Sutliff Line

 The Sutliff Family
  Part One: 

This study will focus on the family branch that arrived in New England in the early 1620s, moved westward through Massachusetts (MA), then Connecticut (CT), and later established a more permanent home in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania (PA),  in the early 1790s.  Over a century later Richard and Merle Sutliff would become the parents of Ann, Dana, Ace, and Gail Sutliff who each contributed to this account.  Rather than a mere recital of names and dates, we seek to place the family in the wider culture of their day. 

The Beginnings

The family was first found in Lancashire in ancient times, perhaps before the Norman conquest and the arrival of William at Hastings in 1066, a rich linage reaching almost to the Domesday Book enumeration of people and lands commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror. The first Domesday draft in August 1086 contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time).

 Heptonstall, in the West Riding

The Sutcliffes were a Yorkshire family, settled for many generations around Heptonstall, in the West Riding. They trace their descent from Gamel de Zoetcliffe, a Flemish clothier whose sons, in 1311, erected fulling mills near Colne, Lancashire, and Rastrick, Yorkshire. The family became dedicated members of the Church of England: two descendants became vicars and, in  the 16th century, later Matthew Sutcliffe was appointed Dean of Exeter. 
Two important books have dealt with various family lines stemming from the colonial pioneer  Abraham Sutliffe Sr.  A History of the American and puritanical family of Sutliff... by Samuel Milton Sutliff, Jr.  (1909) and A genealogy of the Sutcliffe-Sutliffe family in America from before 1661 to 1903 by Bennett Sutliffe are now found online and offer accounts of the early " Sutclliffes," their role in the colonizing of New England, and the family line that led to Luzerne County through Nathaniel Sutliff Jr.  An increasing number of on-line family histories have Sutliff links which have provided much useful and also incorrect or confusing information - the challenge to separate the gold from the dross. There are various spellings of the family name. The Yorkshire branch used the spelling "Sutcliffe" which has endured to the present as the English standard.  The family branch that came to America chose the spelling "Sutliff." The History (p.4) claims that the reason for the change was based on the puritan views of this group.  "Puritans" were a persecuted minority who wanted to reform the English state church. Ill-treated by their countrymen they reformed the spelling of their family name to Sutliff when they left their family homes for the wilds of the new world. However, the spelling of their name would have many American variations even within the same document, but eventually, they settled on Sutliff. 

The most definitive collection of Sutliff ancestries is that of Coon & Hackett Connections - Butte County, CA on the Roots Web data base of This compilation of genealogy sources on the Sutliff family was completed in 1995, with the help of many people, past and present. The final work was led by Donald D. Sutliff. There have been numerous additions and corrections over the years by J. W. Haas, jr. in an attempt to provide an accurate narrative of the family in the immigration period, especially the spiritual convictions of some prominent members. Several historians have have added materials as recent as 2015.


 Sutliff Lineage: Yorkshire, England  to the Wyoming Valley,                     of PA

John Sutliff
 I (1515-1550)
  John Sutliff || ( 1534-     )
   Abraham  Sutliff Sr1 (1574-1623)
         | ?
     Abraham Sutliff Jr (~1610-1661/1662)
             | ?
   Nathaniel Sutliff Sr (1638-1676)
           John Sutliff (~1675-1752)
Abel Sutliff Sr. (1720(1718)-1800) 
Pvt. Abel Sutliff Jr. (1751-1799)

MyHeritage Sutliff Listing

Son John Sutliffe Sutliff Sutlief, b. 1675, Deerlield, Franklin, MA, d. October 14, 1752, Waterbury, New Haven, Conneticut. He married Hannah Brockett on 1697 in New Haven,New Haven,Conneticut, daughter of Benjamin Brockett and Elizabeth Barnes
  +Abel Sutliff, b. May 29, 1720, Durham ,Middelsex,Conneticut, d. October 14, 1752, Waterbury,Brsitol County,Conneticut. He married Sarah Ford on October 22, 1745 in Waterbury, New  Haven,Conneticut, daughter of Barnabas Ford and Mary Humiston. Military service: 1776, Volunteer

   +Abel Sutliff, b. August 23, 1751, Waterbury,Bristol Thomaston, CT.41  died May 15 (25, 1799) in Luzerne Co. Pennsylvaina. He married Charity Barber on November 15, 1770, daughter of Samuel Barber and Comfort Merriam.

   + Miles Sutliff, b. July 29, 1773, Waterbury,New Haven, Conneticut, d. 1833, Huntington, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Miles Sutliff (son of Abel Sutliff and Charity Barber47, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 52, 52 was born July 29, 1773 in Waterbury,New Haven, Conneticut, and died 1833 in Huntington, Luzeren County,Pennsylvania. He married Phebe Culver on Bet. 1804 - 1836, daughter of Ruben Culver and Sylvia Upson.47, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 52, 52 was born July 29, 1773 in Waterbury,New Haven, Conneticut, and died 1833

     +Washington Sutliff, b. March 03, 1809, Huntington,Luzerne County,Pennsylvaina, d. March 03, 1875.


From: Wiki Notes on Puritans:

The Puritans were a group of English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries, including, but not limited to, English Calvinists. Puritanism in this sense was founded by John Calvin from the clergy shortly after the accession of Elizabeth I of England in 1558, as an activist movement within the Church of England.

In modern times, the word 'puritan' is often used to mean 'against pleasure'.[1] Historically, the word was used pejoratively to characterize the Protestant group as extremists, similar to the Cathars of France and, according to Thomas Fuller in his Church History, dated back to 1564. Archbishop Matthew Parker of that time used it and 'precisian' with the sense of the modern 'stickler'.[2]

Puritans were blocked from changing the established church from within, and were severely restricted in England by laws controlling the practice of religion. Their beliefs, however, were transported by the emigration of congregations to the Netherlands (and later to New England), and by evangelical clergy toIreland (and later into Wales), and were spread into lay society and parts of the educational system, particularly certain colleges of the University of Cambridge. They took on distinctive beliefs about clerical dress and in opposition to the episcopal system, particularly after the 1619 conclusions of the Synod of Dort they were resisted by the English bishops. They largely adopted Sabbatarianism in the 17th century, and were influenced by millennialism.

In alliance with the growing commercial world, the parliamentary opposition to the royal prerogative, and in the late 1630s with the Scottish Presbyterians with whom they had much in common, the Puritans became a major political force in England and came to power as a result of the First English Civil War (1642–46). After the Restoration of 1660 and the 1662 Uniformity Act, almost all Puritan clergy left the Church of England, some becoming nonconformist ministers. The nature of the movement in England changed radically, although it retained its character for a much longer period in New England.

Puritans, by definition, were dissatisfied with the limited extent of the English Reformation, and the Church of England's tolerance of practices which they associated with the Catholic Church. They formed, and identified with, various religious groups advocating greater purity of worship and doctrine, as well as personal and group piety. Puritans adopted a Reformed theology and, in that sense, were Calvinists (as were many of their earlier opponents), but they also took note of radical criticisms of Zwingliin Zurich and Calvin in Geneva. In church polity, some advocated for separation from all other Christians, in favor of autonomous gathered churches. These separatist and independent strands of Puritanism became prominent in the 1640s, when the supporters of a Presbyterian polity in the Westminster Assembly were unable to forge a new English national church.

Sutliffs leading to the New World
Genealogical evidence is lacking for  which Yorkshire Sutcliffe's relate directly to Abraham Sutliff Sr.  The English side of the line listed below is possible, but lacks clear evidence. These were real persons but their inter-relations (as of 2015) cannot be proved !!!

We begin with John of Mayroyd:
John Sutcliffe Sr,  b. 1515 at Mayroyd, Halifax,Yorkshire county, England; d. 4 June 1550, Ashtey, Halifax, Yorkshire, England . He married Margaret Owlsworth)  (1490-1523), daughter of John Kirton, Esq., of Ashley in the same county.    They married in 1545 in Halifax. 
         John Sutcliffe Jr.,  (no dates) Perhaps, he  married another daughter of John Kirton Esq., perhaps the Mother of Abraham Sutliff Sr,
Solomon Sutcliffe
          Luke Sutcliffe
          Adam Sutcliffe b. 1546/1551 Halifax,Mairoyd, Yorkshire[3], d.  d. Halifax, Yorkshire,  father of Grace      Sutclyff b. December 9, 1616 in Stansfeld, Todmorden, Heptonstall, Yorkshire 
          Matthew Sutcliffe (1550? - 1629?), Second son of John Sr? Married Anne, daughter of John Bradley, Esq., of Louth, County of Lincoln. Matthew became Dean of Exeter and a confident of King James Idean of Exeter, born about 1550, was the second son of John Sutcliffe of Mayroyd or Melroyd in the parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, by his wife, Margaret Owlsworth of Ashley in the same county (Notes and Queries, 1st ser. iv. 152, 239). He was admitted a scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, on 30 April 1568, proceeded B.A. in 1570-1, and was elected a minor fellow of his college on 27 Sept. 1572. He commenced M.A. in 1574, and became a major fellow on 3 April in that year. In 1579 he was appointed lector mathematicus in the college, and in the next year, at Midsummer, the payment of his last stipend as fellow of Trinity is recorded. He graduated LL.D. in 1581. Some writers style him D.D., but it is clear that he never took that mapdegree either at Cambridge or elsewhere. He was an English clergyman, academic, and lawyer who wrote extensively on religious matters as a controversialist. He is considered to have been one of the most wealthy men of  England - also known by his peers as a bigot. 

A drawing of the proposed College

The major event of Matthew Sutcliffe's life was his foundation of a college at Chelsea, England to which he was a generous benefactor. Sutcliffe, an Anglican, adhered to a Reformed Protestant theology, and hoped to advance the  Reformation within the Anglican church. Chelsea backed theologians engaged principally in religious education and polemical studies against Arminianism and Roman Catholicism. The project was denied long-term success, however; the College nominally survived until the 1650s, but the initial momentum was not sustained under Charles I, who gave it the cold shoulder where his father had been a generous patron. James I supported it by various grants and benefactions; he himself laid the first stone of the new edifice on 8 May 1609; gave timber requisite for the building out of Windsor forest; and in the original charter of incorporation, bearing date 8 May 1610, ordered that it should be called 'King James's College at Chelsey.' " Dean Matthew Sutliff was a major English foe of the counter-reformation.
The division of the lands of the English New World included a northern section which Captain John Smith surveyed for "certain gentlemen" including Dean Sutcliffe. Smith promoted the idea of establishing a colony in what was later called New England. In 1620 Dean Sutcliffe and others obtained a charter from the King - the Grand Charter of New E
In 1620, while the Grand Charter was being secured, and without their knowledge, a colony of English Pilgrim separatists, then living in Holland, started for the New World and, after touching at Cape Cod, finally settled at Plymouth, MA.  It consisted of (101 persons, composed  of 19 families.) The sacrifices of the first year and later support of the local Indians have become part of  American folklore. Grand efforts continue to be made to prove that one's family line is linked to a passenger on the first Mayflower voyage

Captain John Smith Country

News of the upstart colony soon reached England and in 1623 the "Grand Council" invested heavily in the Plymouth Adventurers and attempted to found a colony in Sagadahoc, 
Pacatang Bay, Maine.  
A General History of New England: From the Discovery to MDCLXXX. By William Hubbard for info about the membership of the council (including Matthew Suttliffe) and other details of the time.

They did not find success and the settlement was soon abandoned.  Many of the survivors including the son (?) of  Matthew's brother John, 
moved to Situate a new settlement 20 miles north of Plymouth. The adoption by his nephew? of the Puritan's teaching—one designed to purify the Church of England— could hardly have pleased loyal churchman Dean Matthew Sutcliffe; yet the Dean would occasionally help him and other Puritans. Matthew married Anne Bradley. They had one child Anne who married Richard Hals of Kenedon. 

addendum: ( a different side of the story)   This account is also found in the My Heritage site - august 2015

Abraham SUTLIFF, founder of the puritanical family in America, came from Plymouth, England, to the New World, he having been groom of the bedchamber of King Charles I and brother to Mathew SUTLIFF, dean of Exeter. Abraham was born about 1574 in Yorkshire, England, and probably lived at one time near Knaresborough, Yorkshire, where some of his children and the younger Plymptons were acquainted. After the birth of probably all of his children, he emigrated from Plymouth, England, to the New World, finally settling about 1623 in the new settlement of Plymouth, Mass. Soon afterwards he with other immigrants, mostly gentlemen from Kentshire, who had but recently arrived, and with some of the settlers of Plymouth, Mass., who had come over in the Mayflower, went to settle on a site on the coast of Massachusetts midway between Plymouth and Boston and named Scituate. Profiting by the sad experience and suffering of the first settlers of Plymouth, Mass., who at the beginning held their lands in common, they divided all the land of the third cliff, giving to each head of a family but one allotment of a small tract of land. Abraham SUTLIFF, Sr., never-the-less received at least two allotments on this cliff, probably through the influence of Dean Mathew SUTLIFF, who owned all the land in the vicinity. These two allotments he afterwards sold to two different persons. He living for quite a period of time in Plymouth, Mass., and afterwards moved to Scituate with his family were he is supposed to have died. Abraham SUTLIFF was a son of John SUTLIFF, Jr., who was a son of John SUTLIFF, Sr., who married Margaret HOLDSWORTH, and who was born and living his life in Mairoyd, Yorkshire, England. The direct descendants of Abraham, Sr.born in Mairoyd, England, about 1574, then Abraham, Jr., born about 1610 in Yorkshire, England, then  Nathaniel, Sr., born in Scituate, Mass., in 1638, then. Sergeant Nathaniel, born July 27, 1672, in Medfield, Mass.,then Sergeant John SUTLIFF, born in Deerfield, Mass., in 1697,  John SUTLIFF, born July 26, 1727, in Durham, Conn, his son John Hodgkin SUTLIFF was baptized Oct. 16, 1757, at Killingworth, Conn.

The First American "Sutcliffes"

 CHILDREN of John Sutcliffe Sr, (continued}
    Solomon Sutcliffe b. 1552, Halifax Mairoyd, Yorkshire, England
    Luke Sutcliffe b. 1555, Halifax
.   John Sutcliffe Jr.  (1548- ?)  He became Groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles I.  He is thought to have died in MA; the brother (or nephew) of Dean Matthew Sutliff. He married N. Kirton in 1573 in Halifax.    
John Sutcliffe Jr. Born [date unknown] in Mairoyd, Yorkshire, Englandmap Son of John Sutcliffe Sr. and Margaret Holdsworth         CHILD
     Abraham  Sutliff Sr1 (1574 - 1623)  Mabray, York, England. Lived near Knaresborough, Yorkshire, where some of his children and the
younger Plymptons were acquainted. After the birth of his children he immigrated from Plymouth, Eng., to the New World, initially to the short-lived venture in southern Maine then (about 1623) moving to the Plymouth 
colony.  (or) Abraham immigrated from Plymouth, England about 1623 and settled at the new Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. He later moved to Scituate. He received at least two allotments of land at Scituate, probably through the influence of his great uncle Matthew Sutcliffe, who owned all the land in the area.

Knaresborough Yorkshire 

With the encouragement of Uncle(?) Matthew, he led a group made up of new arrivals mostly from Kentshire, Eng. and some dissatisfied settlers of Plymouth  to settle on a virgin site  on the coast of Massachusetts midway between Boston and Plymouth which they named Scituate. There is some confusion over whether Sara was the wife of Abraham Sr or his son Abraham Jr, The latter appears more likely.      Kingsbury and Allied Families: A Genealogical Study with Biographical Notes. Kingsbury, Alice E.. New York, NY. (1934)   

Profiting by the unfortunate experiences and suffering of the first settlers at Plymouth who had held their lands in common, they divided all the land giving to each head of a family a single defined allotment of a small tract of land. Abraham, Sr., happily, received at least two allotments —probably through the influence of his uncle  Matthew Sutcliffe who had been granted all the land in the vicinity (possibly) including Boston.
              Abraham Sutliff Jr.  was born about 1610 in Yorkshire, Eng.(christened 23 Feb 1612 in Heptonstall, West Riding) and died after 4 Feb 1661/62 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA 4.  He married Sara (b. ca. 1614)  1634 in Scituate. He was elected Constable of Scituate, MA 1656; taking oath of office at Plymouth, MA, 1657. Was a boyhood friend of John Plympton in England. Later his son, Nathaniel, married John's daughter, Hannah, in the New World.  

The male children of Abraham, Jr., except Abraham III., each moved from Situate in early manhood  to help establish new settlements. Nathaniel went to Dedham and Medfield; another went a further south and stopped at Rehoboth, while Thomas and probably another son went by way of Dedham, Medfield, Rehoboth and from RI to the new settlement at Branford, CT on the Long Island Sound. This other brother is supposed to have remained in RI.    
              Abraham Sutliff III (b. 1634) m. Susan Sunderland. He ran the town tavern in the1670s at one point became "dissipated and dissolute, but afterwards, behaved and was restored to the confidence and respect of the community, being elected Sergeant, at that time the highest military title attainable in a settlement. He was also made a freeman at the general court held at Plymouth in 1689.
 Freeman: referred to those persons who were not under legal restraint – usually for the payment of an outstanding debt, because they had recently relocated, or because they were idle and had no way in which they could continue the justification of their stay within the colony. "Freedom" was earned after an allotted time, or until the person demanding "payment" was satisfied – this was known as indentured servitude, and was not originally intended as a stigma or embarrassment for the person involved since many of the sons and daughters of the wealthy and famous of the time found themselves forced into such temporary servitudes--Wikipedia.         ******************************************************************************************************************************************
            Thomas Sutliff, (1638)—, b. Scituate) 
            Bradford Sutliff  (1636- , b. Scituate)
            Nathaniel Sutliff Sr. (1641 or 1638 -  May 1676), Scituate, Plymouth MA. Nathaniel married Hannah Plympton, daughter of John Plimpton and Jane Damon, on 31 Jan 1664/65 in Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA  (Hannah Plimpton was born on 1 Mar 1644/45 in Dedham,

Situate Light late 1800s

 Norfolk Co., MA and died after 1679 in Branford, New Haven Co., CT . Nathaniel left home early in life, went to Dedham, and later to Deerfield MA  The latter town granted him land in honor of services in the "recent indian war." Nathaniel Sr. was killed during the battle with the Indians known as the Falls Fight which took place 19 May 1760 at the Upper Falls of the Connecticut River, about 20 miles north of Hatfield, MA. Hannah's second husband, Samuel Harrington (1678 - 25 Aug, 1728) took place Jan 1677 in Hatfield, Hamphshire, MA. They had two children  
               CHILDREN  of Nathaniel and Hannah  Sutliff
                  Hannah Sutliff, b. Dec. 19, 1665.   d.Nov. 25, 1743 in New Haven CT; wife of Thomas Wheadon — mother of Rebecca Wheadon
                  Judith Sutliff  born on 7 July, 1667 in Medfield,MA  (continued)

On to Connecticut  

Portion of a 1765 Map of CT

The family pushed west to Deerfield MA and later settled at various locations in Connecticut over several generations. One branch moved to Northeast Pennsylvania in the early1790s. Some details of their lives are found in numerous CT documents of the that period. The move from the 
coastal MA towns to CT was stimulated in part by a dissatisfaction with the English Church. Sutliffs were among the earliest settlers of Haddam, Whethersfield, Waterbury, Hartford and Branfield CT. 
 Religious Conflict in Early New England A useful account of colonial problems with differing religious views, the relation between church and state, and the desire for freedom which contributed to the urge to move westward. See: Cedric B, Codding, The Saving Remnant. 1995.

Waterbury Town Meeting records (Barbour Collection) of the 1700s recount the role of  various  members of the Sutliff clan in issues involving where places of worship should be placed, the payment of church taxes,  choice of ministers and more political matters such as dissatisfaction with the dominant English church and theological matters brought to a head by the preaching of John Whitfield in the 1740s and the controversy between the "new lights" and the "old lights." 

The terms Old Lights and New Lights (among others) are used in Christian circles to distinguish between two groups who were initially the same but have come to a disagreement. These terms have been applied in a wide variety of ways, 
and the meaning must be determined from context. Typically, if a denomination is changing, and some refuse to change, 
 and the denomination splits, those who did not change are referred to as the "Old Lights", and the ones who 
changed are referred to as the "New Lights". --Wikipedia
What became the colony of Connecticut saw its first white pioneers make their way through the wilderness to the banks of the CT River in 1634-1635 to establish the settlements of Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor. They chased the Pequot Indians from the area in 1637 to open the way for other groups of settlers who formed the settlements of New Haven, Guilford, Woodbury, Simsbury, Wethersfield, and Farmington by the early 1670s all in a relative period of peace in what was mostly wilderness. In the the process of forming the government of the colony and its settlements the establishment of land rights included the requirement for setting aside land for schools and houses of worship.  The early settlers of Massachusetts had lived relatively close to one another so that school and church would be within walking distance.  The towns (plantations) of CT were less densely populated and one's parish church could be more than 3 miles from his home.  The pioneer settlers (planters) would vote at town meeting to keep those from the outskirts of their towns from withholding taxes to establish churches and schools closer to their homes. 

John Sutliffs, Sr. 
and Jr. were among the disputers. The old town (see map above) was 18 miles from North to South and 6 to 9 miles wide.
            CHILDREN  (continued)                      
                         Serj. Nathaniel Sutliff Jr., b. July 27 1672 Medford,  MA; died Durham, CT, April  1, 1732. served as selectman of Deerfield in 1702 at the age of 30. Nathaniel married Sarah Savage, daughter of John Savage and Sarah Bowen, about 1691 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA. Sarah was born on 10 Mar 1673/74 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA 13 and died on 4 Jul 1733 in Durham, Middlesex Co., CT.
Both are buried in the old cemetery in Durham, Conn.(Joined the church at Bradford)1  married  (16 years after birth of child). The Durham History states that "Nathaniel Sutliffe took an active part in matters pertaining to church and education. At a town meeting in Durham, October 3, 1714, it was voted by the town "that the meeting-house be seated and also the Town by voate made choyse of James Wadsworth, Caleb Seward, Jr., Nathaniel Sutliffe, William Seward and Henry Crane to be a committee to seate sd house." He was Representative from Durham for four years.
                                 Sarah Sutliff, b. 1693. She married Abraham Critenden.
                                     Elizabeth Sutliff, b. 15 Aug., 1708    d.  16 Nov. 1789 Waterbury New Haven CT  m. Thomas Foot
                                 Capt. Nathaniel Sutliff , b. 1695. was very well-to-do; owned slaves and much land. He died January 7, 1760, in his 64th year. Hannah, his wife, died July 16, 1772, aged 92. Both are buried in the old cemetery in Durham, Conn.  the estate of Capt. Nathaniel Sutliff amounted to  £2,143 8s. 4d - no mean sum for that day! At the General Assembly Holden in New Haven, Conn., Oct. 14, 1731: This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Nathaniel Sutliff to be Capt. of the second company or train band at West Haddam and order that he be commissioned. (Colonial Records of Ct.)
                                 (Serj.) John Sutliff, b. 1697.
                                  Savage Sutliff, b. Nov. 9, 1699; d. Feb. 6 1700.
Sutliff, b. June 13, 1701.        
Hannah Wheadon formerly Sutliff Born December 19, 
                                  Judith Sutliff b. 1704. 
                                  Eunice Sutliff, b. Aug. 7, 1706. 
                                  Mary Sutliff. b. July 16, 1708. 
                                  Joseph Sutliff, b. June 10, 1710; d. June 22, 1711
                                  Deacon John Sutliff
Sutliffb. May 30, 1715.
                                  Joseph Sutliff , b. July 27, 1712 in Durham, Middlesex, CT Death: 11 NOV 1801 in Connecticut Burial: AFT 11 NOV 1801 Wolcott, New Haven, CT from Durham, Joseph probably went to Wallingford, as two of his children, Sarah and Nathaniel, were born there. (Wallingford Records, Vol. 5, p. 540) He was in Wolcott, New Haven, CT, as early as 1765, his house being probably at the foot of Chestnut Hill, on the old road going directly up the hill. He was a tailor, one leg being defective, so that he walked with a crutch or cane. (History of Wolcott, New Haven, CT) "His daughter, Anne married Daniel Dean, May 16, 1776."The moved to Wallingford, where two of his children were born. Of a list of twenty-eight inhabitants residing in East Branch of Waterbury, (now Wolcott), CT, subject to pay taxes in 1760 there was included Joseph, Sr., for eight-six pounds, and Joseph for seven pounds. In those days the number of different trades were limited and the one held in the highest esteem was that of tailoring, and this he adopted, as one of his legs was defective, or shorter than the other so that he walked with a cane, or crutch. During the Revolution he was appointed as one of a committee of fifteen to solicit articles of clothing for the Continental soldiers (History of Waterbury, p. 442) This entitles his descendants to join the sons of the Revolution. He and his two wives are buried at Wolcott, New Haven, CT." Coon & Hackett Connections - Butte County, CA
                                   Marriage 1 Sarah "Sutliff" maiden name unknown
                                             Joseph Sutliff b: 1 JAN 1732/33 in Durham, CT d. 
1 OCT 1795 in Wolcott, New Haven, CT "Joseph moved to Wolcott, New Haven, CT, and lived on the farm afterwards owned by Ephraim Hall, a little east of Chestnut Hill.  "His son Joseph was the second child baptized in Wolcott. He moved west and was killed by the fall of a tree. Son, Michael, died at sea and left no issue. "Joseph's family Bibles, one dating to 1760, the other 1780, black with age, containing family entries, are now in the possession of Mrs. Gardner N. Wilcox, a descendant.
                                                 Sarah Sutliff b: 5 OCT 1736 in Wallingford, CT  Baptism: 7 DEC 1740 Durham, CT 
                                            Nathaniel Sutliff b: 5 FEB 1739 in Wallingford, CT child.
John Sutliff 
          John Sutliff, son of Nathaniel. Sr. and Hannah Brockett 1, 2, 3 was born 1675 in Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died 14 Oct 1752 in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut. John married 4 Hannah BROCKETT on 1695 in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut.  Hannah  [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 19 Mar 1678 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. She died 26 Nov 1760 in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut. Nathaniel Jr, and John Sutliff were founders and leading citizens of Durham but John would move to Northbury  (Plymouth) CT about 1727. His brother remained to serve as Minister and Preacher in the absence of  an ordained man. A town report for 1748 indicated that John Jr. owed 13 pounds 10 shillings in taxes for sales of animals
                               Diane(Dinah) Sutliff Bronson
                               Abigail Sutliff Howe
                               Martha Sutliff Scott b. April 1712 d.
                                (also Lydia and John)                               
                               Mary Sutliff Harrison 
                               Deborah Sutliff Welton 1719-1731
                               Hannah Sutliff Harrison
                               Elizabeth Sutliff Foote
                              Anna Sutliff was born on 30 May 1715 in Durham, Middlesex Co., CT 2 13 and died on 16 Mar 1738/39 in Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT .  
                      Abel Sutliff Sr. (1720 or 1718)-1800 or 1790) Branford Durham, Middlesex, CT Died; Waterbury, New Haven, CT . m. Sara Ford (9 Feb 1728 - 14 Sep 1777or5). Father, Barnabus Ford; Sister, Mary Humiston Ford; sister, Zilla Way Ford: brothers, Ebanezar, Cephas, Abel, Enos. The 1790 Census indicates Abel at 70 a widower, and 2 women. (unmarried sisters, daughters, an/or widows) to take care of the house.  The town report for 1748 indicated that Abel owed 1 pound 10 shillings in taxes.  
Sutliff b. Dec. 4 1746, Waterbury, CT
                                   Darius Sutliff (March 18 1756-Sept. 26 1776), Waterbury CT
                                   Lucas Sutliff b. 4 Nov.1768.     
                                   Private Abel Sutliff Jr.  b. 23 Aug 1751 Northbury (Thomaston), Litchfield County, CT, d. 15 May 1799,  Huntington Township, Luzerne County PA   

Land in the newer and undeveloped portions of the states and territories was at different times opened for settlement to 
newcomers of the emerging nation to settlers and immigrants on such easy and attractive terms that many of the citizens of 
New England left for those new parts. These favorable offers attracted the interests of the CT Sutliff's.  They would join
other like-minded Yankees to make the difficult trip across rivers and mountains to what in 1786 
became Luzerne County in the Wyoming Valley of North East Pennsylvania. The passage of time saw many changes 
in names and geographical boundaries as the territory was cut into smaller more manageable units.   

