Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow

List of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Books


  1. ASTM Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology (10ed)
  2. A Course in Fluid Mechanics with Vector Field Theory by Dennis C. Prieve
  3. A Gallery of Fluid Motion by M. Samimy et al
  4. A Heat Transfer Text Book (3ed.) by Lienhard, J. H.
  5. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (1993), by Chorin A. Marsden J.
  6. Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering (2002) by Annamalai, Kalwan & Puri, Ishwar K
  7. Advanced Transport Phenomena by Leal, L. G.
  8. Advances in Engineering Fluid Mechanics Multiphase Reactor... by N. P. Cheremisinoff
  9. Advanced Reservoir Engineering by Tarek Ahmed
  10. Aerodynamics for Engineering Students (5ed., 2002) by Houghton, E. L.
  11. Album of Fluid Motion by Milton Van Dyke
  12. An Introduction to Fire Dynamics (2ed.,1998) by Drysdale D.
  13. An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics by Batchelor, G. K.
  14. An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena (2008) by G. Hauke
  15. An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics by Margaret Robson Wright
  16. An Introduction to Granular Flow by K. Kesava Rao Prabhu R. Nott
  17. An Introduction to Navier-Stokes Equation and Oceanography by Tartar, L.
  18. An Introduction to Radiative Transfer Methods and Applications in Astrophysics by A. Peraiah
  19. Analysis of Heat Equations on Domains by E. M. Ouhabaz
  20. Analytical Fluid Dynamics by Emanuel, G.
  21. Applied Wave Mathematics Selected Topics in Solids, Fluids & Math. Methods by E. Quak
  22. Astrophysical Flows by J. E. Pringle
  23. Astrophysical Hydrodynamics - An Introduction (2007) by Steven N. Shore
  24. Astrophysical Hydrodynamics (2007) by Shore S.N.
  25. Astrophysical Techniques (4ed. 2003) by C.R. Kitchin
  26. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows-Their Structure and Measurement by J. C. KAIMAL
  27. Basics of Fluid Mechanics by Genick Bar–Meir
  28. Biological and Bioenvironmentat Heat and Mass Transfer by Ashim K. Datta
  29. Boiling Heat Transfer and Two-Phase Flow by L. S. Tong & Y. S. Tang
  30. Boundary Elements, Theory and Applications by John T. Katsikadelis
  31. Boundary Layer Analysis by Schetz, J. A.
  32. Boundary Layer Theory by Schlichting, H.
  33. Bubbles, Drops, and Particles (1978) by Clift R., Grace J.R., Weber M. E.
  34. Building Heat Transfer by Morris Grenfell Davies
  35. Buoyancy Effects in Fluids by Turner
  36. Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas
  37. Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics (1995) by Brennen C. E.
  38. Challenges to The Second Law of Thermodynamics by Vladislav Cápek
  39. Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Darby, R.
  40. Chemical Kinetics of Solids by Hermann Schmalzried.
  41. Chemical Thermodynamics - Advanced Applications by J. B. Ott and J. B-Goates
  42. Chemical Thermodynamics - Principles and Applications by J. B. Ott and J. B-Goates
  43. Computational Study of Flow Around a Rotating Disc in Flight (2000) by Rohde A. A.
  44. Conduction Heat Transfer by Arpaci
  45. Conformal and Potential Analysis in Hele-Shaw Cells (2004) by Gustafsson, Vasiliev
  46. Conjugate Problems in Convective Heat Transfer by Abram S. Dorfman
  47. Constitutive Equations for Polymer Melts and Solutions (1988) by Larson R. G.
  48. Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Disk Systems by Igor V. Shevchuk
