Ashes of Al'ar

By: Ruoste / Shadowsong EU 

Ashes of Al'ar is a rare Phoenix mount introduced in The Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft. The mount drops from Tempest Keep 25-man raid instance, The Eye, from the final boss Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Blizzard's armory lists this having 1-2% droprate. This means that any group will get approximately 1 Phoenix per year if they clear the instance every week.

Phoenix' speed is 310% flying speed (410% when compared to running speed). Speed is same as on Arena reward Swift Nether Drake. Normal epic flying mounts have 280% flying speed.

Next is a handy table of epic flying mount speeds compared to normal character running speed (100%). Trinket is any trinket that gives 10% more mount speed. Crusader is a Paladin aura that gives 20% more speed. On a side note, none of the various speed buffs stack with each other.

Normal Epic380%418%456%

Phoenix doesn't have visible legs and it will always be flying. In "rest" state on ground it will still flap it's wings. When "running" on the ground you will go at regular epic mount speed.

Phoenix leaves several trails from it's wings and tail. When you go at 492% speed you leave quite a long trail behind you. You can make some pretty looking trail figures with some fancy flying. Also phoenix' wings make an unique sound from every other flying mount.

Phoenix mount is the Ferrari of WoW mounts and a guaranteed attention magnet. It's funny seeing people going past you in a hurry, do a full stop, perform a quick 180 degree turn and come look at you.

Some screen shots of the Phoenix that I took:

Phoenix Images

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