Abel Jr. led his family to the fertile farmland of Huntington Township in Luzerne County PA., an area of "rolling hills, deep forests.and abundant water." The timing of the move is uncertain - most likely between the taking of the 1790 Census where they were still situated in CT and sometime before they paid their 1796 Huntington tax bill.  Abel Jr.,  his sons Miles and Barney (Barnabas) Sutliff were recorded as paying Huntington Twp. taxes in 1796. Prior to that time  Huntington inhabitants had been free of taxes because of the claim that they were living in CT not PA.  Evidence that the 1790 Census for CT has both Abel Sr. and Able Jr. listed.  Abel Sr.was one of the Episcopalians of Northburyy In October, 1784 who signed an application to establish a church in the community. (Henry Bronson, The history of Waterbury, Connecticut: the original township..(1858) ) 
On to the Wyoming Valley

      Sutliff Lineage: 1790 - 1900

      Pvt Abel Sutliff Jr. (1751-1799)
        Miles Sutliff (1773-1840)
          Barna Sutliff (1803-1875)
            Ashel W Sutliff (1841-1917)
             E. Dana Sutlif(1877-1962)
              Richard Sutliff (1900-1973)
Reliable records on how the early Connecticut Yankees traveled the  ~200 miles to the Wyoming Valley have not been found. They crossed the Hudson, Delaware. and the Lackawanna  Rivers by ferry or crossed the ice in the dead of winter.. The best way to get between the two places today via Interstates 84/81 is probably close to the route the colonists took. We know they started from the Litchfield, CT- in fact for awhile Wilkes-Barre was part of the County of Litchfield. From Litchfield they likely crossed the Hudson near Newburgh, went to the mountain gap at Port Jervis, and either came into the Wyoming Valley over the ridges or went a little north to the Susquehanna and then South through the upper valley. The trails were better marked in the Sutliff's day than three decades earlier for the Gosses.

For the sake of some clarity A. the number prior to some older names is from the Sutliff book of 1909. The numbers B. 1 through 7 represent generations of Sutliffs starting with Private Abel Jr. as #1, his children and grandchildren #2 and #3, and so on through at least 7 generations. C. US Census dates are bolded (1790 through 1940). 
1430 Private Abel Sutliff Jr.  Born 8(23) Aug 1751 in Northbury (Thomaston), Litchfield County, CT he led an active life and died 15 May 1799, Huntington Twp, Luzerne County PA. He  married Charity Barber  on Oct.15, 1770.  She was born 15 Jul(June 6) 1748 in , Litchfield CT and died 26 Sep 1837 in Huntington, PA.  Her father: Samuel Barber  b. 16 Aug 1710 in Hartford, Windsor, CT and  mother Comfort Merriman Barber.  Charity may have married Obdiah Scott Sr. after Abel's death.   

 Photo Scott Cemetary June 2010 by Ace Sutliff

His Revolutionary War record saw Abel join the 5th Battalion of Gen. James Wadsworth’s Brigade, Col. William Douglas company, fifth regiment in 1776; 4th Company (Capt. Lewis) Waterbury, CT. He remained in Douglas' company, Fifth regiment, CT line, from formation until its consolidation with the First regiment of the CT line in the autumn of 1781

Two of his children, *Darias (one Child) and  Miles (~eight children) would parent what became the abundant succeeding generations of Luzerne Co. Sutliffs.  Another son, Barna would marry in CT move with his father and brothers to PA, begat 3 children, and move on to  settle in  Morgan County OH.  Sometime in the early 1790s Able Jr. traveled with his wife, older sons Miles and Barna (Barney), and teenager Darias  to Huntington Twp. in the lower Wyoming Valley. . Able Jr. died on. May 15, 1799 at 47. He is buried next to his wife in the Scott Cemetery  near Huntington Mills. 
Abel Jr. is listed in the CT 1790 Census which includes  his wife, 2 sons >16, 1 son <16 and five daughters.  The PA 1800 Census has his widow with one male (10-15),  one female (10-15 Tacy?).  Only 2 out of the 8 children present in 1790 were living with their mother in 1800.
Son Miles was 27 in 1800 PA Census with his wife and three children. Darias was ~16 and probably the male living with his newly widowed mother, Charity.  (Barney at 28 is not listed indicating that he was already on the road or located in Ohio. [Check Ohio Census for 1800]

     2. Barna (Barney, Bernard) Sutliff b. 1-15(16)-1772 in Waterbury, Litchford, CT.  Died 1840 in Morgan, OH.  The only PA record is his tax payment in 1796.  m.  Sarah Evans  b. 1773  in Orange County NY. 
Barney S. SutliffShe died:1843 in Morgan, OH. (9 children) Her  Father: Nathaniel Evans b. 1742 Mother: Sarah Thomas b. 23 Dec 1743 in Stafford, Talland, CT. died in 1843. Perhaps things were getting crowded near his parents in Huntington Valley, so Barney moved his family further west to the "Western Reserve" in Ohio to join other CT Sutliffs shortly before the birth of his 4th child Tacy Sutliff in late 1802 in Morgan County OH. He lived in Windsor tsp. OH most of his life. He Served in the War of 1812, and received a pension.

Brick Church Cemetery Stockport, Morgan County Ohio, USA

Julia Sutliff
 Sidwell b. 1796 in Huntington, Luzerne, PA. After they moved to Ohio she would marry. George Nathan Sidwell   b. 1796' Their 4 children were born in Morgan County OH.  
                 CHILDREN  4. Joseph Sidwell  b. 1828,   4. John Sidwell b. 1830,  4. Betsey Sidwell b. 1831,  4. Jesse M. Sidwell b. 1833.            
            3. Temperance Sutliff  Van Clief  b. 23 May 1797 in Huntington. Died 16 Nov 1843 in Windsor, Morgan, Ohio She married Peter Van Clief b. 21 Sep 1792 in Windsor where thy raised their children.
                 CHILDREN 4.  Barney Van Clief 4.
Dan Van Clief 4.
Luther Van Clief 4.  Sallie Van Clief  4. Tacey Van Clief 4. Mary Ann Van Clief 4. Emmeline Van Clief  4. Peter Van Clief b. 26 Jan 1818 4. Patience Van Clief b. 1833 
            3. Abel Sutliff b. 1800 in Huntington. Died: Livingston, Mo.  He married   Patience Gifford b. 17 May 1802 in Civil Twp. Albion, Kennebec Co. Maine   Marriage: 4 Aug 1822 in Windsor, Morgan, Ohio.
                 CHILDREN  4.  Prussia Sutliff  4. Harriet Sutliff   5 Jul 1827 to 23 May 1909 in Windsor, Morgan,      4.  Hester Ann Sutliff (30 Jul 1829 - 30 Aug 1908, 4.  Peter Van Clief Sutliff b. 1834, 4.  Abel Sutliff b. 1836,  4. John B. Sutliff b. 1839 4. Andrew Jack Sutliff b. 1843 in Ill.  4. Walter N. Sutliff b. 3 Sep 1847 in Morgan.
3 Tacy Sutliff b. 14 Nov 1802 in Washington, Ohio Died 4 Feb 1879 in Morgan, Ohio
           3. Sarah Sutliff b. 10 Feb 1805 in Winds
or, Morgan City Ohio (N Stockport)
           3. Sabury Sutliff b. 1807 in Washington, Morgan City, Ohio
           3. Hiram Baranabus Sutliff b. 1809 in Morgan Morgan City, Ohio
 He married Sarah Evans, daughter of Nathaniel Evans and Sarah Thomas. She was born 1773 in Orange County, NY, and died 1843 in Morgan County, OH.
           3. Hannah Sutliff Hopkins b. 1 May1811 in Washington, Ohio. There is also a record of Hannah Sutliff, born 14 Feb 1787 in Waterbury, Litchfield, CT. She married Timothy Hopkins. resided at Huntington, PA and at Chesterfield, Morgan County, OH.
           3. Mary Matilda Sutliff b. 1817 in Washington, Ohio
     2. Sarah (1) Sutliff (3-27-1776 to 4-7-1777) . b. in CT
     2. Sabra Sutliff b. 1785
     2. Lacy Sutliff b.1786 Waterbury CT 
    2. Hannah Sutliff b. 14 Feb 1787 Waterbury CT
    2. Sarah (2) Sutliff b. 2-21-1778 There is no record of Sarah moving on to PA. She is listed in the 1790 CT Census,  age 12. (see  Litchfield Marriages, deaths, etc)    
    2. Tacy (Sutliff) Williams : 23 JUN 1789 , CT -  26 MAY 1869, Luzerne, PA). Burial: Scott Cemetery; m. Mathais
Williams b. 10 May 1788, Marriage:1806 in PA .  Background: Mathias and Tacy Williams resided near Huntington Mills on the homestead of Jabez and Martha (Stevens) Williams. Their son Darius and daughter Patti lived there afterwards. Tacy and Mathias had twelve children. Sutliff source, pp 78-79. Note: Tacy Sutliff does not appear in "The Connecticut Barbers" as a daughter of Abel Sutliff and Charity (Barber) Sutliff; however this source does have listed a daughter Lacy Sutliff with no dates. Most likely her.  1850 census Huntington Mills,  Matthias Williams, aged 62, farmer, real estate valued $10,000, bp left blank presumed PA; Tacy aged 61, bp CT; Charity aged 39; Martha aged 33; Rhoda aged 24; Darius aged 20 -- all presumed born PA. 1860 census Huntington Mills, Luzerne, PA: Matthias Williams, aged 72, farmer, real estate valued $13,000, personal estate $3,000, bp PA; Tacy aged 71, bp PA; Martha aged 45; Rhoda A. aged 33; Henderson aged 34 -- all born PA.

Mathais's fatherJabez Williams was born in Conn. in about 1749, died in the Huntington Valley, Luzerne Co., PA, June 21, 1828. He was a carpenter & farmer. He had brothers Thomas & Uriah-- all 3 natives of Conn. Jabez was married to Martha Soverhill in Conn. she was born about 1748 & died Jan. 12, 1817. Jabez enlisted, Dec. 19, 1776, in Capt. Sanford's Company of the 5th Regiment, Connecticut Continental Line in the War of the Revolution & was honorably discharged Feb. 1, 1780. Soon after the close of the War Jabez Williams removed from Litchfield Co., Conn. to Luzerne Co., Penn. & in 1790 was living there and had in family, living at home, himself, one male over 16, one male under 16 and five females-- probably 2 sons, his wife & 4 daughters. He was an inhabitant of Plymouth, Penn. in 1792. Jabez & Martha (Soverhill) Williams are buried in the Waterton (now "Scott") Cemetery, Huntington Valley, Luzerne County, Penn. Some of their children were: 1.Reuben- married Mehitable Harris 2.Martha--married to Stephen Arnold 3.Rhoda- married in 1800 to Elder Zerah, born 11 April 1775 died 1859. 4. Jemima-- born abt. 1778 died 11 Oct 1819 married to Josiah Earl Tubbs (my line). 5.Matthias, born 10 May 1778 died 13 August 1870 married to Tacy Sutliff.
                   CHILDREN 3. Henderson Williams b. 1806 PA 3.. Stoverhill Williams (18 Jul 1809 - 4-21-1873) PA , m. Sophronia Monroe, ca. 1834, son Mathias 4. 3. Simeon Williams b. 1811 PA 3. Smith Williams b. 1815 PA 3. Charity Williams b. 28 Sep 1819 PA 3. Martha Williams b. 1821 PA .3, Darius b. 1829. 3. Caleb b. 1818 Salem twp, d.2-29-1843 Union Twp., 3. Charity b. 1810 12 children.
                       3. Darius M. Williams, farmer, of Huntington township, P. O. Huntington Mills, was born July 12, 1829, and is a son of Matthias and Tacy (Sutliff) Williams, natives of New Jersey and Connecticut, respectively, of English origin. Matthias Williams, who was a farmer by occupation, died August 13, 1870, aged eighty-two years. He was a son of Jabez and Martha Williams. Darias the youngest in a family of twelve children, six of whom were living, (in 1893) was reared on the farm he now owns, educated in the common schools, and when twenty-one years of age began farming for his father, and so continued until the death of the latter when he inherited the farm, and has since resided thereon. He was married May 3, 1856, to Miss Harriet Osgood, who was born September 14, 1839, a daughter of Dr. Joseph Osgood, of Wayne county, whose father was a soldier in the Revolutionary war under Gen. Washington. This happy union was blessed with eight children, five of whom are living (1893), viz.: Milford E., a farmer of Hazleton, married April 26, 1881, to Ida Laubach, of Hazleton (this union resulted in the birth of one son Charles, who is living); Emma A., married January 3, 1884, to H. D. Gearhart, a blacksmith of Town Line, Pa. (This union was blessed with two sons, George Dana, and Freddie E., both of whom are living); Lizzie A., at home; George R., at home, helping on the farm; and Laura D., a teacher in the public schools, also living at home. Mrs. Williams is a member of the M. E. Church. Our subject is a Republican; and has held the office of school director in his township. (1893 Bio)
        2. Lola (Sutliff) Tubbs  born 19 Aug 1782 in CT. She died 10 Jun 1829 and was buried in Waterton (Scott) Cem., Huntington, PA. Married Simon TUBBS  born 10 Mar 1780 in Norfolk CT, journeyed to join other Tubbs relatives who also paid the 1796 Huntington tax bill.  Their children 3. James Madison Tubbs  (1808-1876)  and 3. Roxanna Tubbs  (1812-1835) would spend their lives in Huntington Twp.
772  2. Daria(u)s  Sutliff b. Feb 11 1784.  m. 1809 to Rosanna Hungerford of Waterbury CT . He had returned from PA to his hometown in 1807, met and married Rosanna then headed back to PA to set up the household. Sadly, he died in 1819
        CHILD (1) 
1144        3 Barna (Bernard) Sutliff   Son of Darias and Rosanna, farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Town Line, (August 28, 1810 to Jan. 30, 1893).. Reared on a farm and educated in the local school, he followed agriculture all his life. He was married, September 17, 1835 , to Miss Elizabeth Walton, (May 6, 1812 to Sep. 28, 1898) who bore him eight children. Barna was a member of the P. of H., I.O.O.F. He held all the township offices in his day, and in politics was a faithful Republican.  In 1840 Barney 29, his wife 28 had 2 males under 5. 1850 Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Barney Sutliff, aged 39, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, ; Elizabeth aged 36, ; Darius C. aged 13; Elizabeth aged 9; Theodoria M. aged 6; Rosanna J. aged 5; Chester B. aged 3; Rebecca J. aged 1. In 1860 the family farm was valued at $3,000 with income $1,000. Elizabeth aged 47,  Isabel aged 19; Theodocia aged 17; Josephine aged 16; Chester B. aged 13; Rebecca J. aged 11  1870 PO Town Line, Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Barna Sutliff, aged 59, farmer, bp PA; Elizabeth aged 56, bp PA; Isabella aged 28; Charles B. aged 22; Rebecca J. aged 19.  1880 Huntington,  Barnard Sutliff, aged 69, farmer, widower,  both parents, CT; daughter, Isabell, aged 39,  , Living next door, Chester B. Sutliff, aged 33, farmer, ; Hattie M. aged 24,; Daisy aged 4 months, He died in his father's home and is Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery with two unidentified children. Will: Sutliff  Barney, Huntington Twp. 1893 44 N 206,  Distribution: Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Feb 1, 1886.          The following letter was sent by Dorson Speary to his uncle Barnard Sutliff in Luzerne County during Dorson’s service in the  Civil War. An included note is addressed to C.B. (Chester Barnard) Sutliff- Dorson’s cousin & a son of Barnard. The letters also mention Darius (another son of Barnard). I do not know how the Sutliff family is connected to the Speary family. I can only assume it is through Dorson’s mother (Rachel Jane Benscoter), as there appears to be no connection via the Speary surname. The letters have been copied just as they were written. No punctuation or spelling has been corrected. I have left blanks for words I cannot make out due to cramped writing at the edges of the pages. I have written in parentheses what they APPEAR to be.

In the letter, Dorson mentions James.  This is his brother, James Speary, who would die 6 months later on May 03, 1863 on the battlefield of Chancellorsville, Va.

Sept the 18th 1862
Camp Whiple near Washington, PA

Dear Uncle it is with pleasure I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am pretty well at present James and myself and a moast of the rest of the boys from Sulivan moved ourselves down in _______ [looks like "aug" as in the abbreviation for August] we have been here four weeks next Monday or four weeks since we left home we are in Robinson's brigade birneys division 141st regt. we have had some pretty hard times a ready we have been on the march nearly ever day and every sonday but one we havent drawed more than half days rations since we have been here till now we draw full rations we get pork beef bread beans coffee sugar rice salt vinnagar we can see the ____ [looks like "old"] capital from here. We are under marching orders now. they won't let us know where we are going when we do go we was out on pickets night before last and captured one rebel prisoner so I have seen one rebel a ready I tell you he was a hard looking customer how he did rip and swaer about the yankies. they are pretty  good news here on our side. I don't know how it is out in the country for the half of the news we hear is not true. the opinion of the people here is that the war is not going to last long ______ [looks like "sure"] hope it won't. I havent told you how I like soaldiering yet I like it first rate in good weather but it is pretty hard ______ ______ [2nd word looks like "feet"] in wet weather for when it rains the mud is like greece we have to lay out in the big tent yet for we havent drawed all of our tents yet. I expect Darius [Note: a son of Barnard Sutliff] is going to the army to but if he hasn't tell him to write I have wrote several leters home but hant received but one leter our folks was all well then only father and he had a lame back then but I hope it is well now I must bring my leter to a close write me soon as you receive this oar I will think you are dead tell the girls to write for I havent time to write them now excuse my poor writing for we have to write the best way we can we havent any stands or tables here to write on so good bye for this time
Dorson M Speary to Barnard Sutliff esq

direct to D.M. Speary
Care of Capt J. H. Wright
Co. K 141st rgt PV
Washington D.C.

We have enlisted for three years so as to be here to settle the war between the rebels and usssssss

A few words to C.B. Sutliff [Note: Chester Barnard - son of Barnard]

Dear cousin after my respects to you and the rest of the family I would try to write a few lines to you James and me is both in the army and are well satisfied if you was here you would see more in one minute than I can write in a week if you would see unkle sams boys out on dress parade you would say it was the prettiest sight you ever seen or else I am mistaken for they all are dressed a like and look as near a like as a flock of pigeons but I must stop talking about pigeons and say something about the girls I havent seen a nice girl since I came here only colored ones if I could see a company of our girls if it wasn't more than ______ [could be "one"] I would think it was the prettiest sight that I ever seen I will come and pay you a visit after I get this muss settled down here. I think I can settle it again I am _____ [ Looks like the number "45" or possibly "25"] years _____ so no more at present but remain your _____ [Last 2 blanks look like "aoler" - possibly meaning "older". Would have to be a private joke as Dorson was only 18 years old at the time] afectionate cousin.

D.M. Speary

 On September 16, 1862, the Union Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia clashed at Sharpsburg, Maryland in what has come down in history as the Battle of Antietam. This battle was the bloodiest day in American military history, and signaled that the war between the states would be a long, costly, and bloody conflict. Although the northern forces prevailed, driving the Confederate troops from the field of battle, the Union falied to follow up on the the costly victory and let Robert E. Lee's forces slip away to the South and fight again. The following year, 1863, would see further costly and bloody encounters at Fredericksburg and then at the climactic encounter at Gettysburg in July that would spell the last effort by Lee to invade the North. When Dorosn Speary wrote the  letter, just two days after Antietam, he was clearly unaware of the titanic struggle just a few dozen miles away and both he and his colleagues were still under the impression that the war might be over soon. In this expectation, they would be disillusioned.

Letter sent by Dorson Speary during the civil war to his Uncle Barnard Sutliff in Luzerne County. 

