Order of Service Template, 2012

The order of service is attached below.  

The Worship Team is pleased to announce that some slight, but meaningful, changes are coming to our Sunday service starting in February 2012.  With much input from members and others over the past few months, we arrived at some ways to make the service flow more smoothly, be a more meaningful experience and add some polish to boot. 

 After reviewing other UU church services – around the U.S. and the world - and with much discussion, the order of service will generally go like this:

Beyond some additions and rearrangements in the order above, you will notice that "announcements" have been omitted.  Since there are now weekly announcements sent via e-mail, and more printed on the Order of Service on

Sundays, it became apparent that this was one item that was not only redundant, but more importantly an "interruption" to the spiritual experience most people are seeking. 

Instead, please e-mail announcements to Claire for inclusion in the weekly notices.  You may also phone, mail or bring them in, as well!  We came to the conclusion that, other than a natural disaster, there probably isn't anything so emergent that it must be told to the congregation during the service.  We hope you will agree.

Sally and the Worship Team

- download it to your computer
- make the relevant changes (adding hymn numbers, etc.) -- don't worry too much about formatting; Claire will fix it.
- save it with a unique name, such as "order of service 2010 november 21"
- send it to the church office as an attachment: skagituu@frontier.com, by Tuesday.
Amanda Aikman,
Feb 17, 2012, 10:45 AM