  49. Course of Theoretical Physics - Volume 06: Fluid Mechanics by Landau Lifshitz.
  50. Course in Fluid Mechanics with Vector Field Theory (2000) by Prieve D. C.
  51. Design of Fluid Systems.
  52. Developments in the Theory of Turbulence (1973) by Leslie D. C.
  53. Dictionary of Engineering -McGraw.Hill
  54. Diffusion - Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems (3ed.) by E . L . Cussler
  55. Discontinuous Finite Elements in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer by Li, B. Q.
  56. Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids Vol 1: Fluid Mechanics by Bird, Armstrong & Hassager
  57. Dynamics of Visual Motion Processing by Uwe J. Ilg & Guillaume S. Masson
  58. Elementary Fluid Mechanics by Kambe, T.
  59. Engineering Fluid Mechanics (2009)
  60. Engineering Fluid Mechanics by W.P. Graebel
  61. Engineering Thermodynamics by R. K. Rajput
  62. Engineering Thermofluids by Mahmoud Massoud
  63. Energy Work Heat and Transformations by Sydney, A.
  64. Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  65. Environmental Fluid Mechanics by Hillel Rubin
  66. Equations of Radiation Hydrodynamics (1973) by Pomraning G.
  67. Engineering Heat Transfer (2ed., 1999) by Janna W.S.
  68. Essentials of Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media by G. F. Pinder
  69. Flow of Industrial Fluids by Mullay, R.
  70. Fluid Flow for Chemical Engineers by F. A. Holland
  71. Fluid Dynamics by Marine, G. B.
  72. Fluid Dynamics by Mises, R. von. & Friedrichs K. O.
  73. Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns by Jerzy Ma´ckowiak
  74. Fluid Dynamics for Physicists (2001) by Faber T. E.
  75. Fluid Flow Measurement
  76. Fluid Mechanics 2E by Kundu, P. K.
  77. Fluid Mechanics (4ed) by White F. M.
  78. Fluid Mechanics by Spurk, J. H.
  79. Fluid Mechanics by L D Landau E M Lifschitz
  80. Fluid Mechanics of Flow Metering by Merzkirch, W.
  81. Fluid Mechanics Worked Examples by Schaschke, C.
  82. Fluid Mechanics: Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery by Dixon, S. L.
  83. Fluid Mechanics with Problems and Solutions & an Aerodynamic Laboratory by Krause, E.
  84. Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction to the Theory of Fluid Flows by F. Durst
  85. Fluid Mechanics: Problem Solver by Williams
  86. Fluid Mechanics and the Environment Dynamical Approaches (2001) by Lumley J.L. (ed.)
  87. Fluid Physics in Geology: An Introduction to Fluid Motions on Earths ... by Furbish, D. J.
  88. Fluid-Structure Interactions-Cross-Fflow-Induced Instabilities by M. P. Paıdoussis
  89. Fluid-Structure Interaction, Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation by Hans-Joachim Bungartz
  90. Fluid-Structure Interactions Slender Structures and Axial Flow by Paidoussis, M. P.
  91. Foundations of Fluid Mechanics by G. Gallavotti
  92. Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics (1984) by Mihalas D., Mihalas B. W.
  93. Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer by Deyi Shang
  94. Free Convective Heat Transfer with Many Photos of Flows & Heat Exch. by O. G. Martynenko
  95. Free Surface Flows under Compensated Gravity Conditions by Michael E. Dreyer
  96. Fundamentals Handbook: Volume 1 of 3: Thermodynamics (1992)
  97. Fundamentals Handbook: Volume 2 of 3: Heat Transfer (1992)
  98. Fundamentals Handbook: Volume 3 of 3 Fluid Flow (1992)
  99. Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids (2003) by Currie I. G.
  100. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics by Anderson, J. D. (Jr) 3rd
  101. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (Solutions Manual) (2ed.) by Anderson J. D.
  102. Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics (2005) by Bar–Meir, G.
  103. Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics (2006) by Bar-Meir, G.
  104. Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics (5ed., 2006) by Moran J., Shapiro N.M.
  105. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (4ed., 2002) by Munson, Young & Okiishi
  106. Fundamentals of Fluid–Solid Interactions: Analytical and Computational Approaches by X. Wang
  107. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics (2ed., 2002) by Zucker R. D., Biblarz O.