Bob Sweeney
December 2002

               CHILDREN (8)

                        4. i. Darius C.Sutliff (8-28-1836 to 1918)  farmer, Union township, P.O. Town Line. He was reared on a his father's farm, educated in the common schools, and began life for himself at twenty-two years of age working the homestead on shares for two years. He then moved to Stillwater, Columbia County, and worked a rented farm for five years. He returned to purchase his father's farm. He was married, February 22, 1859, to Susan Maria Whitesell, daughter of Andrew and Sarah Whitesell, of Monroe county, PA,  a faithful member of the M.E. Church. A Republican, he held the offices of school director and supervisor. Scott Cemetery. 1870 Union, Luzerne, PA: Darius Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, wife Susan Mariah Sutliff aged 35, bp PA; Lizie aged 8; Ide aged 6; William aged 4; Kate aged 1 -  1880 farmer Ross Twp. wife Susan b. Dec 16 1836 45, Lizzie R. 18 teacher's school;, Ida J.15,Willie B. 13, Freddie A. 7, Stanley B. 1. 1900 Union Twp. 63, 63 Frederick 27. 5 of 7 Children remained alive. buried Scott Cemetery. Kate died after 1870.
                   CHILDREN (8)                        
1804                   5. Frank Sutliff  1-27-18-1860 died as infant, Scotts Cemetery, bet Waterton & Huntington Mills
1805                   5. Elizabeth R. Sutliff  (8-26-1861 to 1955) m. John Williams of Huntington Tsp. b: 20 Nov 1854 to 14 May 1886
                                6. Myrtle Williams b: 1890 in PA teacher
                                6. Marian Ida Williams b:  26 Jan 1904 in PA. teacher.
1806                  5. Ida J. Sutliff Hobbes12-04-1864 - 1933)  1870 Union 6 , m. D. M. Hobbes, Kingston PA , m. 1887. 1880 Union 15  1900 Kingston, Luzerne, PA: D. M. Hobbes, aged 42, born Jan 1858, school teacher,  Ida J. aged 34, born Dec 1863, married 13 years, three children w/ three living,  Stella G. aged 11, born Jun 1888; Ina Isabel aged 6, born Jun 1893; Ethel E. aged 5, born Apr 1895; Susie M. Smith, aged 21, born May 1879.  1910 Derranceton, Luzerne D. M. Hobbes, aged 51, attorney,  Ida aged 44, first marriage for both of 22 years, five children w/ five living, Gertrude aged 21; Ina aged 16; Ethel aged 15; William aged 9; Marie aged 7. 1920 Dorranceton, Luzerne, Devillo M. Hobbes, aged 62, attorney,  Ida aged 55, Ina aged 26, school teacher; William aged 18; Marie aged 16. Her husband died in this decade. 1930 Kingston, Ida J. Hobbes, aged 65, owns home valued $12,000,  Marie S.Hobbes aged 27, public school teacher, both husband and wife buried Edgehill Cemetery, West Naticoke. Obits
                                6. Ida J. Hobbes b. June 1888 living at home
                                6. Ina Isabel 
Hobbes b.Jun 1893 1920 26, school teacher, living at home
                                6. Ethyl E. Hobbes b. Apr 1895
                                6. William Hobbes b. 1901
                                6. Marie b. Hobbes19031930 27 living with mother

1807                5. William Boyd Sutliff (1867-) b. 1-29-1867, Professor at Bloomsburg State,  m. Ella M. Stump b: ABT 1875 18701880 13 1900 teacher Plymouth Twp.? 1910 Bloomsburg, Columbia, William B. Sutliff, aged 43, teacher State Normal School,  Ella aged 35, first marriage for both of 12 years, two children w/ two living, Helen E. aged 5; Robert G. aged 2; plus a boarder. 1920 Bloomsburg, Columbia, William B. Sutliff, aged 52, teacher Normal School, Ella S. aged 45, bp PA, both parents PA; Helen E. aged 15; Robert G. aged 11; Harriet E. aged 7 1930   Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA: William B. Sutliff, aged 63, Dean State Teachers College, owns home valued $7,000, bp PA, both parents PA; Ella S. aged 56, both first married aged 31 & 24, respectively, Robert G. aged 22; Harriett E. aged 17  "Darius Sutliff resided on his home farm near Chickshinny, Union [Luzerne], PA. Their son William B., after gaining a good education in the common schools began teaching, and so earned money to attend the Bloomsburg State Normal School, where he graduated in 1891. He was elected assistant instructor in mathematics in that institution soon after graduation and as he taught, studied to prepare for college. He attended Lafayette College and graduated there on June 1898; accepted again the position as teacher of mathematics in the Bloomsburg State Normal School, which position he held in 1902. He married Emma M. Stump, of Berks County, PA, on August 10, 1898. 
                                    6. Helen E. Sutliff b. 1905 1910 5 1920 15 1930 1940
                                    6. Robert G. Sutliff b. 1909  
1910 1
  1920 11 1930 22 at home
                                    6. Hariet E. Sutliff   b. 1913  1920 7  1930 17
1808            5. Laura Sutliff b.1869-1870, infant death
1809            5. Frederick  A. Sutliff 10 Nov 1874 1880 Freddie 7  1900 25 living at home "Son Frederick A. was in 1902, in his last year of a medical course at the University of Philadelphia." See sources, "Coat of Arms Sutliff, Sutliffe, or Sutcliffe."
1810            5. Anna Lucella Sutliff b. 1873-18777
1811            5. Stanley Sutliff b. 11-22-1878 1880 1(nothing after 1880)  4.  iia Elizabeth Isabella Sutliff,  b. 1840,  disappeared before the 1860 census
            4. ii Theodocia Sutliff Ramaly (1842-1919) (11-7-1842 - 1919), 1850 8  1860  17 m.  Edward Ramaly b. 1845. 1870  PO Dallas, Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Edward Ramaly, aged 26, farmer, bp PA; Theodosia aged 26,  Bertha aged 1, bp PA. 1880 census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Edward Ramaly, aged 36, farmer, Docia aged 36, ; Bertha aged 11; Brice aged 4   Burial: 1919 Pine Grove Cemetery.
Has No Children              5.  Bertha Remaly b:  1868 in PA
                 5.  Brice Remaly b:  1875 in PA
            4. iii Rosanna Josephine Sutliff  Masters b. 7-22-1844,  m. William A. Masters 21 Feb 1867,1850 5 1860 15 1880 Nanticoke,  Wm H. Masters, aged 36, carpenter, Josephine aged 35, bp PA,  Dana aged 12, bp PA. [Census taken Jun 18,  1900 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: William Masters, aged 56, born June 1843, farmer, Josephine aged 55, born Aug 1844, married 30 years, one child w/ one living,. Sutliff source cited has two children for William and Josephine Masters, a daughter Vernie and a son William. In 1900 at the age of 55, Josephine lists only one child with one living. There is a son Dana born 1868, who dies in 1880; he is supported with census and cemetery records, and is identified in his cemetery record as the son of William and Josephine. 
               5. Dana Masters b. 1868-1880
               5. Vernie ?
               5. William?

            4. iv Chester B. Sutliff (2-27-1846 to 9-22-1937)  Huntington, farmer m. Harriet M. Benscoter (3-1856  to 1930) on 11-2-1879  1850 Huntington 1860 Huntington Mills, 13 1870 22 at home 1880, living next door to parents   Chester B. Sutliff, aged 33, farmer,  Hattie M. aged 24, Daisy aged 4 months, born Feb,,  1900 Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Chester B. Sutliff, aged 53, born Dec 1846, farmer, Hattie aged 44, born Mar 1856, married 21 years, five children w/ three living,  PA; Francis B. aged 16, born Oct 1883; Gertrude aged 13, born Mar 1887; Maud aged 7, born Oct 1892 1910, Gertrude 23  and Maud G. 17 lived at home Chester B. Sutliff, aged 63, farmer,  Harriet M. aged 54, first marriage for both of 30 years, five children w/ three living,  Gertrude A. aged 23; Maud G. aged 17   1930  rented the farm. Buried  1937 with 3 children in Pine Grove Cemetery  Native of Town Line  
                   CHILDREN (5)
                      5. Daisy Sutliff (1880-1893)
                      5. Gussie Sutliff (1881-1883)
                      5. Francis (Frank) Boyd Sutliff  (10-14-1882(3) Huntington - 1956) buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Harveyville, 1900 16 WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Francis Boyd Sutliff, dob Oct 14, 1883, farmer, wife Laura I., residing Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA. 1920 Union,  Frank B. Sutliff, aged 36, farmer, Laura I. aged 30,.WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Francis Boyd Sutliff, dob Oct 14, 1883, farmer, wife Laura I., residing Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA. 1930  Union,  Frank B. Sutliff, aged 46, farmer Laura I. aged 40, both first married aged 28 & 22, respectively, aunt, Sarah A. Woodworth, aged 83, widow, first married aged 1,. 1940 56. wife 50 + 4 children Leon 14, Beatrice 13, Arnold 12, Marie 11 with the last name Roof who lived with them (possibly charity children)..
                      5. Gertrude A Sutliff b. 3-10(30)-1887 1900 13 1910 23
                      5. Mandy (Maud) Gwendolen Sutliff b.10-5-1892 Huntington  1900 7   1910 17   
            4. v Rebecca J., Sutliff b. 12--18-1848, 1850 1  1860 11 1870 19  m. Joseph Wilkinson , lived in Colorado Co.
            4. vi. Henry L. Sutliff b. Oct. 9 1844 m. Fanny Kinley 1873 Farmer and mail carrier at Clarks View PA
                    5. Louisa Sutliff m. _____Meyers, Harveyville PA one son
                    5. Levi Kinley Sutliff (18. Feb. 1887 - Aug. 1966), Ross Twp.,; married Edith M. Moore, daughter of John Clayton Moore and Emma H.Levalley, on 21. Feb. 1907. In 1910 lived in Fairmont Twp. a farmer. 1 child 1 living. m. Edith M. Moore (1889-1975) 1910: 23, 20 son Arthur R. Sutliff, <1, Fairmont Twp.   Edith M. Moore married Levi Kinley Sutliff, son of Fanny Sutliff, on 21. Feb. 1907. Edith M. Moore and Levi Kinley Sutliff  1910 at Fairmont Twp., Luzerne County, Pennsylvania,; 1 child, 1 living. WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Levi Kinley Sutliff, dob Feb 18, 1887, born Ross, Luzerne, PA; farmer, married w/ two children, residing Fairmont Springs, Luzerne, PA; registered same Jun 5, 1917. 1920   Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Levi K. Sutliff, aged 32, farmer, Edith aged 30, Arthur aged 11; Ruth aged 8; Beatrice aged 2,  mother, Fannie Sutliff, aged 65, widow,Edith M. Moore died in Apr. 1975 at Canton, Bradford County, PA at age 85. 1930  Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Levi Sutliff, aged 43, farmer,Edith M. aged 40, both first married aged 21 & 18, respectively, Ruth aged 18; Beatrice aged 12. 1940 52, wife 50, Loren Riddell son-in-law 22, Beatrice Riddell 21 daughter-in-law, Earl Riddell  grandson 11/12 living with them.

                           6. Ruth Sutliff Franklin b. 1912 Fairmont 
1920 8 1930 18 Marriage  Richard Franklin
                           6. Arthur R. Sutliff b. 1909 Fairmont  1910 1 1920 11; married Erma Wommer
                           6. Beatrice Sutliff b. 1918 Fairmont 1920 2 1940 married living with husband Loren Riddell and Son Ear.
                   5. Jesse Sutliff died in infancy
2. Miles Sutliff  (29 Jul 1773 to 25 Nov 1840) Waterbury (or Plymouth), Litchfield, CT. Son of Abel Jr and Charity d. Huntngton Tsp.  PA He Married Phoebe Culver b. CT Oct. 1776 CT to 11 March, 1840, Huntington. Mills  PA; owned a total of 200 acres of land and reared a family of eight all born in PA . Data in 1800, 1820, 1830, Miles Sutliff, aged 50-60; one female aged 50-60; six males -- two aged 10-15; two aged 15-20; one aged 20-30; one aged 40-50; two females -- one aged 10-15; one aged 20-30. Total of eight children. Sons Wells, Washington, and Barney are counted separately in the 1830 census, which would leave eight children.1840 Miles 67, Phoebe 64 and a male 20-29.  Miles A notice in a March 1820 Sesqehanna Democrat reported an appeal by Miles Sutliff for tax relief  for his properties in Huntington & Union twps. They had a farm and also a hotel, which was probably the first in the township, and there both died. They had eleven children: Bernard, Stiles, Daniel, Abel, Wells, Washington, Wesley, Miles, Hannah, Amelia and Rosana; two now survive: Daniel, in Huntington Township, and Hannah, widow of George Souder, in same township." See sources. 
Miles son Miles?Birth: Jan 5 1803 - Huntingdon Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
Death: Nov 5 1875 - Huntingdon Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
Parents: Miles Sutliff and Phoebe Sutliff (born Culver)
Brothers: Washington, Darius Stiles and Daniel
Wife: Elizabeth Sutliff (born Dodson)
Children: Hiram, Alta, Phoebe, Joseph M., William F., Andrews Fellows, Abiel, Asmahel, Henry L., Amasa and Miles T.

Portion of Huntington Tsp. Warrant map showing Certified lot 44. (99.41 acres) granted to Miles Sutliff (in trust) from list of CT settlers.  Also 2 lots owned by Nathaniel Goss
Miles Will: In the fear of God amen.  I Miles Sutliff of Huntington Township, Luzerne County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through the Blessing of God having, though week of body, sufficient strength and capacity of mind to settle my worldly afairs, do make and publish this my last will and testament, revoking all others hereby altered or supplied.
Item First.
I give and bequeath unto my sons Wells Sutliff, Barna Sutliff, Abel Sutliff, Washington Sutliff, Daniel Sutliff and Wesly Sutliff one dollar each in addition to what I have already given them.
Item Second:
I give and bequeath unto my daughter Emelia Moss fifty dollars to be paid by my Executor in one year after my decease, in good property at the appraisal of men.
Item Third:
I give and bequeath unto my daughter Roxanna Lukins one dollar in addition to what I have already given to her, and should she become destitute and return to my Executor the property which I have leased to her. In that case my Executor shall render her a comfortable support out of my Estate as hereinafter directed.
Item Four:
I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Sutliff a good Cow, a bed, and bedding with a comfortable living rendered to her by my Executors out of my Estate or one Hundred dollars in good property at the appraisal of men paid to her by them (If she choses it in preference to a maintenance) in one year after my decease.
Item Fifth:
I give and bequeath to my two sons Miles Sutliff Junior and Darius Stiles Sutliff all my Real and personal Estate of whatever name or nature to be divided equally between them. (The said Miles Sutliff Junior is to pay my son Daniel Sutliff as per their agreement five hundred dollars, and the said Darius Stiles Sutliff is to pay my Son Westley Sutliff four hundred and twenty five dollars as per their agreement.) And also I hereby direct that my Sons the said Darius S. Sutliff and Miles Sutliff Junior jointly pay the sums mentioned in the foregoing items according to my true intent and meaning as alia to render a mutual support in their family or families to their sisters as above bequeathed and pay all debts that I may owe at my decease.
Item Sixth:
I do hereby make, ordain, constitute and appoint my sons Miles Sutliff Junior and Darius Stiles Sutliff Executors of this my last will and testament with full and ample power to collect all debts that may be due to me at my decease, directing them to speedily cancel all demands against me, making a full settlement of all things touching the premises contained in this will as soon as may be.
In testimony where of I have here unto set my hand and seal to this my last will and testament the twenty second day of May, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and forty.
Signed, sealed and published and declared in presence of us Stephen Devenport, Peter Keck, Ezekiel _ Harrison 
 Note: age 67y 3m 26d  Burial: Scott Cemetery  Huntington Mills, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, USA
       CHILDREN (11)  These children are marked in green   Miles ?
Birth: Jan 5 1803 - Huntingdon Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
Death: Nov 5 1875 - Huntingdon Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
Parents: Miles Sutliff and Phoebe Sutliff (born Culver)
Brothers: Washington, Darius Stiles and Daniel
Wife: Elizabeth Sutliff (born Dodson)
Children: Hiram, Alta, Phoebe, Joseph M., William F., Andrews Fellows, Abiel, Asmahel, Henry L., Amasa and Miles T.

               3.  o. Emilia (Sutliff) Moss  ( 9 Nov 1796. - 29 Oct 1870) She was buried in Bloomingdale Cem, Luz. Co.,PA.. She married Joseph Moss Jr. on 19 Dec 1819.  He was born 7 Apr 1794 in ,Luzerne Co.,PA..    Died 28 Feb 1877). Bloomingdale Cemetary.   His parents, Joseph Moss Sr. and Wife Elizabeth Montayne (Motanye) were from the Bergan Co. area of NJ and are buried in Benscoter Cemetery. 

                    4. Phoebe Moss,
                    4. Barna Sutliff Moss,  
                    4.  A. B. Moss 

    1141   3.  xi Emilia (Millie) (Sutliff) Moss 1 2 3   b. 1797 m Joseph Moss  b. 1793 , in Lizerne Co.
                  4. Chester Moss b. 1824: m. Ross Twp., 37  1870: 46 Farmer, 3000, 1000, wife Peninah 41, son Miles 24, 1,000 100 other children:17, 14,12, 6, 4 no more info
                  4. Diaher Sutliff Moss   He married Ellen "Moss" in 1870
                  4. Peter  G Sutliff Moss b1825 m. Lydia b. 1824 1870: Peter G 45, Union Twp.  1880 Peter G. Farm: $2000, sales $968,  daughter Sarah 24, keeping house, Roland 13 farm labor, male 4.           
                  4. Jacob Sutliff Moss
                  4. Hillmann Moss  b. 1824, m. Perlina  b. 1823.      
                  4. Abel B. Moss b, 1833 Ris.  
m Eliza (Wilkensom) Moss on 14 Jan 1853, b. 1833 PA
                  4. Barna  Moss (2-11-1844 to 4-29-1906)
                  4, Phoebe  Moss
                  4. Lizzie  (Moss) Brink m. L. Brink
                  4. Lydia (Moss) Jennings   . ____Jennings  
1142 3. i.  Roxanna (Sutliff ) Chapin( Lutkins? see father's will)   (1798 to >1880.). Raised in Huntington twp. PA and died after 1880 in Huntington. twp. She married  Ruben R Chapin, son of John Chapin and Hannah Rockwood. He was born  1797 in Huntington, twp, and died15 Aug 1830. 1850 widow 52 1870 widow, 72 living alone in a separate residence.Maybe she remarried, see will.      

1137 3 vii Darias Sty(i)les Sutliff  (Oct 2 1814 - Mar 22 1880), Son of Miles and Phobe Culver  m. Lydia Dodson  (Oct 17 1815- Apr 7(Mar. 23)  1888) d. Nanticoke. m. 1835 in Huntington, 1860 45, 44 Farm value $3,000, Income $1,000. Jesse 20, Bloomfield 19, 17 15, 13, 11, Mariah 2      1870 Census: Lydia  54, Bloomfield, 29 farm laborer, Sydney H.  21, Maria 12, Hattie,  Farm: value  $2,000, sales  $340  Buried in Scott Cemetery. 1870 55, 54  4 children Bloomfield 29,  Sidney 21,  Mariah,12, Harriet 11.           
        CHILDREN (12+)
         4. Stiles Sutliff,  m. (1) Jane Kostenbauder (2) Emma Nicely  
         4. John Dodson Sutliff  (8 JUL 1836-21 Apr 1881) Huntington twp.,PA Married (1) Catherine Larrish and (2) Kate Maust  Did John marry his cousin? The Sutliff souce cited has used the Dodson Genealogy 1600-1907 by Rev. T. P. Ege, Wilkes Barre. I have not been able to find a Lydia August Sutliff, m. 1.Lydia August Sutliff b: 15 OCT 1856 but the two children cited by this source, Florence and Lottie 1850 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Darius S. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, real estate valued $2,000,  Lydia aged 34; John aged 13; Jesse B. aged 10; Bloomfield aged 8; Phebe aged 7; Diantha aged 5; Synthia aged 2, Sydney aged Occupation: 1880 Car Conductor  1880  Philadelphia,  John Sutliff, aged 44, car conductor,  wife 2. Catherine aged 32,  Florence aged 6; Lottie aged 4 1-- both born PA.
              CHILDREN ????????
                  5. Lydia Sutliff Chapin m. A. B. Chapin 10-15-1874 He was a prominent local lawyer who lived in Nanticoke and also served as JP
         4. Abigail Sutliff (May 16,1838 to 1839) Huntington Twp.
         4. Jesse B. Sutliff (11-20-1839 to 1910), a prominent farmer of Huntington township, P.O. Huntington Mills. He was the third in a family of twelve children. He was reared on a farm, educated in the common schools, and at the age to twenty-two rented a farm and began life for himself. He farmed on rented lands for about twelve years, and in 1873 purchased his present property of 156 acres, on the Shickshinny and Huntington Mills turnpike, about one-half mile from the latter place, and in the spring of 1886, built his fine residence thereon. Our subject married, October 13, 1861,Faimont Springs  to Miss Eveline Culver, b. 27 March 1839 d. 16 Nov. 19.1843 which union was blessed with five children, two of whom are living, (1893) viz.: Mary E. (Mrs. E. E. Trumpore) and Ida.  1850 Jesse 10.  1860 20     The family are members of the M.E. Church. Jesse enlisted, December 8, 1864, in Company B, Forty- Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers; was in the battle of Petersburg and various minor engagements, and was discharged June 28, 18651870 Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Jesse B. Sutliff, aged 30, farmer, real estate valued $1,500, Evelyn aged 30, Mary aged 5      He was a member of the P. of H. and G.A.R.; in politics, a Republican, and held  the office of school director. Buried in the Scott Cemetery.  1900  Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Jesse Sutliff, aged 61, born Nov 1839, farmer, Evaline aged 61, born Mar 1839, married 39 years, five children w/ two living, Ida aged 27, born Sep 1872; son-in-law, John Trumpore, aged 35, born Mar 1865, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; daughter, Mary E. Trumpore, aged 34, born Jul 1865, married 13 years, three children w/ three living,  three Trumpore grandchildren, Florence aged 9, born Mar, 1891; Clarissa aged 4, born Aug 1895; Jesse B. aged 2, born Nov 1897 boarder, Jacob G. Sutliff, aged 16, born Apr 1884, farm laborer, Huntington.        Source:
                5. Mary E. Sutliff Trumpore b. Jul 1865-1948 Huntington  m. E. E. Trumpore ~1887 1870 5  1880 14 1900  son-in-law, John Trumpore, aged 35, born Mar 1865, farmer,  daughter, Mary E. Trumpore, aged 34, born Jul 1865, married 13 years, three children w/ three living, ; three Trumpore grandchildren, Florence aged 9, born Mar, 1891; Clarissa aged 4, born Aug 1895; Jesse B. aged 2, born Nov 1897 Family living at Jesse's home. 1910 census Huntington,  Emmet Trumpore, aged 44, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mary E. aged 44, married 23 years, four children w/ four living, Florence aged 19; Clara aged 14; Jesse aged 12; Carrie aged 3. 1920 census Huntington,  Emmet J. Trumpore, aged 54, farmer,Mary E. aged 54, Florence E. aged 28, saleslady in drug store; Clara Zimmerman, aged 26, listed as married, exchange girl for telephone company; Jesse B. Trumpore, aged 22, driver for paper company; Harry D. aged 13. 1930  Huntington,  Emmet J. Trumpore, aged 65, farmer, Mary E. aged 64, Harry D. aged 22, farm laborer.
Has No Children                    6. Florence E. Trumpore b: MAR 1891 in Luzerne County
Has No Children                    6. Clara Trumpore b: 30 AUG 1895 in Luzerne County
                       6. Jesse B. Trumpore b: 8 NOV 1897 in Luzerne County
Has No Children                    6. Carrie Trumpore b: ABT 1905 in Luzerne County
Has No Children                    6. Harry D. Trumpore b: 5 NOV 1906 in Luzerne County
                5. Ida Sutliff  (29 Sep. 1872 to 25 July 1963),Huntington 1900 27 housekeeper.
4. Bloomfield Sutliff (6-12-1841 to 6-24-1874)  m. Martha Rose.Seward, b. 1851, Sugarloaf Twp..
He married Martha Rose Seward. She was born ABT 1851 in Sugarloaf Twp, Columbia, PA. Farm laborer at family home. 
d.Huntington twp., Buried  in Scott Cemetery 
"Bloomfield is the son of Stiles Sutliff, who was one of Huntington’s early settlers. He was a worthy man, highly esteemed by his fellow citizens, and lived to a good old age. His son, Bloomfield, began his active business career in Huntington township as one of its prosperous farmers. During his life, which was brief, he was a successful, practical farmer. He died in 1874, aged thirty-five years. He had only one child, Oliver S., who was reared and educated in Ross township." 1850 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Darius S. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, bp PA; Lydia aged 34; John aged 13; Jesse B. aged 10; Bloomfield aged 8; Phebe aged 7; Diantha aged 5; Synthia aged 2, Sydney aged 1 -- all born PA. 1860 census PO Muhlenberg, Huntington Mills, Luzerne, PA: Stiles Sutliff, aged 45, farmer, real estate valued $3,000, ; Lydia aged 44, bp PA; Jesse aged 20; Bloomfield aged 19; Phebe aged 17; Diantha aged 15; Synthia aged 13; Sydney aged 11; Mariah aged 2 -- all born PA. 1870 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Stiles D. Sutliff, aged 55, farmer, real estate valued $3,000, bp PA; Lydia aged 54, bp PA; Bloomfield aged 29; Sydney H. aged 21; Mariah aged 12; Harriet aged 10 -- all born PA. Note: Bloomfield is listed with his parents in 1870, without wife and child? He dies 1874.
                     5. Oliver S. Sutliff, Ross Twp.  (2-10-1869 to 1947) m.  Susie E. Hontz 2-20-1866 to 1958) Ross  twp. merchant, Bloomingdale, was born February 10, 1869, a son of Bloomfield and Martha R. (Seward) Sutliff, the former of whom was born in Huntington township, this county, the latter in Sugar Loaf township, Columbia county, Pa.
Bloomfield is the
 son of Darias Stiles Sutliff, who was one of Huntington's early settlers. He was a worthy man, highly esteemed by his fellow citizens, and lived to a good old age. His son, Bloomfield, began his active business career in Huntington township as one of its prosperous farmers. During his life, which was brief, he was a successful, practical farmer. He died in 1874, aged thirty-five years. He had only one child, Oliver Sutliff, who was reared and educated in Ross township. Ollie worked a farm until 1886, when he began clerking in the "Boston Store" and other places in Wilkes-Barre. In 1892 he embarked in mercantile business on his own account in Bloomingdale, where he "keeps a general and well regulated store." On February 20, 1891, he married Miss Susie E. Hontz, who was born in Ross township in 1866, a daughter of Andrew and Mary Hontz. Mr. Sutliff is a worthy young man, possessed of good business abilities—sure to succeed in his chosen calling. His store is well kept, and his goods are first-class and of good quality. He believes in and practices the cash system. His motto is "Goods cheap for cash, but not cheap goods." (1893 bio) m. 1891, 1
900 census Ross,  Oliver S. Sutliff, aged 31, born Feb. 1869, merchant, Susie E. aged 33, born Jul 1866, married nine years, two children w/ one living, also Arthur L. Seward, aged 14, born Jul 1885, ; brother-in-law, Andrew Hontz, aged 23, born May 1877, school teacher,   1910  Ross, Luzerne, PA: Oliver Sutliff, aged 41, merchant, Susie aged 43, first marriage for both, two children w/ one living,  Carola aged 10, 1920 census Ross, Oliver S. Sutliff, aged 50, merchant, Susie E. aged 53,  daughter, Carola I. aged 20,  1930 census Ross, Oliver S. Sutliff, aged 61, merchant, Susie aged 63, both first married aged 22 & 24, respectively,  daughter, Carola Graham, aged 30, married aged 22, one child, bp PA; grandson, James Graham, aged 1.
                   6. Arthur L. Sutlif  b. July 1885  1900 14               

