Sutton Polymers main activity is involved with the sales and marketing of:

Masterbatches: These take many forms, we have worked with 3 manufacturing companies to meet the needs of our main customers.

Plascolour Masterbatch Ltd of Willenhall, West Midlands, make colour masterbatches on a made to order basis. This enables our customers to receive the colour shade most suited to the polymer base they wish to process. Their normal minimum batch size is 25kgs, but we recognise that some jobs may only require 10kgs, so we are happy to oblige on the odd occasion. Plascolour have to compete with other masterbatch suppliers who may be able to supply from stock, so whilst next day service is difficult, it is never impossible.

PVC Masterbatch sales are a logical fit into Sutton Polymers portfolio, and over the last 12 months we have developed a close working relationship with Colourtone to promote their Vynacol grades, in both rigid and flexible applications. This has been a qualified success and further market penetration will occur.

Sutton Polymers assist Marlin Chemicals Ltd, the UK distributor for Sitra masterbatches, who are produced in Naples, Italy. These commodity masterbatches are essentially Black and White Polyolefin based grades, with a wide product range available from our UK warehouse. This allows a good supply service to be offered.

Whilst Sutton Polymers Ltd main activities centre on colours, the founders involvement in the PVC industry for 30+ years, means we are not immune from exploring other new avenues in this market sector .