  108. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer-Solution by Incropera, F. P.
  109. Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow by Brennen
  110. Fundamentals of Thermal-fluid Sciences
  111. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by R. E. Sonntag
  112. Hand Book of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration by Shan K. Wang
  113. Handbook of Heat Transfer (3ed., 1998) by Rohsenow, W. M.
  114. Handbook of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning by Kreider, J. F.
  115. Heat and Mass Transfer (2ed., 2006) by Baehr, H. D.
  116. Heat Convection (2006) by Jiji, L. M.
  117. Heat Transfer (6ed.) by J.P. Holman
  118. Heat Transfer Hand Book (2003) by Bejan, A.
  119. Heat Transfer Physics by M. Kaviany
  120. Heat Transfer Text Book (3ed., 2003) by Lienhardiv, J. H.
  121. Heat Transfer: Schaum's Outlines by Donald R. Pitts
  122. Hydraulic Fluids by Hodges, P. K. B.
  123. Hydrodynamics (6ed.,1975) by Lamb H.
  124. Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability by S. Chandrasekhar.
  125. Hydrodynamics of Pumps by Christopher E. Brennen.
  126. Hydrodynamics of Soliton Lattices (1993) by Dubrovin, Novikov
  127. Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering by Polyanin, A. D
  128. Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas Dynamics (1989) by Anderson J. D.
  129. Interfacial Instability (2002) by Johns L. E., Narayanan R.
  130. Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (2002) by Sum
  131. Internal Flow - Concepts and Applications by E. M. Greitzer
  132. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing (2006) by B.A. Finlayson
  133. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Joseph M. Smith & H. C. Van Ness
  134. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Joseph M. Smith & H. C. Van Ness
  135. Introduction to Convective Heat Transfe Analysis by P H Oosthuizen
  136. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Nakayama, Y.
  137. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Edward J. Shaughnessy, Jr.
  138. Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics by Cushman-Roisin B.
  139. Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Physical and Numerical Aspects by B. C.-Roisin
  140. Introduction to Heat Transfer by V. S. Arpaci
  141. Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability by Drazin.
  142. Introduction to Microfluidics by Tabeling, P.
  143. Introduction to Practical Fluid Flow (2002) by King, R. P.
  144. Introduction to Space Sciences Spacecraft Applications by Bruce A. Campbell
  145. Introduction to Statics and Dynamics (2009) by Ruina Pratap
  146. Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Compressible Flow by A. Novotny
  147. Introduction to Thermal Analysis Techniques and Applications by M.E. Brown
  148. Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering Thermo. Fluid Mechanics. by M. J. Moran et al
  149. Invariance Theory: The Heat Equation and the Atiyah-singer Index Theorem by Gilkey, P. B.
  150. Lagrangian Hydrodynamic Computations and Molecular Models of Matter (1961) by Birkhoff G..
  151. Laminar Boundary Layers by L Rosenhead
  152. Lectures on the Statistical Theory of Turbulence by Orszag S. A.
  153. Lecture Notes Fluid Dynamics by Chiang C. Mei, MIT
  154. Limnoecology (2ed) by W. Lampert.
  155. Low-Dimensional Models of Coherent Structures in Turbulence (1997) by Holmes, Lumley, et al.
  156. Low Gravity Fluid Mechanics by Myshkis A.D
  157. Magnetic Convection by Ozoe H.
  158. Magneto-Fluid Dynamics, Fundamentals and Case Studies of Natural Phenomena by Paul Lorrain
  159. Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence by Biscamp D.
  160. Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence by Biskamp D.
  161. Mass and Heat Transfer Analysis of Mass Contactors and Heat Exchangers by T. W. F. Russell
  162. Mass Transfer Principles and Applications by Diran Basmadjian
  163. Mathematical Aspects of Fluid and Plasma Dynamics by Toscani Boffi Rionero
  164. Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (2000) by Chorin A., Marsden J.E.