                   6. Esten  Sutliff b. Jan 1900 d. 1900 

Entry from Wyoming Seminary Yearbook

                  6. Carola Isabel Sutliff Graham (17 Dec 1899-16 Oct 1990), Hunlock Creek, Attended Wyoming Seminary.  Married Mr. Graham and raised a family near Huntington Mills. She was a talented musician. Her son Jimmy Graham was known as brilliant but unreliable. 
1930 Ross, Luzerne, PA: Oliver S. Sutliff, aged 61, merchant, Susie aged 63, both first married aged 22 & 24, respectively, daughter, Carola Graham, aged 30, listed as married, aged 22, one child, ; grandson, James Graham, aged 1. Other sources have Carola married to Albet [Albert?] Nesbit Herring, on December 16, 1937. Albet born Jun 19, 1907, in Huntington. She taught piano lessons and was a school nurse. She was a close friend of Merle Sutliff, lived on the Huntington Mills Rd. Buried as Carola Herring in Bloomingdale Cemetery,

          4. Sidney Warner Sutliff  (24 Mar.1849 to 4 July 1906).  Druggist, Nanticoke PA  b. in Huntington twp. Marriage 1 Jane Kostenbauder b:~ 15 Mar 1847 in Catawissa, Columbia, PA  Daughter Myrtle H Sutliff b: Sep1879 in Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA; Marriage 2 Emma Nicely b: Jul 1845 in Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania Married: ~1886 in Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA 1880 Census indicates he (widower) lived with his mother Lydia, 64 and sister Hattie 18 on main St.  Emma 
died >1920 in Berwick, Columbia, PA. 
Sidney's father was a son of Darius Sutliff, who also was born and lived in this county, and whose father was one of the first pioneers of the Valley. Lydia Dodson, Mr. Sutliff's mother, was a daughter of John Dodson, of Shickshinny Valley. He was a descendant of the Dodson family, some of whom were among the victims of the Indians during the Revolutionary period. The Sutliffs and Dodsons were both descendants of very prominent English families. Our subject is the eighth of twelve children. He was educated in this county and reared on a farm, and then went to the New Columbus (Wyoming?) Seminary. Commencing life as a miner at Maquara, he continued there for two years, until the great strike. After teaching school for a time, he engaged in clerking in a store at Mt. Pleasant, Pa, for the firm of Tigret & Butler, where he remained two years. When business was suspended in the store, the same firm gave him employment as assistant mule-boss in the mines, which business he followed a short time. Shortly after this, he went to Avondale and clerked in the company store of Lee Bros., from there going to Plymouth and clerking in the hardware store of F. E. Spy. Mr. Sutliff next went to Philadelphia, entering the employ of his brother, who was a wholesale and retail liquor dealer. While there he also attended the School of Pharmacy, and after two years in that city came to Nanticoke, and accepted a clerkship in the store of D. K. Spy, where he clerked about six months, being then given the entire management. After having filled this position three years he entered the employ of Dr. Lape, as manager of his drug-store, and in June, 1881, he engaged in business for himself, having ever since been one of Nanticoke's most flourishing druggists. Mr. Sutliff is a first-class apothecary. In the fall of 1886 he was unanimously nominated by the Republican party for the Legislature, but declined. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias, American Protestants, I.O.O.F., Sons of St. George, I.O.R.M., P.O.S. of A., American Mechanics, Knights of Honor and Royal Society of Good Fellows.  Mr. Sutliff was a Republican.(1893 bio.). Died  ~1906. 
1498      4. 
v Phebe T Sutliff Dietrick  5 May 1843 in Huntington twp.-  8(6) Jul 1898(3)) 1850 7 1860 17 m. Hiram Dietrick 18 Oct 1863 Luzerne Co.  b: 19 Dec 1841 in Orangeville, Columbia, Shoemaker  Died 1914, Pine Hill Cemetary  
1499     4. vi Diantha Sutliff Roberts Sober (27 Feb 1845 in Huntington twp.- ) in Huntington twp., She married1.  George W Roberts 2 Nov 1862. He was born 26 Sep 1837, and died 3 May 1873. Married (2). George W Sober, m.. 9-9-1876 (1841-1896).  d. 1935. 1880 census Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: George Sorber, aged 38, merchant,  Diantha aged 35, ; Lenna aged 11; Mary B. aged 10; Lizzie S. aged 3. 1900 census Shickshinny,  Diantha Sorber, aged 55, born Feb 1845, widow, five children w/ two living, George B. aged 18, born Feb 1882, laborer coal mines; Mary B. aged 30, born Nov 1869. 
                     5. Lenna Roberts b. 1869 dead by 1900 
                     5. Mary B. Roberts b. Nov 1869 was living at home in 1900
                     5. Lizzie S. Sober b. 1877 dead by 1900
                     5. George B. Sober b. Feb 1882 living at home in 1900
                     5. unknown, dead by 1900 
 1501  4. vii Cynthia Sutliff Albertson (25 Jun 1847 - Jul 21 1901or 1907) in Huntington twp.,  Marriage  Savellon Albertson, carpenter b: 1844 in Wilkes Barre, Married: 6 Sep1866. Wilkes Barre, PA
               5. Elmer G Albertson b: ABT 1867 in PA
               5. Trovilla Albertson b: ABT 1868 in PA
               5. Harry Raymond Albertson b: 1 DEC 1879 in PA
               5.Reginald H Albertson b: ABT 1882 in PA
                          6. Harry Raymond Albertson  (27 MAR 1913 - 7 MAY 1990)
 1500    4ix Mariah Sutliff b: 1851 in Huntington twp.,  m. Charles Dietrich of Nanticoke 
CHILDREN 5. Frank Dietrich. m. Martha Whitebread.
5 Jesse Dietrich 5.William Dietrich 5.Daisy Dietrich 5.Millard Dietrich 5.Lotta Dietrich 5.George Dietrich 5.Clarence Dietrich
 1502    4. x Harriet (Hattie) Sutliff  Masters Twin b. 6 Aug 1860 - in Huntington twp.,  m. Charles Masters of Kingston.1870 10 at home in Huntington1880 18 at 
home in Nanticoke          
5. Maude Masters.
 1497    4. xi Harry Sutliff  Twin (6 Aug1860-18 Mar 1870) in Huntington twp.,  Scott Cemetery.
1133 3. iii Barna Sutliff  (5 Jan1803- 24 Nov 1875) Huntington PA , son of Miles and Phebe mElizabeth Barna SutliffDodson 1. born 9 Apr1806 in Luzerne County, married on 5 APR 1825 Father: Thomas Dodson (b.21 Jun1776). d.  Oct 7 1849) in East Penn twp., Carbon County, Pennsylvania Mother: Alta Chapin b: ABT 12 Mar 1781 in Huntington, PA. Barna was remarried to 2. Catherine Thompson, she brought two of her children to live with his family.1850 Ross, Luzerne, PA: Barney Sutliff, aged 46, farmer, real estate valued $1,200,  Catherine aged 46, Hiram  aged 24, farmer; Joseph aged 19; James aged 16; Andrus aged 14; Abial aged 12; Askell aged 9; Henry aged 6  All of the children belong to Bernard's first wife, Elizabeth Dodson.  (Apr. 18He was buried with Elizabeth at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.
*another record has Barna married to Sarah Sutliff (born Evans) 

Children: Hiram, Alta, Phebe, Joseph M., William F., Andrew Fellows, Abiel, Asahel, Henry L., Amasa and Miles
1454       4. i.  Hiram Sutliff  (1826-1901) b. May 7 1826, m. in Huntingdon, d. Dec 2 1901 1850 age 24 at home 1860 Fairmount, Hiram Sutliff, aged 34, farmer, wife, Eliza Shultz aged 36, ; Nancy A. aged 18; Elizabeth aged 2 1870  Fairmount,  Hiram Sutliff, aged 46, farmer, real estate valued $2,000,  Eliza aged 46,  Bessie E. aged 121880  Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Hiram Sutliff, aged 56, farmer, bp PA, ; Elizabeth aged 58,, ; Elizabeth Kile aged 22; Hiram O. Kile aged 2
Has No Children     
                        5. Crossley Sutliff  residence, Stillwater, Colorado Co., Penn.
                      5. Harvey Sutliff  
                      5. Nancy A. Sutliff  b: ABT 1841 in Fairmount  1860 18
                        5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sutliff Kile b: ABT 1857 PA  1860 3 1880 Hiram O. Kile 2 living in her parent's home.
 1455      4. ii Alta Sutliff Search (1827-1891) b. 11-4-1827- 18 Jan 1591, m. Simon Search, b. fall 1849,   Fishing Creek Colombia Co. Alta went to live with her son Thomas on the death of Simon.  1880 Fairmont. Died 18 Jan 1881 Fishing Creek, Columbia, PA
                            5. JOSEPH, wheelwright, Berwick, Col. Co., Pa. 
                            5. ASA, farmer, Reyburn, Luzerne Co., Pa. 
                            5. WILLIAM, farmer. Fishing Creek, Pa. 
                            5. TILLIE, m. Cragle, Reyburn, Pa. 
                            5. THOMAS, farmer, Fishing Creek, Pa. On the death of her husband, Alta (Sutliff) Search went to the home 
of her son Thomas, where she is living at the present time (1902). 

 5. William B. Sutliff b.3-1851    m. Emma R.  b. Feb 1859 1900  48, 41 daughter Dona, 19,  Jennie 11, Charles 7. 1910 Bloomsberg,   Matilda 12, and Daniel 2 on the farm.
                              6. Dona 
Sutliff  b. 1881
                             6. Jennie Sutliff b. 1889
                             6. Charles Sutliff b. 1893  
              4. iii Phebe Sutliff (3-12-1829) died in infancy
    1457 4.  iv  Joseph M. Sutliff  (1831-1881) (10-5-1831 to July 1881) m. Lydia C. Thompson; b. 1843 She left him before 1860 to marry a Mr. Hufford, but later returned.: 1850 19 1860  he is 28 and lives in Ross alone on $2,000 farm1870 PO Dallas, Ross, Joseph Sutliff, aged 38, farmer, real estate valued $5,000, personal estate $1,200, bp PA; Lydia C. aged 27, bp PA; Anna A. aged 8; Florence C. aged 6; Martha E. aged 4; Kisiah V. aged 2; Barney T. aged 6 months .1880 48 farmer Ross, Lydia C. 37 returned from former husband,, Annie A.18, Flora  16, Kaziah 12,, Thomson 10, Martin  7, son 4, Laura K b. 1879 1, his
step mother-Catherine Sutliff, 77.
 His farm was located a bit north of Sweet Valley near a pond.            
                  CHILDREN 9
               `5. Anna Ambrosia Sutliff Meade b. 1862  m. Meade;   1880  18
                5. Florence (Flora) C. Sutliff Taylor b. 1864 m. Taylor, Hawleyville PA 1870 6 1880  16
                5. Elizabeth Martha Sutliff Hontz , b. 1865 Ross  m. Hontz, Sweet Valley PA
                5. Martha Eliza Sutliff (1865- ) Ross 1870 4 1880 13
                5. Keziah Sutliff Wandell b. 1868  m.Wandell, Sweet Valley PA 1870 1880 12                                   
Canal near Shickshinny
                  5. Thompson Barnard Sutliff (1870-)   b. 1 Feb 1870. Trucksville PA  1880 
1900 Ross, : Thompson Sutliff, aged 30, born Feb 1870, farmer,  wife, Lavina aged 25, born Mar 1875, married five years, two children w/ one living, Philip aged 1, born Apr 1899, 1910  Hunlock, : Barney T. Sutliff, aged 45, farmer, Lavina M. aged 35, married 15 years, four children w/ two living,  Delbert E. 1920 Hunlock, B. Thompson Sutliff, aged 50, farmer, ; Clara aged 45, Delbert E. aged 18; Ira May aged 16; Thompson Jr. aged 9 -- all born PA. Note: Don't understand the "Clara," but Lavina shows up on the scene in 1930. 1930  Hunlock,  B. T. Sutliff, aged 60, farmer, bp PA, ; Lavina aged 55, both first married aged 25 & 20, respectively, ; Thompson H. aged 19; may have died young, Ira age 26.   

6. Phillip Sutliff b. 1899  1900
                       6. Delbert E. Sutliff b. 1902 1910 8
                       6. Ira May Sutliff b. 1904 Hunlock
 1910 6
 1920 16 1930 26 
                       6. Thompson  H. Jr. b. 1911 1930 19 1940
                  5. Martin Joseph Sutliff b. 1873 1880 1910 Lehman, Luzerne, PA: Joseph M. Sutliff, aged 37, farm laborer working out,  Mary A. aged 43, first marriage for both of eight years, three children w/ three living, bp PA, both parents PA; Mabel E. aged 8; Obie aged 6; Norman F. aged 5 1920 Lehman, : Joseph M. Sutliff, aged 47, farm laborer,  Mary aged 57, ; Mabel E. aged 18; Obdiah D. aged
                                     6. Norman F. Sutliff b. 1905 1910 Lehman 5
                              6. Mabel E Sutliff b. 1902 1910 1910
                              6. Obediah (Obie) b.. 1904 1910 6

                5. Nesbit M. Sutliff b. 1875 Trucksville PA 1880 4 1920 age 43, teamster; Maude E. 38, 
Bryce D. aged 14; Sheldon E. aged 12; Glendon L. aged 5 .
1930 census Jackson, Luzerne, PA: Nesbit S. Sutliff, aged 54, gardener landscape, bp PA, both parents PA; Maude E. aged 50, both first married aged 25 & 22, respectively, Sheldon E. aged 22, laborer landscape,  nephew, Oben D. Sutliff, aged 26, laborer landscape,

                                    6. Bruce D. Sutliff b. 1905 1920 14
                                    6. Glendon L. Sutliff
    b. 1915 1920
                                    6. Sheldon E. Sutliff b. 1908 1920 12 1930 22, landscape gardener 
                      5. Cassie Sutliff m. ____Leonard,  Nanticoke PA   

                      5. Laura Sutliff b. 1879.  1880  1
    1458   4.v William F. Sutliff (7-13-1833 to 2-20-1900), Farmer in Ross Tsp. m. Caroline Nafus; After his death his wife lived with her daughter Lizzie Kelchner. 1870 Ross, Luzerne, PA: William Sutliff, aged 37, farmer,; Caroline aged 34, bp PA; Dorkes A. aged 14; George W. aged 11; Catherine E. aged 9; Asel D. aged 7; Amisa C. aged 3; Ida A. aged 2 
                   CHILDREN  4
                        5. Dorcus A Sutliff b. 1856 1870 Ross Dorcus A. 14
                        5. George W. Sutliff b. 1859 1870 11 
                        5. Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sutliff Kelchner b. Mar 1861, m. Kelchner  1900 census Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA: Catherine Kelchner, aged 39, born Mar 1861, grocery store, widow, two children w/ two living, Florence aged 8, born Nov 1891; James G. aged 6, born Aug 1893 . 1910 census Bloomsburg Boro, Columbia, PA: Catherine E. Kelchner, aged 49, widow, retail grocery merchant, two children w/ one living,son James A. aged 16, bp PA, both parents PA; mother, Caroline Sutliff, aged 74, widow, six children w/ four living, bp PA, both parents PA.
                        5. Asel D. Sutliff b. Dec 1862  1900  Plymouth, Luzerne, PA: Asel D. Sutliff, aged 37, born Dec 1862, stationary engineer, Delphine aged 36, born Oct. 1863, m. 1864, married 16 years, two children w/ one living, Hazel Leona aged 4, born Sep 1895. 1910 Plymouth Asel D. Sutliff, aged 46, engineer coal mine, Delphine aged 45, married 25 years, two children w/ one living,  Hazel L. aged 14, bp PA. 
                            6.  Hazel  Leona Sutliff Wilcox  b. Sept 1895  1910 14     m. Unknown Wilcox
                                    7. Arita E. Wilcox 1920 census Plymouth, : parents Asel Sutliff, aged 57, stationary engineer, and Delphine aged 56 lived with them, daughter, Arita E. Wilcox, aged 4,                      
                                      8. Artia E. Wilcox b. 1916   ???????

                        5. Asima C. Sutliff b. 1867 died as infant
                        5. Ida Sutliff Coleman, b. 1868, m. Coleman; Amasa, one son. She was a hostess of the Eagle Hotel, Shickshinny PA
                        5. Asa Sutliff  b. Dec. 1862,  m. Miss Cary, one daughter. He was an engineer in Nanticoke. 
                        5. Florence b. 1891
                        5. James G. b. Aug 1893
           4.  vI.  Andrews (Andrus) Fellows Sutliff , (11-13-1836  to 2-20-1900), m. Catherine (or Carolin) Miller on 3-15-1863.  (Aug 1832 to 1913) Served in the Civil War from 1864 to the close.  Farmer, living near Bloomingdale. Buried in Bloomingdale Cemetery.  3 young children buried with them: Elvira, Robert, George. 1870 43, 47 4 children 16,14,12,10 1880 farmer Ross Twp. m. Catherine b. 1833 47, Flora A. b.1864 16, Alvira U. b. 1866 14, Flora M. b. 1868 12, John T. b. 1870 10.    1900 Ross, 64, 67,  m. 37 years , Eugene R. 12 grandchild, lived with them
             "Andrus Sutliff served in the Civil War from 1864 until the close. This source has seven children listed, which includes a son named Eugene, no dates. In the 1900 census Catharine states that she has had six children with three living. In that census there is a grandson living with them named Eugene R. Sutliff, born 1887. Perhaps, the Eugene listed in this source is actually the grandson.
    See sources; 
    1850 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: father Barney Sutliff, aged 46, farmer, real estate valued $1,200,; Mother Catherine aged 46,  Hiram aged 24, farmer; Joseph aged 19; James aged 16; Andrus aged 14; Abial aged 12; Askell aged 9; Henry aged 6 -- all born PA. Note: All of the children belong to Bernard's first wife, Elizabeth Dodson. 1870 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Andrew Sutliff, aged 33, farmer, real estate valued $2,000,  Catherine aged 38,  Norah M. aged 6; Alvira V. aged 3; Flora M. aged 2. 1880 Ross, Andrus Sutliff, aged 43, farmer, Catharine aged 47,  Nora M. aged 16; Alvira U. aged 14; Flora M. aged 12; John T. aged 10 .  1900 census Ross, Andrew F. Sutliff, aged 63, born Nov 1836, farmer, Catharine aged 67, born June 1887, married 37 years, six children w/ three living,  grandson, Eugene R. aged 12, born Jun 1887.?? 
                    5. Nora M (Sutliff} Benscoter b. 5-30-1864,  1870 6 1880 16  m. H. T. Benscoter 1900 Union, Luzerne, Harry T. Benscoter, aged 30, born Apr 4, 1870, farmer, Nora M. aged 36, born May 30, 1864, married four years, two children w/ two living, ; Katie B. aged 2, born Feb 24, 1898; female infant, born May 26, 1900 ; niece, Blanche E. Moss, aged 17, born Aug 14, 1882, 1910  Union, Luzerne, Harry T. Benscoter, aged 40, farmer, Nora M. aged 45, first marriage for both of 14 years, two children w/ two living,  Katie V. aged 12; Willard W. aged 9 1920 census Hunlock Creek, Union, Luzerne, PA: Harry T. Benscoter, aged 49, farmer,  Nora M. aged 55, ; Katie V. aged 22; Willard W. aged 19.1930 Union, Luzerne, PA: Harry T. Benscoter, aged 59, grocery merchant, Nora M. aged 65, both first married aged 26 & 31.
                   Has No Children              6. Katie B. Benscoter b: 24 Feb 1898 in Luzerne County, PA
                                 6. Willard W. Benscoter b: 26 May 1900 in Luzerne County, PA OBITUARY: Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, July 14, 1987 Willard W. Benscoter, 87, Hunlock Creek R.D.1, died Monday morning at Bonham Nursing Home, Stillwater. Born May 26, 1900 in Union Township, he was a son of the late Harry and Nora Sutliff Benscoter. He was self employed and had owned and operated Willard Benscoter Supply in Hunlock Creek. He was a member of Muhlenburg United Methodist Church. Mr. Benscoter was a member of Shickshinny Sylvania Lodge F&AM, Caldwell Consistory, Bloomsburg and Irem Temple of Dallas. His wife, the former Ruth Gregory, died in 1983. Surviving are a son, Harold Benscoter, Hunlock Creek R.D.1; four daughters, Charlotte Whitmoyer, Falls Church, Va.; Therma Featherman, Shickshinny, Ilene Arnold, Hunlock Creek R.D.1; and Travilla Martin of Hunlock Creek R.D.3; 14 grandchildren; and 17 great grandchildren. Services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. from Clark Piatt Funeral Home, Sunset Lake Road, Hunlock Creek, with the Rev. James Davis, his pastor officiating. Burial will be in Bloomingdale Cemetery.
                    5.Elvira Sutliff   (1865 - 1901) 1880 14
                    5. Flora M. Sutliff  b. 1868 1880  12, Marriage 1 Unknown MacDonald. One son and was hostess of Hotel Eagle, Shickshinny, PA.
                    5. John Wadsworth Sutliff (Sep1870 - 1955), Bloomingdale, Ross 1880 10 He was buried 1950 in Bloomingdale Cemetery,. m. Laura Lutes  b: SEP 1876 in PA in 1897. 1900 30, 23. 1910 39 m. 13 years 1920 49, 43, son Willard1940 67, 63   Farmer.
                           6. Willard L. Sutliff (1914-1987) was born 3 MAR 1914 in Ross, Luzerne, PA, and died 1 SEP 1987 in Shickshinny, Luzerne, 1920 1930 16 1940  26 
     (m. Majorie Elizabeth Foss (1912-2000) b. 5-14-1912 d. Oct. 7. 2000 in Hunlock Creek) Social Security Number: 261-46-0978.1 SSN issued: Florida.1;  She (daughter of Frank Foss and Lena)  wife (2) Laura  (1913- )    b. 1913 listed as wife in 1940 Census. Willard:Social Security Number 1: 186-16-5129.3 Social Security Number 2: 261-46-0978.3 SSN issued 1: Pennsylvania.3 SSN issued 2: Florida.3  Lived in Homested FL 1935 t0 1993: ran green Tomato Growing business from Florida and Sweet Valley Rd. in Ross.

                                7. Larue Sutliff (1931- ) 
                                7. Laura Marie Sutliff b. 9-9-1939 m.  Kenneth Williams
                                                8.  David Williams  m.  L. Susan Sutliff (parents: Ace and Nancy Sutliff)
                                                          9.  Austin Williams.
    Heath Williams
                                                          9. .
    Brinley Williams
                                7. Laurell Eugene Sutliff b. 5-12-1949
                                7. Willard Loren Sutliff b. 9-13-1952   married Lynda.
    Adam Sutliff., 
                                               8.+Tyler Foss Sutliff
                                               8.  Graham Sutliff., 
                                               8. Elizabeth Whitney Sutliff.

                 5. Eugene R. Sutliff was born 1 JUN 1887 in Ross, Luzerne, PA, and died 4 JUL 1912 in Ross, Luzerne, PA. He was buried AFT 4 JUL 1912 in Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Mary "Sutliff" was born ABT 1887 in Pennsylvania. 1900 Ross, Andrew F. Sutliff, aged 63, born Nov 1836, farmer, Catharine aged 67, bornJune 1887, married 37 years, six children w/ three living, ; grandson, Eugene R. aged 12, born Jun 1887. Note: I have attached Eugene R. Sutliff as a family member Andrew and Catharine Sutliff as he is listed as their grandson in the 1900 census. He may be the son of one of their daughters.

