Sound System Instructions

From Tom Gillespie - updated October 2012:

Hi Program Committee, Celebrants, and interested parties,

Our sound system is not the best in the world but it came to us at no charge and does the job.  It just has to be finessed a bit from time to time. So hopefully, this page will help the people who use get the best results when you are up in front with everyone looking at you.

We have two mics, labeled A and B.  B is the best one to use because it is more sensitive to your voice than A is, but it is still not VERY sensitive.  The mic picks up sound from the flatened end of the grill-covered head.  It won't get sound from the side of the head.  So it is important to speak so that your voice is aimed at that point and your mouth should be 3-6 inches away from the head.  If you get too close and speak loudly we will hear a raspy voice and your p's will pop and your s's will hiss.  If you speak to softly or to far away from the mic, we won't hear you.

If you have someone speaking with a sweet little voice, it can be difficult to hear; and if you have someone with a big voice speaking too close, it is too loud.  It's best to adjust your position to the mic according to your voice. It may be best to speak across the end of the mic.  This would put your voice at the right place but the force of your voice will not hit the end and cause distortion.  It also gets the mic away from your face so that we can see you without that big knob in front of it.

Another important thing to remember is that you probably will not hear yourself from the house speakers.  It is my experience that the first 3-4 rows of the congregation hear the person's voice unamplified directly from from their mouth.  Behind that everyone relies on the speakers in the ceiling for their sound.  So you at the podium, will think that the mic is not working, but it is.

On microphone "B", the internal contacts to the battery are bent and the battery does not contact the circuit and the mic stays dead.  The fix for that is a piece of thick paper in the battery cap so that when the cap is installed it pushes the battery up against the contacts. If the battery is changed and the paper falls out, just put it back in the cap or make a new one.

1. The mics are kept locked in the sound equipment cabinet, which is located at the back of room. The key to the cabinet is in a little door on the front of the TV. As you're facing the TV, on the bottom left there is a little door to access plug-ins. The key is in that door. PLEASE RETURN IT!! 

2. Take both microphones from the cabinet and place one in the mic holder and lay the other next to the pebbles for Joys & Sorrows. 


4. The wireless receiver is located on the top of the worship team cabinet at the north side of the podium. To operate the sound system, push the “ON” button on the front of the receiver and extend the antennas. 

5. Turn on the equipment in the cabinet as usual. (These instructions are also posted on the inside of the door to the Sound Equipment Cabinet.)

6. When using the mic, be sure the button is in the "ON" position. Turn it "OFF" when it is not in use.

I hope this helps.