  165. Mathematical Methods for Physicists (5ed) Solution Manual by George B. Arfken
  166. Mathematical Methods: Mathematical Tools for Physics by James Nearing.
  167. Mathematical Analysis of Viscoelastic Flows by Michael Renardy
  168. Mathematical Models of Fluid Dynamics (2003) by Ansorge R..
  169. Mathematical Techniques of Theoretical Physics by Julian V. Noble
  170. Mathematical Theory of Viscous Incompressible Flow (1969) by Ladyzhenskaya O.A.
  171. Mathematics: A Course in Fluid Mechanics with Vector Field Theory by Dennis C. Prieve
  172. Mathematics: Handbook of Mathematical Functions by Allen V. Astin
  173. Mathematical Models of Fluid Dynamics by Ansorge, R.
  174. Mechanics of Fluids by Massey, B.
  175. Mechanical Engineering Handbook (1999) by Kreith, F.
  176. Methods of Experimental Physics; Volume 18 Fluid Dynamics Part A by R. J. Emrich
  177. Methods of Experimental Physics; Volume 18 Fluid Dynamics Part B by R. J. Emrich
  178. Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer by Sebastian Volz (Ed.)
  179. Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer Fundamentals by David P. Kessler.
  180. Modeling and Computation of Boundary-Layer Flows by T. Cebeci, J. Cousteix
  181. Modeling Multiphase Materials Processes - Gas-Liquid Systems by M. Iguchi
  182. Modern Fluid Dynamics: Volume 1 by Curle N.
  183. Modern Fluid Dynamics- Basic Theory & Selected Applications in Macro... by Clement Kleinstreuer
  184. Musimathics, The Mathematical Foundations of Music by Loy, G.
  185. Multicomponent Mass Transfer (1993) by Taylor, R. Krishna, R.
  186. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1: Fundamental by Nikolay I. Kolev.
  187. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 2: Thermal and Mechanical Ineractions (2, 3ed) by Nikolay I. Kolev
  188. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 3: Turbulence, Gas Absorption & Release... by Nikolay I. Kolev
  189. Multiphase Flow Dynamics 4: Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics (1ed.)... by Nikolay I. Kolev
  190. Multiphase Flow Handbook (Mechanical Engineering) by Clayton T. Crowe
  191. Navier-Stokes Equations: Theory and Numerical Analysis by Roger Temam
  192. Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics by Biskamp D.
  193. Non-Linear Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamic Stability, (2000) by Boyadjiev, C. B.
  194. Pattern Formation: An Introduction to Methods by Rebecca Hoyle
  195. Phase Transition Dynamics by Onuki A
  196. Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with... by O'Sullivan, D.
  197. Physics of Rotating Fluids (2000) by Egbers C., Pfister G. (eds.)
  198. Physics of Shock Waves and High-Temperature Hydro. Phen. Vol. 1 (1966) by Zel'dovich Ya. B.
  199. Physics of Shock Waves and High-Temperature Hydro. Phen. Vol. 2 (1967) by Zel'dovich Ya. B.
  200. Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Liquids by Daniel Joseph
  201. Practical Fluid Mechanics for Engineering Applications (2000) by Bloomer J. J.
  202. Prandtls Essentials of Fluid Mechanics (2ed.) by Herbert Oertel
  203. Prandtl-Essentials of Fluid Mechanics (3ed. 2009) by Herbert Oertel
  204. Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics by Clarke, C. J.
  205. Priciples of Heat Transfer-Book Chapter
  206. Principles and Applications of Thermal Analysis by Paul Gabbott
  207. Process Heat Transfer-Principles and Application by Serth, R. W.
  208. Radiation Hydrodynamics by Castor J. I.
  209. Radiative Heat Transfer (2ed.) by Michael F. Modest
  210. Radiative Heat Transfer: The Algebraic Ray Trace Method by Bas van der Linden.
  211. Radiative Transfer by S. Chandrasekhar
  212. Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres by R.J. Rutten
  213. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Cooling by United States Army Combined..