                         6. Catherine Sutliff was born ABT 1910 in Ross 1910  Ross, Luzerne, PA: Eugene Sutliff, aged 22, farmer,; Mary aged 22, first marriage for both of one years, one child, Catherine aged 5 months.
                         6. Katie Sutliff m. Boyd Bonham;
                         6 Willard Sutliff  m. Ruth
                    5. Ella Sutliff b. 1866 died as infant.
    5George Sutliff 1872-  Ross
                    5. Flora Sutliff m. McDonald;  1880                                         
                    5. Eugene R. Sutliff  b. 1887  1900  12 died young
                    5.  Robert Sutliff (1872-1875)

    1460 4. vii Abiel D. Sutliff  (1839-1913) (3-11-1839 to 6-25 1913) m. Ruth Ann Huffman Sutliff (1845-1921), m. 1866. Son of Barney Sutliff and first wife  Elizabeth Dodson.  Farmer  Ross  Twp. They had a boarder Henry L. Sutliff who lived with them as a farm laborer, In 1870 the farm was valued at $4,000, income $1,000. Abiel, aged 31, farmer,; Ruth A. aged 36,; William aged 4; Edward aged 2; Martha aged 1  1880  Ross,  Abiel Sutliff, aged 41, farmer, ; Ruth A. aged 36, ; William aged 13; Edgar aged 12; Martha E. aged 11; Clara A. aged 6; Emma age 1. 1900 5 living children married 34 years. Farmer, unemployed . 1910  Living with wife Ruth  m. 44 years Served in Civil War from 1862 to close. Ross .buried in Bloomingdale Cemetery.              
                       5  William Sutliff (1866-)  b. 1866  1870 age 4 1880 age 13 ".. William was a farmer in Carverton, PA." See 
                       5. Edgar Sutliff b. 1858 (1867)  Edgar was a coachman in Wilkes-Barre, PA; he had two sons
                       5  Martha (Sutliff) Henry (1871-1935) (Jul 1871-1935)   1870 1 Ross  1880 11  1900 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne,  James W. Henry (1873), born Sep 1873, teamster,  Martha aged 28, born Jul 1871, married 1899, no children,   1910 Wilkes-Barre: James W. Henry, aged 36, salesman commission homes, , Martha aged 38, , 1930  Wilkes-Barre, James W. Henry, aged 57, clerk chain store, , Martha aged 59, ; Alice, aged 27,. Parents Buried: 1935 Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, 
    Alice Henry b: 1903 in Luzerne County, PA 
                       5. Clara A. Sutliff Weigner b. 1864 (1873), m. Miles Weigner, b. 1858, m. 1893, 3 children 1880 Ross, Luzerne, PA: Abiel Sutliff, aged 41, farmer, ; Ruth A. aged 36, b; William aged 13; Edgar aged 12; Martha E. aged 11; Clara A. aged 6; Emma aged 3 .  1910 census Wilkes-Barre, A: Miles Weigner, aged 52, second marriage, coal miner, bp WV, father PA, mother WV; Clara aged 37, first marriage of 17 years, four children w/ two living, ; Henry aged 15; John aged 7.  Three children and resided in Elk County, PA.
                              6. Henry Weigner (1995- )
                              6. John Weigner (1903- )
                       5. Emma (Sutliff) White  (1867-)  b. Feb 21 1867 m. White, 1 son  
    1461 4. viii Asmahel W. Sutliff  b. 7-14-1841 (see below) We will follow his line in greater detail.
    1462 4. ix Henry L. Sutliff b. 10-9-1844 Huntingdon 1880 m.Fannie Kinny in 1871, b. 1854, 26, Child Louisa  b. 1872    8 1900 b.Oct. 1844 55, Wife Fannie R. b. Sep. 1851 48 2 of 5 children alive, Farmer and mail carrier at Clark's View PA,
                        5. Louisa Sutliff b. 1872,         
                        5. Levi Sutliff b. Feb. 1887 13
                        5. Jesse L. Sutliff died in infancy
     1463 4. x Amasa Sutliff (7-61847 to 9-1849)
     1464 4. xi Miles Thomas Sutliff b. 1 Sept. 1849 d. in infancy
     1135 3. iv Abiel Sutliff  b. (5-2-1807 or 1808 to  6-28-1867) m. Lydia Brader (1-2-1832  to 1887), Scott Cemetery. Had 14 children.  1860 Census: wife Lydia 50, Mallery 48 farm laborer, Rosanna 28 domestic, Wesley M. 21 farm laborer, Daniel G.17, James 16, Clinton 13, Cornelia 10, Emma 7 Farm worth $4,800, Income $1,000. m. Lydia Brader1850 Huntington parents 43, 40; Miles M Sutliff 19, Samuel G Sutliff 16, Rosanna E Sutliff 15 . 1835 always lived at home, Roxanna Sutliff 13, John W Sutliff 13,  Wesley W Sutliff 11, Amelia M Sutliff 9, Daniel S Sutliff 7, James M Sutliff. 5, Clinton R Sutliff 3, Cornelia A Sutliff 0, Hannah Sutliff 33; 1860  Mallery or (M) Sutiff 28 farm laborer, Rosanna 26, Wesley, 20, Daniel G 17, James M Suttiff 16., Clenton R 13,Cornelia 10, Emma T Sutliff (new) 7 1870 Lydia is now a Widow 62, Wesley 32. Rosanna 36 Wesley 32, Cornelia 32,, Emma 17 .1880 Lydia widow, 70 living with Rosanna 45. He owned 3 farms and belonged to the Baptist Church with his wife.  Will: Sutliff, Abel Huntington Twp. 1867 - D 331 Luzernern County.  Different  birth dates from various sources
              CHILDREN (10)
                         4. Cornelia (Sutliff) Fulkerson b. 16 DEC 1849 in Huntington, Luzerne, PA m. John A. Fulkerson
                              5. Minnie M. Fulkerson b: 28 FEB 1872
                              5. George A. Fulkerson b: 23 JAN 1877
                              5. Sterling R. Fulkerson b: 3 FEB 1879
                              5. Harvey L. Fulkerson b: 1 MAR 1882
                              5. Wesley W. Fulkerson b: 14 APR 1883
                              5. Raymond J. Fulkerson b: 29 JUN 1886
              1471  4. Miles Mallory Sutliff b. Jan 17, 1832 m. Amanda White 1850 19 at home 1880 48 Farmer, Ross, m. Amanda b. 1847 33, Furman 12, Eugene b. 1870 10, Beach b. 1872 8, Adelle b. 1876 4 Adelle , Jennie b. 1879..Served on the Shickshinny Council in the !860s. 1880 Ross Died Feb 23 1886 granted a veteran's headstone 1900 Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: Mallory M. Sutliff, aged 68, born Jan 1832, day laborer, Arminda P. aged 53, born Aug 1846, married 33 years, seven children w/ seven living,  Adelle aged 34, born Apr 1866, dressmaker; Jennie E. aged 21, born Sep 1878, school teacher; Elizabeth D. aged 18, born Nov 1881; Miles M. aged 12, born Nov 1887 --  Note: Adelle is most likely a daughter from a prior marriage.   1910  Sunbury, Northumberland, PA: Theodore Bittner, aged 28, retail merchant, bp PA, both parents PA; Jennie aged 30, married five years, two children w/ two living, bp PA, both parents PA; Lucille aged 4; Earl aged 1.  mother-in-law, Armanda Sutliff, aged 63, ; sister-in-law, Elizabeth Sutliff, aged 28, bp PA. 1920 census Chestnut Street, Sunbury, Northumberland, PA: Theodore W. Bitner, aged 38, department store merchant, bp PA, both parents PA; Jennie E. aged 40, bp PA, both parents PA; Earl T. aged 10; Hellen L. aged 14 -- both born PA; mother-in-law, Perlina A. Stuliffe, aged 73, widow, sister-in-law, Elizabeth D. Stuliff, aged 37, cashier dept. store,
                     5. Adelle,   Ward B.,  ?
                     5. Della Sutliff b. 16 Apr 1876
    1758         5. Adam Furman Sutliff (1867-1932) b. Jan 29,  1867 m. Emma Huff 1880 12, 1900 12th wd. Wilked-Barre stone cutter, b. Dec. 1866, m Emma b. May 1866 married 12 years 2/2 children living. 1930 Lived in Del. Co. PA D. 1932
                        6. Oscar Sutliff b. Aug 1889, 10.Del Co. PA 
                        6. Seba E. Sutliff  b. July 1891 8.
                    5. Oscar Eugene Sutliff b. MAR 23, 1870 m. Mattie Kelly1880 10
                    5. Beach Sutliff b. Apr 4, 1874
                    5. Della Sutliff b. Apr 16, 1876
                    5. Jennie Estelle Sutliff Bitner b. 1 Sept 18, 1878  1880 1 1900 21 born Sep 1878 Ross, school teacher 
    1910 Sunbury, Northumberland, PA: Theodore Bittner, aged 28, retail merchant, Jennie aged 30 , married five years, two children w/ two living,  Lucille aged 4; Earl aged 1 mother-in-law, Arminda Suttliffe, aged 63, sister-in-law, Elizabeth Sutliffe, aged 28,  1920 census Chestnut Street, Sunbury, Theodore W. Bitner, aged 38, department store merchant, ; Jennie E. aged 40,  Earl T. aged 10; Hellen L. aged 14, mother-in-law, Perlina A. Stuliffe, aged 73, widow,  sister-in-law, Elizabeth D. Stuliffe, aged 37, cashier dept. store. 1930 census North Front, Sunbury,  T. W. Bittner, aged 49, retailer, owns home valued $35,000, ; Jennie S. aged 50, both first married aged 24 & 26, respectively, ; Earl T. Bittner, aged 21, store salesman,  daughter-in-law, Helen, aged 20,  grandson, Thodore, aged 5 months, bp PA; plus a servant.
                         6,  Hellen Lucile Bitner b. 1906  19101920 14
                         6. Earl Bitner b. 1909 1920 10  1930 
    Earl T. Bittner, aged 21, store salesman,  daughter-in-law, Helen, aged 20,  grandson, Thodore, aged 5 months, living in parents home.
                    5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) D. .Sutliff b. Nov. 10 1882 1920 cashier dept. store, 37 
                    5. Miles M. Sutliff Jr. b.  Nov. 1, 1886. 1900 12 1910 Shickshinny, : Miles Sutliff, aged 21, single, laborer in coal mine, 1920 Highland Park, Wayne, MI: Miles M. Sutliff, aged 33, foreman automobile, Laura A. aged 27,  Stewart I. aged 6; Geraldine aged 5
                            6.  Stewart I. Sutliff b: ABT 1914 in PA
                               6.  Geraldine Sutliff b: ABT 1915 in PA
    1476   4. Wesley W. Sutliff  (30 Sep1838 to 25 July 1888) m. Catherine Eveland b: 24 DEC 1838PA, m. 8 Nov 1871
    1850 11 1860 21, farm laborer;1870 32 at home with widowed mother1880  buried 25 July 1888, Zion Reformed Church Cemetary, Colombia Co. [Biographical Sketches: Fishingcreek Township pp. 455-56] "Wesley W. Sutliff, dentist, Runyan, is a grandson of Miles Sutliff, who, with his wife, came from Connecticut and settled in Huntington Township, . There they had a farm and also a hotel, which was probably the first in the township, and there both died. They had eleven children: Bernard, Stiles, Daniel, Abel, Wells, Washington, Wesley, Miles, Hannah, Amelia and Rosana; two now survive: Daniel, in Huntington Township, and Hannah, widow of George Souder, in same township. Abel was the father of our subject and was born May 2, 1808, and died in the same township June 18, 1868. His wife, Lydia Brader, was born October 27, 1809, and is now living on the old home in Luzerne County. Abel was a large landholder, owning three farms; he was a member of the Baptist Church, and his wife is also a member. They had fourteen children: Miles M., in Shickshinny; Samuel B., a farmer; Rosanna E., unmarried, with her mother; Roxana, widow of Andrus Zimmerman; John W., a farmer; Amelia M., wife of John W. Kingsbury; Sterling D., a farmer; James M., a farmer, all in Huntington Township; Ross C., died in that township, leaving a wife and son to survive him; Bernard, died in infancy; Cornelia A., wife of John A. Fulkison; Emma T., wife of Bingly Franklin; an infant who died unnamed; and Wesley W. The last named was the sixth child, born on the home farm September 30, 1838, and lived on the farm until he was twenty-one years old; then worked and earned enough to attend school three years. He graduated in 1863 at Crittenden Commercial College, Philadelphia. While attending the Orangeville Academy he was drafted, and after serving some months was discharged on account of disability. In July, 1863, he served in the emergency corps at Chambersburg. For a year after graduating he worked as clerk and agent, and August 27, 1864, enlisted for three years in Company B, One Hundred and Ninety-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, serving until the regiment was discharged. He was then transferred and made corporal to Company B, One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Pennsylvania, and served until December 14, 1865, when he was finally discharged at City Point, Va. Coming home he accepted an agency, at which he worked until 1873, when he began the study of dentistry in the State of New York, and has since followed that profession. In 18974 he built the residence in Asbury, this township, which he has since made his home. His practice covers a large territory, which he visits at regular intervals. When Dr. Sutliff built his home he determined on making it a model one. This he has succeeded in doing, taking water from a spring fifty rods from his house. He has it conducted in underground pipes to his house and barn, in both of which he has an unfailing supply. In the house, by as ingeniously arranged system of pipes of his own invention, he runs a thirty-inch wheel from a huge tank, containing seventy-five barrels of water, in his cellar, which operates a churn in his buttery above, a gate, which is regulated in an instant, guaging the supply. This wheel also gives the power, by a connection below, to run and ice-cream freezer. when not in use the water can be shut off in a moment. The overflow from the tank runs through a large trough in the cellar, in which is kept butter, cream, etc. From there the waste water is conveyed through pipes into a large fish pond, in which are German and French carp. The apparatus, entirely of his own invention, is simple, practical and a great labor saver. November 9, 1871, Dr. Sutliff married Catherine, daughter of Peter Eveland, of Asbury. She was born December 24, 1838, and has borne her husband two children: Bruce E., born in Huntington Township October 4, 1873, and Myrtie M., born in Asbury, March 16, 1875, died February 20, 1880. The Doctor is a member of the Mountain Lodge, 264, I.O.O.F., of Orangeville, also of the K. of P., of the Grange, and of the Columbia County Agricultural Society. He is a member of the Baptist Church, of which he has been deacon, but Mrs. Sutliff is a member of the Methodist Episcopal denomination.
                      5. Bruce E. Sutliff 4 Oct 1873-1940 Zion Cemetery, Stillwater,Colombia PA  1910 census Fishing Creek Twp, Columbia, PA: Bruce E. Suttliff, aged 36, farmer,,; Martha A. aged 32, married seven years, one child,; Roy D. aged 7, mother Catherine Suttliff, aged 71, widow, two children w/ one living, .1920 census Fishing Creek Twp, Columbia, PA; Bruce E. Sutliff, aged 46, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Martha A. aged 42,; Roy D. aged 16, bp PA; mother, Katherine Sutliff, aged 81, widow,  PA.  
                      5. Myrtie  May Sutliff (16 Mar 1875-Nov 20 1880)  buried Zion Cemetery Stillwarter.
    1477   4. Amelia Sutliff Kingsbury . 1840 m. Norman Wolfinger (one child) 1860 Amelia M. aged 20, domestic 1870 Huntington, m. John W. Kingsbury, aged 30, farmer, real estate valued $4,000, bp PA; Amelia aged 30. 1880 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: John W. Kingsbury, aged 40, farmer, ; Emily M. aged 39, daughter, L. E. aged 3, ; plus a servant. She died 24 Jan 1899, Dodson Cemetery, Luzerne County, PA 
                4. Daniel Sutliff b. 1843                 
                4. Clenton Sutliff  b. 1844
                4, Barna T Sutliff  13 April 1846 Huntington to July 3 1883. 
    Thompson H Sutliff
    Birth Year:abt 1911
    Home in 1930:Hunlock, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
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    Marital Status:Single
    Relation to Head of House:Son
    Father's Name:B T Sutliff
    Father's Birthplace:Pennsylvania
    Mother's Name:Levina Sutliff
    Mother's Birthplace:Pennsylvania


    Military Service:

    Rent/home value:

    Age at first marriage:

    Parents' birthplace:
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    Household Members:
    B T Sutliff60
    Levina Sutliff55
    Thompson H Sutliff19
    Iva Sutliff
    1475   4. John W. Sutliff,   (3-12-1837 to 1917); farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Waterton. Our subject, who was the fifth in a family of fourteen children. He was reared on a farm, educated in the common schools, and when twenty-two years of age, bought his present farm. Mr. Sutliff was married June 25, 1859, to  Elizabeth E. (1840-1915) , June 25, 1859, daughter of Henry and Amy (Chapin) Zimmerman, natives of Pennsylvania, and of German and English origin respectively. This union has been blessed with six children. Mr. and Mrs. Sutliff are members of the Baptist Church. Socially, he is a member of the K. of H. and P. of H. Politically,a Republican, and  held the office of school director. (1893) :1860 He was living with the Zimmerman family at this time just married to Elizabeth who was 19. 1870 Huntington,John W. Sutliff, aged 33, farmer, real estate valued $1,500, bp PA; Elizabeth aged 29, bp PA; Alden aged 9; Abi aged 7; Geraldine aged 4; Elsie aged 1 -- all born PA. Also Elizabeth Wise, aged 19, bp PA, is in the household.  1880Huntington, Luzerne, PA: John W. Sutliff, aged 43, farmer, Elizabeth E. aged 39,  Alden aged 19; Abia aged 17; Jeraldine aged 13; Elsie aged 11; Vanduyn aged 8; Mira A. aged 6. 1900 63  farmer, Elizabeth, 6/6 children alive in 1900, son 28, daughter 26, Alden 19 + more not legible.   buried:1917, Scott Cemetery, Huntington Mills, Mr. Sutliff was married June 25, 1859, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Amy (Chapin) Zimmerman, natives of Pennsylvania, and of German and English origin respectively. This union has been blessed with six children, viz.: Alden M., born August 26, 1860, a farmer at Town Line (he married Della Wolf, and they have one daughter, Addie E., born March 24, 1891); Abia C., born April 29, 1863 (she married J. M. Kline, and they have one daughter, Pearl I., born March 15, 1886; Mr. Kline is a music dealer at Benton, Pa.); Geraldine E., born July 18, 1866 (she married E. F. Williams, and they have two children: Ethel M., born June 10, 1889, and Helen C., born August 5, 1891; Mr., Williams is a butcher at Glen Lyon, Pa.); and Myra A., born November 7, 1873 at home. 

    Mr. and Mrs. Sutliff are members of the Baptist Church. Socially, he is a member of the K. of H. and P. of H. Politically, he is a Republican, and has held the office of school director." Source:
    :               CHILDREN
                       5. Alden M. Sutliff born August 25, 1860 - 1941), a farmer at Town Line (he married Della Wolf (1860-1896) + 3 infant children in Scott Cemetery.  1880: 19 farm laborer.    1900 Ross Twp, Luzerne, PA: Alden M. Sutliff, aged 39, born Aug 1860, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mary S. aged 39, married less than one year, two children w/ two living, bp PA, both parents PA; Addie E. aged 9, born Mar 1891; Ella B. aged 5, born Mar 1895 -- both born PA. 1910  Lehman Twp,  Alden M. Sutliff, aged 49, farmer, second marriage,  Mary S. aged 49, second marriage, married ten years, four children w/ two living, bp PA, both parents PA; Addie E. aged 19; Ella B. aged 15, 1920 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Alden N. Sutliff, aged 59, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mary S. aged 59, bp PA, both parents PA; Ella B. aged 24, high school teacher. 1930 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Alden M. Sutliff, aged 69, farm laborer, Mary aged 69, both first married aged 24 & 39, respectively, bp PA, both parents PA. 1910: living in Lehman, remarried 1900 to Mary S., age 49.second marriage, married ten years, four children w/ two living, bp PA, both parents PA; Addie E. aged 19; Ella B. aged 15 2 children survived of 4 1920  Huntington Twp. 59, rented the farm. 1920 Alden N. Sutliff, aged 59, farmer, Mary S. aged 59, bp PA, both parents PA; Ella B. aged 24, high school teacher. 1930 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Alden M. Sutliff, aged 69, farm laborer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mary aged 69, both first married aged 24 & 39, respectively, bp PA, both parents PA.
                                      6. Ada (Addie) E. b. 1891
                                      6. Ella B. b. 1895. 
                       5. David Sutliff
                                      6. Liddie E. b. 1889  1900: 10 1910: 20, gone thereafter
                                      6. Ella B.  b. 1895   1900 : 5   1910 15 1920 24
                       5. Addie E. Sutliff , born March 24, 1891  1880:
                       5. Abia M. (Sutliff) Kline , born April 29, 1863 (she married J. M. Kline, and they haad one daughter, Pearl I., born March 15, 1886; Mr. Kline was a music dealer at Benton, Pa.) 1880; 17
                       5. Geraldine E. Sutliff , born July 18, 1866(4) Huntington 1870 4 1880 13: she married E. F. Williams, and they have two children. Mr., Williams is a butcher at Glen Lyon, Pa 
                      5. Elsie M. Sutliff , born June 2, 1869, married to M. F. Harrison, a farmer of Huntington township; Van Duyne A., born February 6, 1872,
                      5. Van Duyne Sutliff (1872-1912)  b. 6 Feb 1872 in Sunshine to 6-31-1912 1880: 8  attending school in Benton.  1900 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: John Sutliff, aged 63, born Mar 1837, farmer,Elizabeth aged 59, born Sep 1840, married 40 years, six children w/ six living,  Van Duyne aged 28, born Feb 1872, medical student; Myra aged 26, born Nov 1873 niece Alice Sutliff, aged 16, born Jun 1883' Died in Philadelphia ( Philadelphia Death Certificate)"...VanDuyne was educated in the public and high schools, and in Wilkes-Barre Business College, graduating in 1893. He taught in the public schools for four years; one year at Waintz, Luzerne County, PA; two years at Nuremburg, Schuykill County, PA, and one year in the Grammar School at Derringer, PA. Graduated at East Strondsburg State Normal School in 1898 Entered to Medical Department of the Medico Chrirurgical College in Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 1, 1898, and was in the class of 1902. He married Emma White, of Philadelphia, daughter of John W. and Anna White, of Neaford, Ontario, Canada, on Sept 19, 1900."
                       5. Myra A., Sutliff  (November 7, 1873  to ) 1880 age 6 1900 26
     1478  4. Sterling D. Sutliff, (1842-1910) (9-21-1842  to 1910), m. 
    Mary A., Killion (1849-) farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Waterton, Sterling D. Sutliff, who is the eighth in order of birth in a family of fourteen children was reared on a farm, and educated in the common schools. 
    On August 18, 1862, he enlisted in Company F,  
    One Hundred and Forty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers, under Capt. Tubbs. He participated in the following battles: Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Antietam, Weldon Railroad, Spottsylvania, Chancellorsville, and minor engagements. He was disabled at Fort Slocum, and discharged June 12, 1865, at Hart Island, N.Y. Sterling D. Sutliff and Singleton M. Goss of Co. F, 143rd PA, carved their initials in stone barn Blue & Gray Magazine. Columbus OH: Spring 2005. Vol. 22 Iss. 2.  He then returned to his native township and purchased his present farm of forty-seven acres, situated one mile from Waterton PO. On December 25, 1866, he married Miss Mary A., Killion  daughter of John and Amy (Van Horn) Killion. She was born January 13, 1845, the fourth in a family of fourteen children. This union has been blessed with seven children, viz.: Mr. and Mrs. Sutliff and their four eldest children were members of the M.E. Church. He is a member of the G.A.R., and politically, was a Republican. d. 1910 Scott Cemetery. 1880: 37, 35 5 children (13-2). 1900 57, Mary 51 , 3 children at home Charley 25, Cora 22, Gracie 19, Mason 16, Martha 7/7 living. 1910 67, 61 Grace 28. in Huntington Twp. He died just after  the census was taken.
                                                                                                      Sterling D. Sutliff at 1889 Dedication of the 143rds Monument

