ed.) by M.  White
Viscous Vortical Flows (1991) by L. Ting and R. Klein
Visual C Sharp 2010 Recipes - A Problem Solution Approach  by Jones
Vortex Methods - Theory and Practice by G-H. Cottet
Water Waves and Ship Hydrodynamics - An Introduction (2ed.) by A.J. Hermans
Wave propagation in fluids-models and numerical techniques by V. Guinot
Wavelet Analysis and Applications by Q. Tao et al
Wavelets - A Mathematical Tool for Signal Analysis by Charles K. Chui

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