  214. Reservoir Engineering Handbook 2E by Tarek Ahmed.
  215. Scaling Phenomena in Fluid Mechanics (1994) by Barenblatt G. I.
  216. Schaum's Outline of Heat Transfer by Pitts, D.
  217. Similarity and Dimensional Methods in Mechanics (10ed., 1993) by Sedov L.
  218. Simplified Models for Turbulent Diffusion: Theory, Numerical...Phenomena (1999) by Majda A. J.
  219. Solid–Liquid Two Phase Flow by Sümer M. Peker
  220. Solution Manual to Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Elger, D.
  221. Solutions Manual to.. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (2ed.) by Anderson J. D.
  222. Springer Handbook of Engineering Statistics by Hoang Pham
  223. Stability and Transition in Shear Flows (2001) by Schmid P. J., Henningson D. S.
  224. Stellar Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics by Michael J. Thompson
  225. Studies in Mathematics and its Applications: Volume 30 by Lions,J. L.
  226. Sum Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
  227. Taylor Instability and Laminar Mixing (1954) by Birkhoff G.
  228. The Acoustic Bubble by Leighton T. G.
  229. The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas
  230. The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering by Frank Kreith
  231. The Dawn of Fluid Dynamics: A Discussion Between Science & Tech.. by Michael Eckert.
  232. The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow: Vol .1 by A. H. Shapiro
  233. The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow: Vol .2 by A. H. Shapiro
  234. The Hamilton: Type Principle in Fluid Dynamics by Palacios, A. F.
  235. The Navier-Stokes Equations: Theory and Numerical Methods (2002) by Salvi R.
  236. The Physics of Coronary Blood Flow by Zamir, M.
  237. The Physics of Fluid Turbulence (1991) by McComb W. D.
  238. The Role of Mathematics in Physical Sciences by Giovanni Boniolo
  239. The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids (1999) by Larson R. G.
  240. The Thermodynamics of Porous Media by T.J.T. Spanos
  241. The Theory of Singular Perturbations (1996) by Jager & Furu
  242. Theoretical Astrophysics - Astrophysical Processes Vol 1(2000) by T. Padmanabhan
  243. Theory of Nonlinear Acoustics in Fluids by Enflo, B. O.
  244. Theory of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer by Yuri B. Zudin
  245. Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer by NASA
  246. Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer NASA-VOL-3
  247. Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer (3e., 1992) by R. Siegel
  248. Thermo Fluid Dynamics of Two-Phase by Ishii, M.
  249. Thermodynamics Fundamentals for Applications by J. P. O’Connell
  250. Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach (5ed)
  251. Thermodynamics of Natural Systems by G. M. Anderson
  252. Tilton Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook (8ed. Sec6)
  253. Topological Aspects of the Dynamics of Fluids and Plasmas by Moffat, Zaslavsky (eds.)
  254. Transport Phenomena in Porous Media II by Ingham, D. B.
  255. Transport Phenomena by Bird, R. B.
  256. Trends in Neural Computation by Ke Chen, Lipo Wang
  257. Turbulence: The Legacy of A.N. Kolmogorov (1995) by Frisch U.
  258. Turbulence as Statistics of Vortex Cells by Migdal A. A.
  259. Turbulent Jets and Plumes: A Lagrangian Approach (2003) Companion CD by Lee J. H. W., Chu V. H.
  260. Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering by G. Buttazzo
  261. Vectors, Tensors, and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics (1989) by Aris R.
  262. Viscous Fluid Flow by T. C. Papanastasiou
  263. Viscous Flow by H. Ockendon
  264. Vortex Dynamics (1992) by P. G. Saffman
  265. Vortex Structure and Dynamics Workshop (2000) by A. Maurel, P. Petitjeans (eds.)
  266. Vorticity and Incompressible Flow by Majda, Bertozzi
  267. Vorticity and Turbulence (1998) by A. J. Chorin
  268. Advanced Building Simulation by Ali M. Malkawi and Godfried Augenbroe

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