                 CHILDREN (7)
                    5. Blanche ESutliff  Moomey born November 19, 1867 (now Mrs. George Moomey, of Berwick)  "Blanche Sutliff Moomey belongs to an old New England family of English origin. Her great-grandparents, Miles and Phoebe (Culver) Sutliff, were native of Connecticut. Their son and Blanche's grandfather, Abel Sutliff, was born in Pennsylvania, was a farmer by occupation, and died in 1867. His wife, her grandmother, Lydia (Brader), was born in Pennsylvania of German extraction, died in 1887." m. 1892. 1870 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Sterling D. Sutliff, aged 27, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, ; Mary A. aged 22; Blanche aged 2; Mattie aged 3 months -- both born PA. 1880 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Sterling D. Sutliff, aged 37, farmer,; Mary A. aged 35. Blanche aged 12; Mattie aged 10; Annie aged 8; Charley W. aged 6; Cora aged 2. 1910 census Berwick, Columbia, PA: George Moomey, aged 42, car builder for Wood Freight Cars, Blanche aged 41, first marriage for both of 18 years, two children w/ one living; Ray aged 16, son of brother Walter Moomey, aged 40, widower, car builder for Wood Freight Cars.
                     5. Mattie M., b. March 5, 1870 
                     5. Annie A. Sutliff, born April 24, 1872 (Mrs. Benjamin Wineings, of Union township) 1880: 8
                     5. Charles W. Sutliff, born October 14, 1875; m. Ida A. b. 1873 1870:  6 1910 Kingston 35, 37, wagon driver for milk route. m. 1902, three children w/ three living, Gertrude R. aged 8; Bertha M. aged 3; Margaret M. aged 1. 1920  Gertrude aged 18; Bertha aged 14; M. Margaret aged 11. 1930 census Kingston, Luzerne, PA: Charles W. Sutliff, aged 55, farm laborer, owns home valued $8,000. b Ida M. aged 57, both first married aged 28 & 30, respectively. Bertha M. aged 24, servant for private family.
                          6. Gertrude R. Sutliff b. 1902
                          6. Bertha M. Sutliff     1910 census Kingston, Luzerne, PA: 3 1920 servant for private family                                                                    5 Cora A. Sutliff Hoyt, October 31, 1878 - 9 May 1943. buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Berwick, Columbia, PA  1900 age 22 living with parents 1910 census Conyngham, Luzerne, PA: Bruce E. Hoyt, aged 32, retail merchant general; Cora aged 32, married seven years, one child deceased. 1930  Salem, Luzerne, PA: Bruce E. Hoyt, aged 52, public school teacher, owns home valued $4,500, A; Cora A. aged 52, both first married aged 25, 
                    5. Grace V. Sutliff, born November 4, 1881 1900 18 1910 28 living at home m. Charles Markle
                    5. Mason Beach Sutliff (1883-), born October 24, 1883. 1900 16 1910 census Salem, Luzerne, PA: Mason Sutlif, aged 26, crane runner car shops,  Virgie Sutliff (1883-) aged 27, first marriage for both of five years, two children,   Roland aged 4; Donald aged 3; nephew, Charles Craigle, aged 20,. WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Mason Beach Sutliff, dob Oct 24, 1883, munitions worker for American Car & Foundary Company, wife Virgie May Sutliff, both residing 311 Walnut, Berwick, Columbia, PA; registered same Sep 17, 1918.  1920 census Berwick, Columbia, PA: Mason B. Sutton [corected to Sutliff], aged 37, operator electric crane, Virgie M. aged 37,  Roland S. aged 14; Donald M. aged 12; Dorothy E. aged 3.
                          6. Roland Sutliff (1906-)
                          6. Donald M. Sutliff (1906-)    
                          6. Dorothy E. Sutliff (1917-)                 

    1474    4. Roxanne (Sutliff) Zimmerman (1836-1917) (29 Apr 1836 - 19 Apr 1917)  m. Andres Zimmerman (1832-1869) 1850  14  1860 25,  PO Muhlenberg, Huntington Mills,  Andres Zimmerman, aged 27, farmer, real estate valued $1,000,; Roxanna aged 25, bp PA; Harriet aged 2; Adalaide aged 9 months -- both born PA; John W. Sutliff, aged 23; Elizabeth Sutliff, aged 19 -- both born PA.. They are living next door to Roxanna's father, Abel Sutliff.  1880 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Roxana Zimmerman, aged 44, carpet weaver, bp PA, both parents PA; daughter, Annie, aged 19, suffering from consumption, bp PA; son-in-law, John B. Kingsbury, aged 21, huckster & farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; daughter, Adelia Kingsbury, aged 20, bp PA; granddaughter, Verna E. Kingsbury, aged 2, bp PA. Burial: AFT 19 APR 1917 Scott Cemetery, Huntington Mills, Luzerne, PA 2 She married Andrus Sutliff Zimmerman in 1870, son of Henry Zimmerman and Amy Chapin. He was born 1832 in Pennsylvania, and died 1869 in Luzerne County,  
                      5. Harriet (Hattie) Zimmerman b. Jan 1858  Huntington,  1860 2 1880 22  m. C. P. Benscoter 1900 Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: Charles P. Benscoter, aged 49, born Aug 1850, butcher, bp PA, both parents PA; Hattie aged 42, born Jan 1858, married 22 years, four children w/ three living, bp PA, both parents PA; Anna M. aged 20, born May 1880; Wesley A. aged 17, born Aug 1882, grocery clerk; Ralph O. aged 9, born Feb 1891 -- all born PA. 1910 census Shickshinny Boro, Luzerne, PA: Charles P. Benscoter, aged 58, merchant, second marriage, bp PA, both parents PA; Harriet A. aged 52, manager of general store, first marriage, married 34 years, four children w/ three living, bp PA, both parents PA; Ralph O. aged 19, general store clerk, bp PA. 1920 census Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: Charles R. Benscoter, aged 69, retail merchant, bp PA, both parents PA; Harriet A. aged 62, bp PA, both parents PA. 1930 census Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: Charles Benscoter, aged 79, owns home valued $3,600, bp PA, both parents PA; Harriet aged 72, both first married aged 26 & 19, respectively, bp PA, both born PA.
                      5. Della Zimmerman m. John Kingsbury
                      5. Annie Zimmerman b. 1861   1880 Annie, aged 19, suffering from consumption, 
     1472 4. Samuel B. Sutliff  (Oct. 6, 1836(3) to Jan-18-1899} m.(1) Lucinda . Anna Chapin 1850 16 1860 Muhlenberg, Huntington Mills, Luzerne, PA: Samuel Suttiff, aged 26, farmer, real estate valued $1,000,  Lucinda aged 20,. They are living next door to Samuel's father, Abel Sutliff. 1870  Huntington, Samuel B. Sutliff, aged 37, farmer, real estate valued $3,000,  PA; Lucinda aged  1880,  Alverta aged 9; Ade aged 7; Lizie aged 4; Warner aged 2 1880 44 Farmer Huntington.  m.(2) Lucinda Chapin b. 1840 40; buried in Dodson Cemetery, Southville, Huntington Twp.   1900    1910 Widow Lucinda 70 lived at the farm.
                   5. Ada Sutliff b. 1863 m. John W  Kline b. 7-FEB 1858 Columbia County PA 7 children born in Columbia Co. 
                   5. Lizzie Sutliff b. 1866 1880 14, 
    1765      5.  Alice Sutliff b, 1861 1880 19 grandaughter, servant in home of Warren and Lizzie?; Huntington  1900  Huntington, Fritz B. Sheerer, aged 41, born Jan 1859, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Alice aged 39, born Aug 1860, married 21 years, one child, bp PA, both parents PA; Maud aged 12, born Nov 1888, bp PA; mother-in-law, Lucinda Sutliff, aged 60, born May 1840, widow, six children w/ four living, bp PA, father PA, mother IN.        
                   5. Warren Sutliff (1868-)  b. Jul1868  188011.  1900 Berwick, Columbia, PA: Warren Sutliff, aged 31, born Jul 1868, day laborer, m. Elizabeth aged 29, born Dec 1870, married one year, no children.   
                   5. Albert Sutliff
                   5. Amelia Sutliff (1871-1872)
                   5. Alfred Sutliff (1875-1877) b. 25 Dec 1875-8 to 8 Apr 1877 in Luzerne County, PA Burial: AFT 8 APR 1877Dodson Cemetery
    1474        5. Roxcina Sutliff
    1482  4. Cornelia Sutliff Fulkerson (1842- ) b. 12-18-1842 m. John Fulkerson
                   5.  Minnie MFulkerson b. 2-25-1872.
                   5. George A. Fulkerson b. 1-23-1877
                   5. Sterling R. Fulkerson b. 2-3-1879
                   5. Harvey L. Fulkerson  1882-1891
                   5. Wesley W.  Fulkerson b. 4-14-1892
                   5. Raymond J.  Fulkerson b. 6-29-1886
    1481 4. Emma T. (Sutliff) Franklin b. 2-1-1853 m. Bingly Franklin 1852 1860 7 1870 Huntington,  Lydia Sutliff, aged 62, Wesley aged 32, farmer, real estate valued $1,500; Rosannah aged 36; Cornelia aged 20; Emma aged 17. 1880 Huntington, Bingly H. Franklin, aged 28, farmer, Emma T. aged 26,  Edith aged 6,       
                  5. Edith Franklin b. 1874
                  5. Grace Franklin b. Oct 1882
                  5. Dana Franklin b. 16 Nov 1885
    1480 4. Ross C. Sutliff (1848- 1882) b. 7-14-1848 - 3 Jul 1882) Huntington, m. Sara Ramely b. 1844, coal miner 1870 Ross Sutliff, aged 24, coal miner, bp PA; Sarah aged 26, bp PA; Adda aged 8; Minnie aged 4 1880: 33, 28 farmer Buried in Dodson Cemetery, Huntington twp Marriage 1 Sarah Remaly b: ABT 1844 in PA Marriage 2 Amy Oliva Kingsbury b: 6 MAY 1851 in Luzerne County, PA married: 12 Aug 1875
                   5. Adda b. 1862
                   5. Minnie b. 1866 
    1870 4
                   5. Stephen Dana  Sutliff b. 23 May 1878  1800 2

    1479   4. James M. Sutliff,  (7-8-1844  to     ) farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Waterton.  m.  7-3-1868 to Martha M., (1847 to  2-28-1890) daughter of Christian L. Moorem,  He is the ninth in a family of fourteen, nine of whom are living. (1893). He was reared on a farm, educated in the public schools, and when twenty-three years of age began life for himself by working the homestead farm on shares, and after a year went to the Lehigh tannery, and worked a year in the lumber woods. He then returned to his native township and worked one year as a laborer, after which he moved to New Columbus and worked a year for D. L. Chapin, as farmer and huckster. He next followed huckstering for three years on the Eli McDaniels farm; returned to the homestead, where he has since resided.  She was a member of the M.E. Church, and a devoted wife and mother. Mr. Sutliff is a member of the K. of H.; in politics he is a Republican, and has held the office of supervisor.  Scott Cemetery.   1880 Huntington,  James M. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, Martha M. aged 32,  Nora M. aged 10; Willie H. aged 8; Eddie E. aged 5; Maggie M. aged 2.      (1893)
              5. Nora Sutliff b;5-12-1870 m. Ward Zimmerman    1880: 10. 
              5. Edward Emanuel Sutliff   (10 JAN 1875 - FEB 1964) 1900  Kingston, Luzerne,  Edward Sutliff, aged 25, born Jan 1875, house carpenter, ; Wilhemina aged 27, born Oct 1872, married two years,  Ralph H. aged 4 months, born Jan 1900. 1910 census Forty Fort, Luzerne,  Edward Sutliff, aged 36, carpenter coal mines, ; Wilhemina aged 37, first marriage for both of ten years, three children w/ three living, Ralph aged 10; Harold aged 8; Carl aged 4.
    WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Registered Forty Fort, Luzerne, PA Social Security Number: 211-10-0098 WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Edward Emanuel Sutliff, dob Jan 10, 1875, carpenter D. & H. Coal; wife Hattie Sutliff; residing Forty Fort, Luzerne County, PA; registered same Sep 12, 1918.1920  Forty Fort, Luzerne, PA: Edward Sutliff, aged 44, house carpenter, bp PA, both parents PA; Wilemina aged 45, bp PA, father Germany, mother PA; Carl W. aged 14; Ellen aged 1.  
                       6. Ralph Harry Sutliff b: 3 JAN 1900 in Luzerne County, PA 1900 4 months 1910 10, WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Ralph Harry Sutliff, dob Jan 3, 1900, occupation illegible, mother Hattie Sutliff, both residing Forty Fort, Luzerne, PA; registered same Sep 12, 1918.                   
     Harold Sutliff b: 13 DEC 1901 in Luzerne County, PA 1910 8 1940 age 38, wife Virginia 37, son William J. 16,  son Jay 15, Son Frederick 14,. lived at 135 Butler St. Forty Fort PA at least since 1935.
                       6. Carl W. Sutliff b: ABT 1906 in Luzerne County, PAHas No Children               
                       6,  Ellen Sutliff b: ABT 1919 in Luzerne County, PA
            5. William H. Sutliff (1872-1951)  b. 4-3-1872-1951   m. BlanchTelle 1898 (1880-1948).  1900  Huntington,William H. Sutliff, aged 28, born Apr 1872, teamster, Blanch aged 20, born Mar 1880, married three years, one child, James M. aged 1, born Oct 1899  1910 38, 30 Kingston, James M. 11, Ruth A. 5  1910 census Kingston,  William H. Sutliff, aged 38, chaffeur for private family,  Blanche aged 30, first marriage for both, married 12 years, three children w/ two living, James M. aged 11; Ruth A. aged 5  1920  Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA: William Sutliff, aged 46, machinist coal mines,  Blanch aged 39, ; James aged 21, machinist iron works; Ruth aged 15. Burial: Denison Cemetery, Swoyersville, Luzerne County
                       6.  James M, Sutliff b: 29 OCT 1898 in Luzerne County, PA , m. Anna Loftus  b: 1898 in PA. 1910 11 Kingston 11 1920  11 1930 Pringle, Luzerne, PA: James Sutliff, aged 32, laborer coal mine,  Annie aged 32, both first married aged 24,  Betty aged 7; Ruth aged 6; William aged 2 ; sister-H, Susan Sutliff, aged 17,  Note: Not sure where Susan fits.  
                                7. Betty Sutliff b. 1923                            
                                7. Ruth A. Sutliff b. 1924 Pringle, Luzerne, 1910 51930 6.  
                                7. William B. Sutliff  b. 1928 1930 2 
     6. Ruth A. Sutliff   b. 1905  1920 15 living at parents home.
           5. Maggie M. Sutliff b. 9-16-1878  1900
           5. Edward Emanuel.Sutliff  b. 10 Jan 1875 Huntington  d. Feb 1964 PA, m. Wilhemina in 1900, she was b. Oct 1872. 1880  5,   Huntington, Luzerne, PA: father, James M. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer,;mother, Martha M. aged 32, PA; Nora M. aged 10; Willie H. aged 8; Eddie E. aged 5; Maggie M. aged 2 ; 1900 census Kingston, Luzerne, PA: Edward Sutliff, aged 25, born Jan 1875, house carpenter, bp PA, both parents PA; Wilhemina aged 27, born Oct 1872, married two years, one child, ; Ralph H. aged 4 months, born Jan 1900, . 1910 Forty Fort, Luzerne, PA: Edward Sutliff, aged 36, carpenter coal mines, Wilhemina aged 37, first marriage for both of ten years, three children w/ three living,; Ralph aged 10; Harold aged 8; Carl aged 4 -- all born PA. WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Edward Emanuel Sutliff, dob Jan 10, 1875, carpenter D. & H. Coal; wife Hattie Sutliff; residing Forty Fort, Luzerne County, PA; registered same Sep 12, 1918. 1920 Forty Fort, Luzerne, PA: Edward Sutliff, aged 44, house carpenter, Wilemina aged 45, bp PA, father Germany, mother PA; Carl W. aged 14; Ellen aged 1.
                     6.  Ralph H. Sutliff b. 1900
                     6.  Harold Sutliff b. 1902
                     6. Carl W. Sutliff b. 1906
                     6. Ellen Sutliff b. 1919              
        5. Maggie M. Sutliff b. 1878  1880
              5. Phoebe A Sutliff  b. 6-20-1883  Huntington, may have died as infant
    1136 3 v Washington Sutliff  b. 1809  Son of Miles and Phebe m. Mary Rood b. NJ  1850 Fairmount,Washington Suttip [sic], aged 41, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, bp NY; Mary aged 42, nativity not shown; Sarah aged 19; Miles aged 18; Milton aged 16; Amanda aged 14; Hulda aged 12; Ester aged 9; John M. aged 5; Almond aged 1; Ira aged 1 month -- nativity not shown. 1870 61, 62 Fairmont Twp. Maranda Constock, 15 lived with the family, Farm valued $4,000, Income $1,500. They had 12 children.
             CHILDREN (12)
               4. Miles Washington Sutliff b. 1856, farmer Lockman Twp. m. Mary b. 1858 in 1878.1900 Census, Hanover Twp.,Laborer, coal breaker, Daughter 15 1910 Census 55, 52 ,1 of 2 children alive, 1920 Census, New Columbus Borough, farmer.
                          5. Jefferson R Sutliff b. 1879
               4. Milton Sutliff  (Dec 24,1833-1853) Faitmont 1850 Huntington: Milton Sutliff is living with his uncle, Daniel Sutliff, aged 32, farmer, bp PA; Clarissa aged 22, Elizabeth aged 4; Justin aged 2 ; Reynolds aged 11 months. Milton Sutliff, aged 16, farmer
               4. Mary Etta Sutliff .(1843-1844) Fairmont
               4. John Miner Sutliff
      (1844-1908) farmer He married Francis  Jane Kesler. b. 18 Aug 1845 in Bloomsburg 1880 Fairmont John M. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, Fannie aged 34, Virginia H. aged 13; Charles S. aged 11; Jennie aged 5; Grace aged 2  1900 Fairmont Charles S. Sutliff, aged 41, second marriage, farmer, ; Mame E. aged 31, first marriage of 14 years, one child,  John M. aged 7, bp PA 1910 census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Charles S. Sutliff, aged 41, second marriage, farmer, ; Mame E. aged 31, first marriage of 14 years, one child, bp PA, both parents PA; John M. aged 7,
     5. Virginia H. Sutliff  b. 1867 1880 13 
                         5. Jennie Sutliff b. 1875   1880 5          
                         5. Charles S. Sutliff b. 1868 1880 12 m. Mamie E. "Sutliff" b: ABT 1878 PA
                         5 . John M Sutliff b. 1903 1910 7
                         5. Grace Sutliff (July 6 1878 - Jan 31 1962)' 1880 2 1900 21 Marriage Bruce W. Eyer b: 1869 OBITUARY: The Morning Press, Bloomsburg, PA, Thurs., Feb. 1, 1962 Mrs. Grace Sutliff Eyer, 83, died yesterday morning. She was ill 3 weeks. She was born in Fairmount Springs, July 6, 1878 and a daughter of the late J. M. and Frances Kester Sutliff. She had been a resident of Berwick since 1905 and prior to that time had resided in Nanticoke, Rhorsburg and Bloomsburg. Her husband , the B.W. Eyer, preceded her in death in 1924. Mrs. Eyer was a member of First Methodist Church, Sunday School Class and Circle 7 of the church; Dames of Malta, DAR Ocklawaha Chapter of Eustis, Florida. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Jean Bredbenner, Berwick; two grandchildren; one great grandchild; one sister, Mrs. Maude S. Gunter, of Shamokin Dam and nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 from the James L. Hinckley Funeral Home with Rev. D. Perry Bucke, pastor of First Methodist Church, officiating. Interment will be in the family plot on Pine Grove Cemetery, Market street.
                         5. John M. Sutliff
    b. 1893
    Esther M. Sutliff b. Jul 1889 1900 Greenwood, Columbia, PA, John Sutliff, aged 55, born Dec 1844, farmer, Fannie J. aged 54, born Aug 1845, married 34 years, five children w/ five living, ; Grace aged 21, born Jul 1878; Ester M. aged 10..
               4. Almon W Sutliff (1848-1931) b. 5-27-1848 Fairmont, m. (1874),OK Mahala b. 1853 0n 6-02-1873 in Fairmont. 1850 
     census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Washington Suttip [sic], aged 41, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, bp NY; Mary aged 42, nativity not shown; Sarah aged 19; Miles aged 18; Milton aged 16; Amanda aged 14; Hulda aged 12; Ester aged 9; John M. aged 5; Almond aged 1; Ira aged 1 month -- nativity not shown. 1860 census PO Muhlenberg, Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Washington Sutlif, aged 51, farmer, real estate valued $4,000, bp PA; Polly aged 53, bp PA; Huldah aged 22; Ester aged 19; John M. aged 15; Almon aged 11; Ira aged 10 1870 census PO Dallas, Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Washington Sutliff, aged 61, farmer, real estate valued $4,000, personal estate $1,500, bp PA; Mary aged 62, bp NY; Almon aged 21; Ira aged 20 -- both born PA. Also in the household Maranda Comstock, aged 15, bp PA. 1910  Twp.census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Almon W. Sutliff, aged 61, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mahala S. aged 57, married 36 years, ten children w/ ten living, bp PA, both parents PA; son-in-law, David O. Wolfe, aged 23, farm laborer, bp PA,. both parents PA; daughter, Elizabeth B. Wolfe, aged 19, married less that one year, no children, bp PA.1920 census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Almon W. Sutliff, aged 61, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Mahala S. aged 57, married 36 years, ten children w/ ten living, bp PA, both parents PA; son-in-law, David O. Wolfe, aged 23, farm laborer, bp PA,. both parents PA; daughter, Elizabeth B. Wolfe, aged 19, married less that one year, no children, bp PA.
    1930   census Fairmount, Luzerne, PA: Almon W. Sutliff, aged 81, widowed, first marriaged aged 25, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; son-in-law, David O. Wolfe, aged 43, U.S. mail carrier, bp PA, both parents PA; daughter, Elizabeth Wolfe, aged 39, both first married aged 23 & 19, respectively, bp PA, both parents PA; granddaughters: Marion E. aged 14; Agnes R. aged 13 -- both born PA.Almon Died 1-27-1931 Fairmont Springs. 
                    5. Elizabeth Sutliff Wolfe  b. 1891 m. David Wolfe b. 1887, m. 1910, mail carrier 1920 29, 2 children 4, 2
                                         6.  Maron Wolf b. 1916, 
                                         6. Agnes Wolf b. 1918
              4. Ira Rood Sutliff (1850-1829) (12 May 1850 -October 11, 1929), 1850 1 month, Fairmont 1860 10 1870, at home 20, working on the farm; 1880 farmer m. Elizabeth (Trescott) Sutliff March 25, 1871    b. Oct.1846, on  23 Mar. 1887; living in  Sugarloaf, Columbia Co 30, farmer,  Lil aged 32, ; Esther aged 7; Dasa aged 3 1900 50, 53 Share Farmer .m. 37 years 2/2 children living, the younger Pearl 23, b. Mar 1877 living with them 1920 69 farming73 grandson Weldon L. Williams b. 1911 living with them. 1920 census Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Ira R. Sutliff, aged 69, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Elizabeth aged 73, bp PA, both parents PA; grandson, Weldon L. Williams, aged 9, bp PA, both parents PA. Menbership: Brandon M.E. Church and P.O.S.A.. Burial: October 14, 1929, Fairmount Springs.  
    Esther Irene (Sutliff) Shiffer   b. JUN 1872 in Sugarloaf, Columbia, m. Herbert Fenton Shiffer b: 9 Feb 1873  m. 1896  Child: Herbert Larue Shiffer b: 9 AUG 1898 in Sugarloaf,  1900 Sugarloaf, Herbert Shiffer, aged 27, born Feb 1873, day laborer, Esther I. aged 27, born Jun 1872, married four years, one child w/ one living, bp PA, both parents PA; Larue H. aged 1, born Aug 1898. WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Herbert Fenton Shiffer, dob Feb 9, 1873, station engineer?, nearest relative Esther Irene Shiffer, both residing Williamsport, Lycoming, PA; registered same Sep 12, 1918.
                      5. Daisy Pearl Sutliff b. Mar 1877  in Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA 1850 19 1900 at 23 living with parents     
    4. Sarah Ann Sutliff Comstock (1830-) b.~1830 m. Miles Comstock (12-01-1832 to 12-14-1902 i Columbia Co.  50 Fairmont family home.  Apparently, he divorced 1. Sarah Sutliff and married 2. Sarah Hess, b. 13 Jan 1835, Sugarloaf Twp, Columbia Co., PA , d. 16 Jan 1899, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA about 1970 Her Parents: William Amos Hess, b. 1798, Sugarloaf Twp, Columbia Co., PA and Lydia Barbara Whiteman, b. 8 Nov 1805, Columbia County,
           5. Jacob Comstock, b. 1869, Pennsylvania , d. 1936, Pennsylvania
           5.  James Merritt Comstock, b. 21 Apr 1872, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA , d. 30 Jan 1947, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA
          5. Maretta Comstock, b. 1873, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA , d. 1968, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA
          5. Adrien Boyd Comstock, b. 7 Jan 1875, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA , d. 17 Jan 1940, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA
          5. Jennie Maude Comstock, b. 16 May 1876, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA , d. 8 Dec 1938, Benton, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USA
          5 Clinton Comstock, b. 1877, Pennsylvania , d. 1926, Pennsylvania

                 4. Amanda Sutliff (7-26-1838 (1836) to 11-1897), 1850 Amanda 4, m. 4-15-1854 to Samuel Wilson (1830-1890)
                 4. Esther Sutliff b. 12-08-1840, Fairmont    d. Rohrsberh, ColumbCo, m. William Robert Mather 10-17-1867 b. (3-10-1837 d. Rohrsberg.  1850 1860  home    
                 4. Huldah A.Sutliff b. 1837 Fairmont, d. 1925  m. Cyrus A. Hazlett b. 1837 New Columbus 1850 age 12. 1860 age 22 at home.

