Computational Fluid Dynamics
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  10. An Introduction to Multigrid Methods Eng by Wesseling
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  12. Application of Numerical Heat Transfer by Nogotov E. F                                                          
  13. Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics by Vijay K. Garg                                  
  14. Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques by Rainald Löhner            
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  17. Asymptotic Theory of Statistics and Probability by DasGupta          
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  119. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics Multidisciplinary Applications by Winter, G.
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  121. Partial Differential Equations in Fluid Dynamics by Isom H. Herron                                             
  122. Perturbation Methods by Ali Hasan Nayfeh
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  130. Solution Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics by Pulliam, T. H.                   
  131. Spectral Methods Fundamentals in Single Domains by C. Canuto              
  132. Stellar Atmospheres (lecture notes) by Tatum J. B.                                                             
  133. Symmetry and Perturbation Theory by Giuseppe Gaeta 
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  140. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics by C.T. Shaw

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