    1134 3. vi Wells Sutliff.  b, ca. 1805 Union Twp. Son of Miles and Phebe 1-male 16-26, 1 Female 16-26   1820 Union Tsp 1-16-26   m. Abiah Harrison  1880 18 lived to age 49   
    1467          4. Stephen H. Sutliff (1838-), farmer, P.O. Koonsville, was born in Ross township, August 16, 1838, and is a son of Wells and Abiah (Harrison) Sutliff, both of whom were born in Huntington township. Wells began to farm for himself in Ross township on a farm of 200 acres, which he worked in a practical manner. He lived to be forty-nine years of age. He reared a family of eight children, six of whom grew to maturity. Stephen H., the subject of this memoir, is the fourth in the family, and was reared and educated in Ross township. He removed to Union township in 1890, where he is now about to enter into mercantile business. In connection with his store he conducts a small farm of twenty-one acres. In 1861 he enlisted in the U. S. service for the term of three years, as a member of Company D, Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry, in which command he proved worthy to be called a soldier of the United States. He is a member of the G.A.R. On April 17, 1889, he married (2) Miss Aurphy, daughter of Simon and Rydie Hainsley. To this union there has been no issue. Mr. Sutliff is an active and wide-awake business man and a loyal citizen. (1893) 1850 11 1860: Huntington unmarried  aged 22, laborer, real estate valued $1,000 1870 Huntington 30,  married to Mary b. 1849, 21 with Ada 3 1880 40 Farmer Ross m. Mary b. 1849 31, Joel b. 1869 11, Blanche b. 1871 9.   1900 Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA: Stephen H. Sutliff, aged 61, born Aug 1838, listed as an invalid, bp PA, both parents PA; m. (2) Orpha C.Sutliff aged 46, born Jan 1854, married ten years, one child w/ one living,(bio. 1893) Marriage 1 Mary "Sutliff" b: ABT 1847 in Pennsylvania Marriage 2 Aurphy C. Hainsley b: JAN 1854 in Pennsylvania m. 17 Apr 1889  
                             5.  Ida L. or (Ada) E. Sutliff b: ABT 1867 in Huntington, Luzerne, PA  1870 3   She married Rush M. McDaniels ABT 1885, son of A. S. McDaniels and Sarah E. Masters. He was born 11 JUL 1866 in Luzerne County, PA. 
                           5.  Joel Sutliff b. 1869 1880 11 
                             5.  Blanche Sutliff b: ABT 1870 in Luzerne County, PA  1880 Ross, Luzerne, PA: aged 9.
          Marriage 2 Aurphy C. Hainsley b: JAN 1854 in Pennsylvania m. 17 Apr 1889  
    1465         4. Collins Sutliff (1829-1869I  (19 Jan 1829(6) - 29 Nov 1869) 1850  Ross. Collins Sutliff, aged 23, farmer, real estate valued $1,200; Clarissa aged 19, real estate valued $800; Joel aged 16, real estate valued $900; Amie aged 9 (listed as female) 1860 Ross, Muhlenburgh  m, Francis Dalphene (1839 -.1869) in Sugarloaf Columbia Co.   Helen aged 4; William aged 2 1870 husband PO Coles Creek, Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: widow Francis. D. Sutliff, aged 32, real estate valued $2,500,; Helen aged 13; Willie aged 12; F. B. (magone?)le) aged 10; Burleigh aged 8; Hulda aged 6; Hettie aged 4; Bertha aged 2; Chapin C. aged 2 months .  A widow with 8 children!!!
                           5. Helen C 
    Sutliff Shultz b. June 1856-16 Dec. 1902 Columbia Co. m.Peter K. Shultz, 1878  1860 Helen 4. 1870 census PO Coles Creek, Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: F. D. Sutliff, aged 32, real estate valued $2,500, bp PA; Helen aged 13; Willie aged 12; F. B. (male) aged 10; Burleigh aged 8; Hulda aged 6; Hettie aged 4; Bertha aged 2; Chapin C. aged 2 months -- all born PA.1880  Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Petre Shults aged 24, blacksmith,  Helen Sutliff aged 24,  Jorden aged 6 months, born Dec, bp PA; brother-in-law, Birl Sutliff, aged 18,
    Jordan Shults b.Dec 1879 in Sugarloaf, Columbia.
                           5. William  Sutliff b. (1858 - 1924) 1860 2  1870 12    buried: 1924 Benton Cemetery, Benton, Columbia
                           5. Franklin Bruce  Sutliff b. Jan 1860, Coles Creek, Sugarloaf, Colombia 1860 5 months 1870 10 1900 Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Bruce F. Sutliff, aged 40, born Jan 1860, farmer, wife Florence Porch aged 33, born Nov 1866, married nine years, two children, Leroy aged 8, born May 1892; Doyal R. aged 2, born Dec 1897 1900 census Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Bruce F. Sutliff, aged 40, born Jan 1860, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Florence aged 33, born Nov 1866, married nine years, two children, bp PA, both parents PA; Leroy aged 8, born May 1892; Doyal R. aged 2, born Dec 1897 1920 Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Bruce B. Sutliff, aged 59, farmer,  Florence aged 53, bp PA, father NJ, mother PA; Doyle R. aged 22, married, auto mechanic, daughter-in-law, Nell M. aged 21,  sons Clyde aged 16; Claud aged 16 1930  Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Bruce Sutliff, aged 70, farmer, Florence aged 64, both first married aged 32 & 25, respectively, Claude aged 26, laborer odd jobs.
    Leroy Sutliff b. May1892 1900 8
    5. Doyle R. Sutliff  b. Dec 1897  1900 2  1920 Doyle R. Sutliff aged 22, married, auto mechanic, daughter-in-law, Nell M. Sutliff aged 21 living in parents home.
                                   5.  Claude Sutliff b: 7 Aug 1903 in Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA 1920 16  1930  Claude aged 26, laborer odd jobs, living at home.
                           5. Burleigh (Beryl) C. Sutliff b. Jan 1862 -1920(1930), house carpenter lived in Benton area, Sugarloaf m. Johanna C. Norman in 1890    buried in Benton Cemetery, Benton, Columbia, PA  1870 census PO Coles Creek, Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: mother, F. D. Sutliff, aged 32, real estate valued $2,500, bp PA; Helen aged 13; Willie aged 12; F. B. (male) aged 10; Burleigh aged 8; Hulda aged 6; Hettie aged 4; Bertha aged 2; Chapin C. aged 2 months. 1880  Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Petre Shults aged 24, blacksmith, Helen aged 24, bp PA, both parents PA; Jorden aged 6 months, born Dec.; brother-in-law, Burl Sutliff, aged 18,1900 census Sugarloaf, Columbia, PA: Burrell Sutliff, aged 38, born Jan 1862, house carpenterJohanna C. aged 28, born Jul 1872, married ten years, no children, bp PA, both parents PA.
                           5. Huldah Delphene Sutliff 28 Feb 1864-27Apr 1947   1870 Coles Creek, 6. m.  George B. Adelman 3 Children Berta, James, and Amy 
                           5. Ha(e)ttie Sutliff b. 1865   1870 Hettie age 4. m. Thomas Siegfried 2 Children and a second husband.
                           5. Bertha Sutliff b. ~1868  m.2. Perry D. Hess b. ~1874 (1894)  1.. Wilber E. Fritz b. 1865 (1888) 3 children 
                           5. Chapin Collins Sutliff b. ~1870 to 28 Aprl 1948 Sugarloaf Columbia Co 1870 living at home  1880  1910  Sugarloaf 1920 Sugarloaf 1930 Sugarloaf  Will: 8 May 1846:m. 1. Elviria Coleman 2. ?  CHILDREN: Merl J 1896-1971 Colombia Co., Perl M. 1898, Harry Franklin 1902 all in Columbia Co.                                         
    1466       4.  R. Joel  Sutliff  b. ~1834 m. Hannah A. b. ~1829 m. 1850 16 Note: It appears that the four siblings are living together, their father most likely deceased, as Joel as a minor has real estate $1,200.00. Amie, who is listed as female, appears in the 1870 census as male with family, living next door to brother Joel.1860  Ross: Joel R. Sutliff, aged 26, farmer, real estate valued $2,500, Hannah A. aged 31; Catherine aged 7; Neoma aged 5; Huldah C. aged 3. 1870  PO Dallas, Ross, Joel R. Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, real estate valued $2,000,  Hannah A. aged 40, Catharine A. aged 17; Naoma A. aged 15; Huldah C. aged 13; Wells aged 9; William T. aged 5; Martha B. aged 3 months. 1880 Ross, Luzerne, PA: R. J. Sutliff, aged 46, farmer, ; Hannah A. aged 51, Wells aged 18; William T. aged 15; Rosa T. aged 10.
                        5. Catherine Sutliff b. Feb1853 1860 7,  1870 Ross 17
                        5. Naoma A Sutliff b. 1854 1860 5 1870 Ross15
                          5. Martha B. Sutliff  b. 1869      
                        5. Hulda C. Sutliff b. ~1856 1860 3 1870 Ross 13
                        5. Wells Sutliff,(1861-1912) (July 1861 - 1912), 1870 9 1880 18 1900 known as Willes 38 farmer m. Rosa Sutliff b.June 1872. married 13 years, five children Grace, Edith E., Nettie A., Huldah b. 1896, Mary E. 1910 48, 38 married 22 years, Grace 22, Nettie 16 born 6-1893, Alice 14, Ethyl 11, Joel 9, Elizabeth 3, Elva 6 monhs 8/9 alive. Wells must have died 1918-1919
     Luzerne, Rosa Sutliff, aged 48, widow, farm operator, Grace aged 32, domestic private family; Joel aged 18, farmer; Ethel aged 21; Elizabeth aged 13; Elva aged 10; Nettie aged 26, public school teacher 1930  Ross, Rosa Sutliff, aged 58, widow, Joel aged 29, laborer; Ethel aged 31; Elizabeth aged 22; Elva aged 20 granchildren last name Hartman: Naomi aged 9; Ray aged 6. Rosa died 7-26/1934 Bloomingdale PA  Wells buried 1912 Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale, PA 
    6. Grace U Sutliff (Jan 1888 - 1948) 1900 12 1910 22 1920 32, domestic private family; buried 1940 lived with her brother Joel. Buried in Bloomingdale Cemetery.
    6. Edith E  Sutliff b. Oct 1890
                                6. Nettie A (Sutliff) Hartman (July 1893-1933 Bloomingdale Cemetery) 1900 6 1910 16 1920 26 public school teacher. living at home 1930 Hunlock, m. Sterling Derias Hartman, b. 31 May 1891 in Hunlock Creek, , laborer coal mines, ; Nettie aged 35. She died at age 40.
                                              7. Naomi Hartman b: ABT 1921 in Ross, Luzerne, PA
                                              7. Ray Hartman b: ABT 1924 in Ross, Luzerne, PA
    6. Alice Sutliff b. 1886
    6. Huldah Sutliff b. Apr 1896
    6. Ethyl E. Sutliff Cumberland (1898-199 b. Sep. 8.1898, d. Mar. 8, 1998. Bloomingdale Cemetery Married a Cumberland listed on the tombstone.
    6. Mary Ethyl Sutliff b. Sept 1899 1900 8 months 1910 11 1920 21 living at home 1930 31 liviing at home with widowed mother, brother Joel 29, Ethel aged 31; Elizabeth aged 22; Elba aged 20; granchildren last name Hartman: Naomi aged 9; Ray aged 6.  
    6. Joel W. Sutliff b. Mar 23 1901 - 1969. 1910 9 1920 Joel 18  1930 lived with mother Rosa Sutliff, aged 58, widow, Joel aged 29, laborer; Ethel aged 31; Elizabeth aged 22; Elva aged 20; granchildren last name Hartman: Naomi aged 9; Ray aged 6 (Their mother Naomt was evidently quit ill and unable to care for them. A crowded home in depression times.   6. Elizabeth Sutliff b. 1907 1930 living with mother Rosa and brother Joel 1940 living with Joel
    6. Elva Sutliff b. 1910 1930 1940 Living with mother and Joel
                  5. William T. Sutliff b. Jan 1865 in Luzerne County, PA. m. Sarah B. "Sutliff" She was born OCT 1867 in Luzerne County, PA, and died 2 JUN 1954 in Williamsport, Lycoming, PA. 1900 Plymouth, : William T. Sutliff, aged 35, born Jan 1865, public school teacher, ; Sarah V. aged 32, born Oct 1867, married 13 years, two children w/ two living,  Mary A. aged 12, born Apr 1888; John Roger aged 5, born Apr 1895. 1910 Williamsport, Lycoming, PA: William T. Sutliff, aged 45, carpent cutter department store, Sarah V. aged 43, first marriage for both of 23 years, three children w/ two living, ; Mary A. aged 21, saleswoman dry goods; J. Roger aged 14 -- both born PA; mother, Harriet Sutliff, aged 69, widow,   Note: Harriet may be Sarah's mother. WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: John Roger Sutliff, dob Apr 21, 1895, born Bloomingdale [Lancaster County], PA; clerk, married w/ child under 12, residing Williamsport, Lycoming, PA; registered same Jun 9, 1917.
                          6John Roger Sutliff was born 21 APR 1895 in Bloomingdale
                          6. Mary A  Sutliff b. Apr 1888 1900  12 1910 Mary A. aged 21, saleswoman dry goods
                     5. Rosa T. Sutliff was born ABT 1869 in Luzerne County, PA.
                     5. Joel R. Sutliff,  m.  Hannah (Ross);  1860: Collins b. 1825 Francis 24, + Amme H farm laborer    
                     5. Martha   B. Sutliff Henry (May 1870-1935) Ross, Luzerne Co.

    468   4. Ami K Sutliff (1841-1925)  m. Amy Angeline (Angie) Wilkenson (1846-1929) in PA, m. 1866.1870 29, Ross female child 2  1880 39, farmer, Ross m. Angiline (another analysis from Coons etc. notes a different set of connections:  1850 census Ross, 1. Collins Sutliff, aged 23, farmer, real estate valued $1,200; 2. Clarissa aged 19, real estate valued $800; 3.. Joel aged 16, real estate valued $900; 4. Amie aged 9 (listed as female).  It appears that the four siblings are living together, their father most likely deceased, as Joel as a minor has real estate. Amie, who is listed as female, appears in the 1870 census as male with family, living next door to brother Joel1860 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Collins Sutliff, aged 35, farmer, ; Frances D. aged 24, bp PA; Hellen C. Sutliff aged 3; William D. Sutliff aged 2; unnamed male aged 5 months ; Ami N. Sutliff, aged 18,  [Census taken Jun 21, 1860] 1870 census PO Dallas, Ross, Luzerne, PA: Ami H. Sutliff, aged 29, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, bp PA; Angeline aged 24, Dosha Ann aged 2, bp PA. They are living next door to Ami's brother, Joel R. Sutliff & family. 1880 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Ami Sutliff, aged 39, farmer, bp PA,  Angeline aged 34, bp PA, ; Docia aged 12; Albert aged 9 -- both born PA. They are still living near his brother, Joel Sutliff & family. 1900 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Ami Sutliff, aged 59, born Sep 1840, farmer, bp PA,  Angeinel A. Sutliff aged 53, born Sep 1846, married 33 years, two children w/ two living, A, Docia A. aged 32, born Dec 1867, Farm $2000, crops $800 1910 69, 62 1/2 still alive married 43 years 1920 79, 72   Ami d abt 1925, Angeline d. 1929 both buried in Bloomiggdale Cemetery..   
                         5. Theodocia (Docia) Ann Sutliff (1867-)    b. Dec. 1867  1870188012 1900 32 Ross
                         5. Albert Sutliff  (1871-19631880 9 Ross 1910 live in Nanticoke, Albert Sutliff, aged 39, retail merchant general store, m; Lenna (1873- ) m. 1894,  first marriage for both of 16 years, two children w/ two living, ; Nellie aged 15; Esten  10 1930  Nanticoke, : Albert Sutliff, aged 59, farmer,  Lenna aged 57, both first married aged 23 & 21, respectively, Nellie aged 35, school teacher city, Buried in Bloomingdale Cementery.
                                 6. Nellie Sutliff b. 1895 1930 school teacher, living at home in Nanticoke. 1940 175 r Nanicoke PA with her parents,

                                    6. Esten Sutliff  b. 1900 1910 10 
    1470         4. Clara Sutliff Larnard b. ~1837 (1830) m. Hiram Larnard Welles aged 2; Stephen Sutliff, aged 11   
    1469         4. Hulda Sutliff Wagner b. Apr 18 1824.  1850 24 m. George Wagner  Nov. 1843 Huntington Mills 1860 PO Muhlenberg, Huntington Mills: George Wagner, aged 38, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, personal estate $1,000,; Huldah aged 36; Wells aged 12; Francis M. aged 8 -- both born PA; Stephen Sutliff, aged 22, laborer, real estate valued $1,000, bp PA.1870 census PO Dallas, Ross, Luzerne, PA: George Wagner, aged 48, farmer, real estate valued $2,000, personal estate $1,000, bp PA; Huldah aged 46, bp PA; Francis M. aged 18, bp PA. They are living next door to Huldah's brother, Joel R. Sutliff, & family.1880 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Geo. Wagner, aged 58, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Huldah aged 56; granddaughter, Jennie Wagner, aged 7,.1900 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: George Wagner, aged 78, born Nov 1821, farmer; Huldah aged 76, born Apr 1824, married 56 years, three children w/ one living,.b: 25 NOV 1821 in Plains Twp, Luzerne, ????
                        5Has Children Wells S. Wagner b: 19 AUG 1847 in Ross Twp, 
     Francis M. Wagner b: ABT 1851 in Ross
    1138 3. viii Miles Major Sutliff b. 1810-11 PA   m. Dorcus Bronson  1850 Sugarloaf, lived Columbia, PA, Major M Sutliff 40, Dorcas 30, Priscilla 10, George 7, 1860 George 20, Priscilla 16, Baner 8, Miles 10 1870 Sugarloaf Miles 57, Dorcus 52, Mary 21, Bumer 1                            
        4. George W Sutliff (1844-1917) m. 
    Martha Melissa (Seward) Sutliff (1845-1927)     1850 7 1860  tailor at home 1870 Sugarloaf, Columbia: G. W. Sutliff, aged 26, wife Martha aged 24,  Eulali aged 2; Edward aged 5 months   1880 George, 36, Martha, 34, 5 children ranging from 12-2,  a  Bruce and Mary next door; Columbia, Sugarloaf Twp. 1900, married 33 years, George W 56, Martha 54, 10 kids 8 alive, Emily 14, farmer  seem to have come from NY  Sesquehanna Co. Buried in Fairmont Springs Cemetery
                        5.  Euiladie Sutliff b. 1868, 1870 1880 12 
                        5.  Edward Sutliff b, 1870 1880: 10 ; m. Mary A Gearhart (1867- )   This record is confused here.!!!! 
                                  6. Frank Gearhart Sutliff (1899-1971) (3 MAR 1899 in Columbia County- APR 1971 in Benton, m. Laura M. in 1912. Social Security Number: 180-05-5716, WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Registered Columbia County, PA  

    1900 Sugarloaf, Columbia, also: Hess Gearhart, aged 58, born Mar 1842, farmer, Nancy J. aged 55, born Jul 1845, married 34 years, ten children w/ five living, Amy aged 16, born Nov 1883; daughter, Mary Sutliff, aged 32, born Nov 1867, married ten years, five children w/ five living, son-in-law, Edward Sutliff, aged 30, born Jan 1870, sawyer saw mill,  grandchildren last name Sutliff: Ellis aged 9, born Sep 1890; Alvin aged 7, born Aug 1892; Lulu aged 5, born Aug 1894; Martha aged 3, born Feb 1897; Frank aged 1, born Mar 1899. 1930 Sugarloaf :  Charles E. Kile, aged 38, farmer, Martha A. aged 33, both first married aged 25 & 20, respectively, mother, Hattie A. Kile, aged 64, widow, first married aged 20, brother-in-law, Frank G. Sutliff, aged 31, railroad fireman,  sister-in-law, Laura M. Sutliff, aged 21, both first married aged 27 & 18, respectively, nieces last name Sutliff: Frances J. aged 3; Dona E. aged 5 months.
                                6. Alvin Sutliff (13 Aug 1892-Mar. 1973 ) Benton, Colombia Co. SSN: 187-302911  WWI Draft Card 1917-1918, he  graduated from Penn State
                       5. Joel Sutliff  b. 1872
                        5. Teddie Sutliff  b. 1876
                        5. Denis Sutliff    b. 1878
                        5. Florence Sutliff b. 1874 1880 6
                        5. Lewis Sutliff b. 1878
                        5. Emily Sutliff b. August1885 1900 age 14 
                        5. Millie Sutliff b. 1876
    1504    4. Bruner M. Sutliff  b. 1854  1900 Bruner M. Union Twp lived with son Cletus b.Feb 6-1880, 20 both worked on farm. Bloomingdale Cemetery 
                       5. Cletus Sutliff (Feb 6 1880-1946) m. Laura (1886-1929)    1920 39, 33  Union Hazel 10, Helen 10  Living next to Cletus was  Jasper N. Culver 74 with daughter May L. Sutliff 32 and  her daughter Minnie C. Sutliff 10  Perhaps May's husband had died and she was living with her father. 
                                 6. Helen C. Sutliff b. 1910  1910  Ross 8 months 1930 age 20 beauty specialist living with parents. 1940 40 living alone at 10 S. Main St., Shickshinny PA since at least 1935.

                                 6. Hazel M. Sutliff b. 1910  1910 Ross 8 months 1930  aged 20, telephone operator  m. Montgomery Klein
                                       7. Nancy Jean Klein (7. Mar. 1943 - 6. Oct. 1991) m. Ace Sutliff 
                       5. Raymond Sutliff b. Dec 26 1876 1910 
  • Kingston, Luzerne, PA: Raymond Sutliffe, aged 30, house carpenter; Cletus Sutliffe, aged 26, laborer

  • 1505     4. William Barrett Sutliff (1851-)  b.Oct 1851 1900
     Benton, Columbia, PA: William B. Sutliff, aged 48, born Oct 1851, agent,  Emma R. aged 41, born Feb 1859, married 16 years, four children w/ three living, bp PA, both parents PA; Dora S. aged 13, born Mar 1887; Jessie G. aged 11, born Oct 1888; Charles L. aged 7, born Apr 1893. 1910 census Scranton, Lackawanna, PA: William B. Sutliff, aged 58, real estate agent, bp PA, both parents PA; Emma R. aged 51, first marriage for both of 25 years, five children w/ four living, Jesse G. aged 21; Dora D. aged 23; Charles L. aged 17; Willard G. aged 5.

                       5. Parker Sutliff b. 1856
                       5. George Sutliff  b. 1859
                       5. Catherine E Sutliff b. 1861
                       5. Joel Sutliff b. 1863
                       5. Amisa Sutliff b. 1867
                       5. Ida  Sutliff b. 1868. 1870 2
    1506     4. Priscilla Sutliff Letteer b. 1840   m. Solomon Letteer. 1850 10 1860  16 Coles Creek, Sugarloaf
                         6. Harry Letteer
      (Apr. 1871 - 1940)
                         6.  Challrus Cabrell Letteer (20. Mar. 1873 - 7. Nov. 1953)  
    1507     4. Mary Sutliff   b. 1849  1850 1 1870 21 living at home
                  4. + others?
    1139 3. ix  Daniel Sutliff (1817 to 11-4-1889); Father Miles Sutliff Mother Phoebe Culver  m. Clarissa Harrison (1828-1887) 1850 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: 1850 Daniel Sutliff, aged 32, farmer, Clarissa aged 22, Elizabeth aged 4; Justin aged 2; Reynolds aged 11 months; Milton Sutliff, aged 16, farmer, Milton is Daniel's nephew. 1860 :  43 Huntington, Clarissa 32, Elizabeth 14, Justus 12, Renaldo 10, Francois 8, Hannah 6, Diantha 4,  unnamed son aged 1farmer Farm valued at $3,000, sales $500 1870: 53, 43, far, m $6,000, personal estate $1280, Renaldo 21 farm labor, Francois, 19, farm labor, Hannah 17, Diantha 14   1880 63, 62 farmer died in 1888(9). Scott Cemetery.  Will: Sutliff, Daniel Huntington Twp. 1889 277 L 116 Luzerne County.      

    1512    4. Elizabeth Sutliff b: 1845 in Huntington, 1860 age 14.
    1508    4. Dr. Justus Sutliff (1847-1905), (Sep-1847 Huntington-3 1905  Nanticoke PA ). Graduated Bloomsburg Normal School 1876, New York University graduate University Nedical College 1885 1850 2 Huntington 1860 12 1870:schoolteacher, Fairmount Twp   22, at school, wife Ada b. Ashley, 22, son  William R 11 months (only record)  1880 census Ashley, Luzerne, PA: Justus Sutleff, aged 33, school teacher, , Delphine aged 26, bp PA, father England, mother PA; Minnie Mary or May, aged 5; Mirter Maude, aged 1 months, born May --   1900 census Broad Street, Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA: Justus Sutliffe, aged 52, born Sep 1847, physician, ; Della aged 46, born Feb 1854, married 21 years, one child deceased,  father England, mother PA.  Also served as Dr, in Shickshinny  Listed as administer of wife's estate
                     5.  William A. Sutliff b: SEP 1869 in Luzerne County, PA   1970 11 Fairmont
                     5.  Minnie Mary Sutliff b: 1875 in Luzerne County, 1880 5Marriage 2 Delphine Major b: FEB 1854 in Lehman, Luzerne, PA Married: ABT 1879
                        6.  Mirter Maude Sutliff b: MAY 1880 in Luzerne County, PA died before 1900.
    1509     4. Renaldo Sutliff (June 1849- 1908) farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Waterton, was born on the farm he inherited, June 23, 1849, and is the son of Daniel and Clarissa (Harrison) Sutliff, natives of Pennsylvania and of English origin; the father was a farmer by occupation, and died November 4, 1889, aged seventy-three years. He was a son of Miles and Phoebe (Culver) Sutliff, and a grandson of Abel and Charity (Barber) Sutliff, of Connecticut. Our subject is the third in a family of seven children, six of whom are still living. He was reared on the farm he now owns, was educated in the common schools, and at the age of twenty-three rented and worked the homestead farm on shares, until 1876, when he purchased fifty-three acres of the property, where he has since resided. Mr. Sutliff was married, September 26, 1871, to Ester J. Thomas, daughter of William and Catherine (Downing) Thomas, which union is blessed with five children, viz.: Bertha V., born October 7, 1872, married June 13, 1892, to Frank Chapin; Eva D., born September 12, 1874; Howard B., born November 30, 1878; Floyd W., born May 11, 1880; and Merea Maud L., born March 28, 1892. The family attends the M.E. Church. Members are members of the P. of H. Politically he is a sound Republican, and has held the office of school director. (1893)   1850 11 months  1860 10 1870 Renaldo, aged 21, farm laborer   1880:farmer,  Huntington Twp  30, Ester J 26,  farmer and basket weaver;  Bertha aged 8; Eva C. aged 6; Harvey aged 2; baby (male) aged 1 month, born May. 1900 Huntington, Luzerne, Renaldo Sutliff, aged 50, born Jun 1849, farmer, Esther aged 46, born Apr 1854, married 29 years, six children w/ five living,  Howard aged 21, born Nov 1878; Floyd W. aged 19, born May 1881; Esther aged 4, born Jan 1896 ; Elmer Culver, aged 14, born May 1886, boarder.children alive farmer and butcher buried Scot Cemetery        
                         5. Bertha V. Sutliff Chapin m. Frank C. Chapin b. Oct 7 1872 1880: 8 1910 census Huntington, Luzerne, PA: Frank L. Chapin, aged 39, house carpenter, bp       PA, both parents PA; Bertha V. aged 37, -- all born PA.
                      5. Eva D.(C.) Sutliff b. 1874   1880 6
                      5. Harvey (Howard B.) Sutliff  b.  Nov. 30, 1878 Huntington 1880: 2 1900 Huntington Howard 21 1910 Kingston, Raymond Sutliff, aged 30, single, boarder, carpenter: WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Howard Ray Sutliff, dob Nov 16, 1878, carpenter, wife Blanche M. Sutliff, both residing Kingston, Luzerne, PA; registered same no date. 1920 Kingston,  Howard R. Sutliff, aged 41, carpenter coal mine, Blanche aged 43,  Miles B. aged 6; Howard T. aged 3.  1930 census Kinston, Luzerne, PA: Howard R. Sutliff, aged 54, carpenter coal mine, bp PA, both parents PA; Blanche aged 54, both first married aged 34,  Myles B. aged 16; Howard T. aged 13. Note: Howard may have been married before Blanche as there is a burial record in the Bloomingdale Cemetery for a Mrs. H. Ray Sutliff, 1881-1901.
                            6. Miles B Sutliff b. 1914 
    1920 Miles B. aged 6 1930 Kinston, Luzerne, Myles B. aged 16
                            6. Howard T. Sutliff b. 1917.  1920 3 1930 13
                      5. Floyd W. Sutliff  (May 11, 1879-1955). 1880: <1 1900 19 1920 Huntington,Floyd W. Sutliff, aged 39, farmer, Martha M. aged 36, ; Ethel L. aged 5,  mother, Esther J. Sutliff, aged 65, widow, 1930  Huntington Mills,  Floyd W. Sutliff, aged 49, farm laborer, owns home valued $1,000, Margaret B. aged 46, both first married aged 33 & 30, r; Ethel L. aged 15, bp PA; mother, Julia E. Sutliff, aged 75, widow,  WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Floyd Wesley Sutliff, dob May 11, 1880, farmer, wife Bertha Margaret Sutliff, residing Shickshinny, Luzerne, PA, Burial: 1955 Scott Cemetery, Huntington Mills, Luzerne, PA  1940 57. wife 48, daughter Ethel 25, ? Julia Sutliff 85 widowed mother, resided at 194 Rt. 40075.
                                6. Ethel L. Sutliff  (26 SEP 1914 -  MAY 1991) in Luzerne County, PA, Burial:  MAY 1991 Scotts Cemetery, bet Waterton & Huntington Mills. 
                       5. Merea Maud L. Sutliff  b. Mar 28, 1892. d. 1894 Buried in Scott Cemetery, Huntington Mills 1894
                       5. Ester Sutliff b. Jan 1896
    1510      4. Francois Sutliff   b: 1850 in Huntington 1860 8 1870 19 farm laborer
    1511      4. Virgil Sutliff   (1859-1860) in Huntington,                          
    1513      4. Hannah Sutliff  b, 1852 in Huntington 1860 6 1870 17
    1514      4. Diantha  Sutliff  b,: 1855 in Huntington,  1870 Diantha C. aged 14, Huntington 
    1140   3. x Wesley Sutliff   b, 1818  1840 aged 30-40  m. Susana Dodson  aged 20-30 Salem, Luzerne PA  SUTLIFF, Wesley b. Sep 30, 1838 d. Jul 25, 1888 49.9.25

    SUTLIFF, Kate (Catharine) w/o Wesley b. Dec 24, 1838 d. 1928

    SUTLIFF, Myrtie May d/o Wesley Sutliff (Bruce Sutliff. Ashmy?) b. May 16, 1875 d. Nov 20, 1880

    SUTLIFF, Bruce E. s/o Wesley Sutliff b. Oct 4, 1873 d. 1940
                  4. Synthia Phebe, m. ___Lutsinger 
    1142  3. xii Roxana Sutliff,  b. 1814 m. Lukins. 
    1143  3. Xiii Hannah Sutliff, b. 1822 m. Louder.
                   ( Continued)
                                                                           Fuller Treatment of Asahel (Ashel) Sutliff line 
    Civil War Veterans from Ross Township
    A proper family re-unionAbiel Sutliff (Company F, 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, under Capt. Tubbs.)
    Andrew F. Sutliff served with Co. B 48th Pennsylvania Volunteers  from September 22 1864 untill June 28 1865
    Ashel W. Sutliff  (Co F, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment),
    Henry Sutliff from 1862 till the close
    Jesse B. Sutliff. Company B, 48th Pennsylvania Volunteers
    Pine Grove Cemetary 48th PA Regiment Co. B

    A biting cartoon showing Confederate president Jefferson Davis in league with both the devil and Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold. Arnold and

    Sutliff Abile
    143 Infantry
    Sutliff Andrew F 199 Infantry
    Sutliff Ashel
    143 Infantry
    Sutliff David L 84 Infantry
    Sutliff Jesse B 48 Infantry
    Sutliff John M 199 Infantry
    Sutliff Joseph G 84 Infantry
    Sutliff Solomon
    143 Infantry
    Sutliff Sterling D 143 Infantry
    Sutliff Wesley W 188 Infantry
    Sutliff Wesley W 199 Infantry
    Sutliff Wesley W 178 Infantry

    Stephen H. Sutliff (Company D, Ninth  Reg.,PA Cavalry),
    Miles Sutliff Co. l, 9th Reg. PA Cav. 14 Nov 1861-16 May 1862
    Lorenzo Ruggles, and William Nagle
    Huntington Township
    Singleton Sutliff 143rd and Sterling Goss 143rd

    Jacob Nagel, Carlton Nagle, A Nagle
    1461 4. Ashel W Sutliff (1841-1917) (son of Barna and Rachael (Dodson) Sutliff b. 7-14-1841 Huntington Twp. d. 4-17-1917 Hughesville, Lycoming Co.) Civil War hero at Battle of Gettysburg. By 1850 he had moved to Ross township and remained there until about 1910 where he had moved to Hughesville Ward 1, Lycoming, PA to live with son Jacob.  m. Sarah Ann Gregory (1848-1905) 25 May 1848 to 26 Dec 1905. Union,Twp. PAOK OK daughter of Shadrack Gregory and Elizabeth Adelman, on 12. May. 1867 at New Columbus,.  Asahel  began military service on 8. Sep. 1862; enlisted as a private in Co F, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. He ended military service on 7. Nov. 1863; received a disability discharge Co F, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  He established the Bloomingdale P. O. in 1864, serving as Postmaster until 1895. He lived across the street
     Asahel was shown in the 1870 census as a country merchant. with a name change to Ashel. The farm was valued at $ 2,000.00, personal property $3,000.00.  Asahel was shown in the census of 1880 as a farmer; Ashel 38, Sara A. 32.

    Shickshinny Train Station

    Children: Leona E. 12, Allie B. 10, Eva 8, Dana S. 4, Daisy P. Ashel W. Sutliff, 
    Sarah Ann Gregory and widowed daughter Leona Benscoter lived in the family home at the census of 7.Jun. 1900 59, at Ross Twp., ; 7 children, 6 living. Asahel W. Sutliff appeared on the census of 19. Apr. 1910 a widower, living with his son Jacob in Hughesville, Lycoming County, PA,. He was buried with his wife in the
    Bloomingdale Cemetery. Several children are buried with them: J. R., A. M. Leona., A. W. B. , Jas. M. 
    1870 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Ashel Sutliff, aged 29, country merchant, bp PA; Wife Sarah A. aged 23, bp PA; Leona Elizabeth aged 2; Allice B. aged 5 months -- both born PA. 1900 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: Ashel W. Sutliff, aged 58, born Jul 1841, farmer, bp PA, both parents PA; Sarah A. aged 52, born May 1848, married 33 years, seven children w/ six living, bp PA, both parents PA; daughters, Leona E. Benscoter, aged 32, born Mar 1858, widow, school teacher; Eva Sutliff, aged 26, born Oct 1873, school teacher -- both born PA. 1910 census Hughesville, Lycoming, PA: Jacob Sutliff, aged 28, retail druggist, bp PA, both parents PA; Ocie M. aged 30, first marriage for both of six years, one child, bp PA, both parents PA; Anna S. aged 4, bp PA; father, Ashel W. Sutliff, aged 68, own income, bp PA, both parents PA.
    WILLIAMSPORT GAZETTE & BULLETIN, Williamsport, PA, April 20, 1917: "The funeral of A. W. Sutliff was held last evening at 6:30 o'clock at the residence of his son, Dr. Jacob Sutliff, of Main street. The remains were taken to Bloomingdale for interment."
                      5. Leona Elizabeth Sutliff Bescoter b.3-18-1868, She attended the Bloomingdale School, Pleasant Hill Academy and the (continued below)
    Pleasant Hill Academy was opened by Professor A. W. Moss in 1881 on the Sweet Valley site that has been known for the past 50 years or so as the "Pollock Plot."

    While further research remains to be done on the exact nature of these "academies" (of which there were a couple of others in nearby townships), the general thought on them is that they served dual purposes. All of a township's children would start school at age 6 and attend

    the various one-room schools up through the 8th grade but the Ross Township schools operated for only the legally-required minimum number of days. The Pleasant Hill Academy would run an initial Spring term of 4 weeks to supplement this education and make it more equal to that of schools in the neighboring areas. This term would be taught by a regular teacher from a nearby school. Notably absent were the older boys who were need to help on the farms.

    Leona Sutliff Benscoter ca. 1925

    The Summer term ran 6 weeks and was usually headed by a man who was a supervising principal at a nearby school. This was called the "Normal" term and was for students beyond 8th grade who wished to become teachers themselves. Enrollment at the Pleasant Hill Academy was approximately 65 students and tuition was 45-to-75 cents per week. They studied Latin, Algebra, Geometry, and "the common branches." Teachers were: Professor A. W. Moss, Professor Gaskill, D. M. Hobbs, Joseph Lord, E. B. Beishline, Asa E. Lewis, and Frank McGuigan. At one point, Asa E. Lewis became principal of the schools in Dallas Borough but returned to his home area of Sweet Valley to head the Academy for its Summer terms. In the late 1800's there were no high schools "out in the country", the nearest being in Nanticoke, and some families would send their 14-year-olds there for 4 additional years. Children who had finished 8th grade at age 14 but couldn't afford to either go to high school in Nanticoke or to the Pleasant Hill Academy were, as now, unable to drop out until age 16 so they had to re-cycle back through the 8th grade two more times.

    (Leona Sutliff contined)  Wilkes-Barre Business College. She taught in local schools for 13 years.  In 1897 she married Dr. Perry H. Benscoter of
    Warrier Run b. 4-25-1867;
    he served in the Spanish American War and died in Lexington KY in 1899. She became an instructor in the Correspondence Schools of Scranton PA.  .  Leona  was listed in the 1900 Census as a widowed school teacher living with her parents, Ross Twp., no children.  1910 as a school teacher at Scranton. She wrote to her sister Alice from Pleasant Hill academy in the early 1880s,
                     5. Alice (Allie) Blanch Sutliff (1870- (1-25-1870); educated in Bloomingdale School, Pleasant Hill Academy, and then west to Tri-state Normal School  (established 1884, today a small university) in Angola IN.  Taught 8 years in Luzerne Co. and Ohio. Starting in 1894 she was employed as the personal secretary of the sec./treasurer of the the Bates  Machine Co. Joliet IL, a position she held for many years. A letter of 2 Jan 1895 to Jacob asks how Dana is making out with his many sweethearts.  She notes on the envelope of a letter of Oct. 23 that ,"non one but myself ever  read. it. I assure you that it was burnt." (Sweet Valley)    Long letter from Susie B. her cousin (Weatherly, PA)  t March 20, 1882). She describes S.S., asks "how that boy of yours is getting along." - baby, how is Lizzie getting along, school goes 9-12, 1-4. She has a good teacher Miss Scherer, mentions Rosa, arranging a party for a friend Pirlie Rouse,.Also notes from cousins Hattie A. and Berthand Sutliff of Central, Columbia PA.  A letter from older sister Leona out of the home in the same time period., love to Pa, Ma,  sisters, brothers.  
    Bloomingdale P. O. and Store ca. 1906 (click to enlarge)
    E. Dana and Son Richard in doorway
    She appears to be rooming   at normal school as she asks her father to pick her up on Friday, Etta and Emma are coming into her room before study hour.
    A letter 4-4-1882 from Central PA with card from Hattie A Sutliff observed that  a married Cousin had died leaving 3 children the oldest 8. and a baby grl. 2 weeks old.  Later letters found Blanche in: Bardstown OH Nov. 1890, Jan 1891, Angola IN Apr 23,1891, Jul-1891; Register PA Jan 7, 1892, May 28,1892, Feb,1893, Sweet Valley June-92, Joliet IL Jan 1895. 1900 Blanch, 30 is living with sister Pearl,  age 21       1920, 49 She continues to live the single life in Joliet. When she died, her brother Dana went out to settle her affairs and sent back a lot of fancy dishes. art, etc. by train to Shickshinny.  Ann remembers helping to open the crates to see all the goodies.  Aunt Cal eventually inherited some of the items. 
                      5. Eva Agusta (Sutliff) Benscoter. (1873-1917)  (10-8-1873 to 1917), Educated in public schools and academies. Taught 8 years in the public schools of Luzerne and Carlisle Counties of PA. Was living in her father's home in 1902.  m. Thomas Edward Benscoter who lived in his fathers's home in Ross twp in 1900; a farmer 8-10-1904. They appeared on the census of 1910 36, 35 living in Huntington Twp.; no children. Eva A. Sutliff died in 1917.  "Daughter Eva was educated in the public schools and academies. Taught eight years in the public schools of Luzerne and Carlton counties, PA. In 1902, she was staying at home. 1900 Ashel W. Sutliff, aged 58, born Jul 1841, farmer, ; Sarah A. aged 52, born May 1848, married 33 years, seven children w/ six living,  daughters, Leona E. Benscoter, aged 32, born Mar 1858, widow   , school teacher; Eva Sutliff, aged 26, born Oct 1873, school teacher. 
                                                                                                6.  Freeze 
    Benscoter (1911-1999) (24. Jun. 1911 - 11. May. 1999) died at Berwick, Columbia County, PA
    Daisy Pearl Sutliff  (1876- )  (b. 12. Dec. 1876 (1878) Bloomingdale School and
    Wilkes-barre Business College. She was employed by the Bates Machine Co. for 6 months and then returned home for work at the Scranton Correspondence Schools, with a short shift at Dr. Hands Condensed Milk Co. An Aug 1899 letter from her mother found he living at 519 N. River St. W-B.
    She had sent her adult daughter a check with instructions on how to cash it and how to get from a ride the train station to their home with Mr and Mrs Williams. 1900 lived with her sister in Joilet IL.
                     5. Shadrack Dana Sutliffb. (Apr. 26, 1877) d. in infancy.  
                     5. Jacob Sutliff (1881-1945)  ( Aug 2, June 22,1945) Educated in public schools and Huntington Mills High School. Taught school one year.  He  apprenticed with Swarts of Wilkes-Barre  and then  attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.  M. (1)m.  1 Ocie M. "Sutliff" b: ABT 1880 in PA Married: ABT 1904 She died in the 20s.  (2) Lillian Maude Wolfe         (1885 -1964)  Jacob  was shown in the 1910, 1920 and 1930 Census as a druggist at Hughesville, Lycoming County, PA ;  1930 real estate value $5,000.00.  He died in 1945. Lillian died on 8. Nov. 1964 at age 79.  He was a favorite of his sisters Eva: She wrote him from Mauchunk Jun 1898 asking whether Leona was looking forward to a western trip., that Dr. owes her a letter. The family archives contain numerous letters to Jacob. 1910 census Hughesville, Lycoming, PA: Jacob Sutliff, aged 28, retail druggist; Ocie M. aged 30, first marriage for both of six years, one child,,Anna S. aged 4.  father, Ashel W. Sutliff, aged 68, own income, WWI Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918: Jacob Sutliff, dob Aug 2, 1881, druggist, married Ocie M ___, both residing Hughesville, Lycoming, PA; registered same Sep 12, 1918. 1920 census Hughesville, Lycoming, PA: Jacob Sutliff, aged 38, druggist,, Ocie aged 39, Anna aged 13 1930 census Hughesville, Lycoming, PA: Jacob Sutliff, aged 48, widower, pharmacist.. 1940 Census check on wife

    Obit. WILLIAMSPORT GAZETTE & BULLETIN, Williamsport [Lycoming County], PA, June 23, 1945: "Dr. Jacob Sutliff. MUNCY -- Dr. Jacob Sutliff, 64, a local druggist for the past ten years, died at 8 a.m. Friday, June 22, 1945, in the Homeopathic Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, where he was admitted four weeks ago. "Dr. Sutliff, who was a druggist in Hughesville a number of years, leaves his wife, Lillian; one brother, Dana Sutliff, of Bloomingdale; and a sister Pearl of Los Angeles, Calif. "Services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon from the funeral home, 96 North Main Street, Hughesville. The Rev. Herman G. Stuempfle, pastor of the Hughesville Lutheran Church, will officiate and burial will be made in Muhlenberg Cemetery. 
    "Friends may call at the funeral home this afternoon and up to the time of the funeral Sunday."
                                 6. Sara Ann Sutliff

                                 6.  Anna Sutliff (c 1907 -  ) 1910 3, 1920 13
                     5   (Unknown) Sutliff born c 1886. died  c 1886.                     
                    5. Edmund Dana Sutliff (1877-1962)4-26-1877 to 1-22-1962) Bloomingdale, Luzerne co. Attended Bloomingdale school,.Pleasant Hill
    Academy and Wilkes-Barre Business College.  He taught 6 years in Luzerne C.;  May 4, 1896 he moved to Washington St. W-B. Board was $3.50 a week. He  was employed four years by Dearing Harvester Co. and in 1902 by the Adriance Platt Co. Poughkeepsie NY. He married Mary Goss (6-8-1867 to 2-22-1862) on 8-10-1899. She was a daughter of Richard. G. Goss. She was born at Rittenhouse,
    Luzerne county, in 1877. Mr. Sutliff purchased the general mercantile business of Julius Vogle at Mildred, in the spring of 1903. He later sold that business and purchased the farm in Bloomingdale. During the 20s and 30s. he was employed by the
    Farm Bureau, developed a thriving apple orchard and a used and new furniture store from a concrete block building across from his home; the store prospered in a most unlikely country setting 
    1880 4, Dana S., Ross 1910 E. Dana 32, Mary Ann 32, Richard 9,  married 11 years 1920 42, 42 Richard 19 a student in high school which is hard to figure out! ,  Caroline 5. 1930 census Ross, Luzerne, PA: E. Dana Sutliff, aged 52, farmer, Mary aged 52, both first married aged 22,; Richard aged 29, laborer; Carolyn aged 15; a boarder, Edna Roushey, aged 22, teacher, bp PA.

    A cache of letters opens a window on changing times in the Wyoming Valley
    The war between the States (1861-1865) opened up a new world for farm boys and girls who had rarely traveled more than 50 miles from home. If the boys survived -  many did not - they would return home with a wider view of their nation and, perhaps, a yearning to pull up stakes and move on to something more rewarding than the hard  work and uncertainties of farming.
    The war had offered the stark differences between the rural economies and traditional ways of the South and the industrialization and emergence of the great cities of the North. The bucolic microcosm that was Ross, Huntington, Fairmont, Lake, Union, and Lehman Townships  had already been disturbed by a coal industry that had emerged earlier in the 19th Century mainly on the eastern side of the Susquehanna. Along with the destruction of the natural beauty of the region a few people were making a lot of money, some cities were growing larger and a new infrastructure was needed to serve the system. Train lines, trolleys, department stores, mechanical work-saving devices eroded the largely rural nature of the region.  The image of bare-foot boy trudging to the one room school was being replaced by one of young children working long hours in coal mines and sweat shops.  Some then and into the 21st Century would cherish the rural ways and remain but who would have predicted the demise of the family farm and the incursion of the second home, retirement homes, golf courses and artificial lakes.
    The post Civil War war era brought about change for most people as big business raised it's head and there were opportunities for boys and - yes - girls outside of the family home. This is seen in the family life of Veteran  Ashel W and Sara Ann Sutliff who's descendants lived in the family home for most of the next century. We gain some insight from from a collection of family letters and envelops mainly involving their older children in the 1880s an 90s.  These letters reveal the tensions of leaving home as well as the desire for adventure.
    The attic of the Sutliff family home and various nooks and crannies of various outbuildings, including the pig pen, provided antique furniture, dishes and knickknacks for those desiring remembrances of the past as well as magazines, business records and letters that no-one seemed able to discard.The letters written with pencil, ink and several typewritten in blue print are mainly between family members - a few from outsiders.  Why are so many envelopes empty?  Although several letters contain admonitions or promises to destroy the letter on reading, most letters have little that might titillate a 21st century reader,. 

    .              CHILDREN
                            6. Richard Sutliff (1900-1973) (6-10-1900 to 5-26-1973) He graduated from high school. His death was due to a fall in the family driveway and subsequent inadequatet medical treatment at a local hospital. 1910 Richard aged 9 WWI Draft Registration 12 SEP 1918 Richard Sutliff, dob Jun 10, 1900, single, farm laborer, residing Shickshinny,; father E. Dana Sutliff. Bloomingdale, Ross Twp. m. Merle (Stout) Sutliff  (27. Mar. 1912 to 4. Apr. 2005)  daughter of William Stout and  Emma Naugle,  in 1930. He lived for a time in Alaska before settling down next to his fathers farm to raise near family. he worked for many years at the electric power plant  at Muhlenberg  1930 Richard aged 29, laborer 1940 buried: May1973, Bloomingdale Cemetery, Bloomingdale
               7. Jean Ann (Sutliff) Haas (2-26-1932 - )  Born 3 months premature, she was delivered at Grandmother' Stout's home in Shickshinny, nursed by a shot of Whiskey and kept warm on a shelf of the coal kitchen stove. Spent most of her life in Hamilton MA where she taught science from 1972-1992 at Gordon College. On husband Jack"s retirement as Professor of Chrmistry in 1995 she  spent  time serving First Presbyterian Church of Ipswich as trustee and "clutter buster" for needy church woman, also quality time with their children and grandchildren.
                                       7. Dana Sutliff (1934 - ) b. 1934  m. Ruth Diffenbach  Served in the U. S. Army. Took over his grandfathers furniture store.
                                       7. Ashel (Ace) Sutliff) (1937- 2014) b. 1937   Served in the U. S. Army as a medic. Was a High School English teacher and then safety engineer at the Nuclear Power Plant. He died at home in Harveyville on the morning of Good Friday, April 18, 2014 after an extended illness. Buried in Bloomingdale Cemetery married twice, each time to a woman named Nancy
                                       7. Aby Gail Sutliff (1934 - ) b. 1943 Worked as a dental assistant. m (1) John Minsavage div. (2). m. George Clark

    Except for Ann, the later children married and spent the bulk of their lives near their Bloomingdale birthplace.

                          6. Carolyn Sutliff (8. Dec. 1914 - 4. Sep. 1990) was destined to be a teacher. She completed the 8 
    grades at Bloomingdale and High School at Nanicoke in 10 years skipping 2 grades in the process.  She attended Bloomsberg Normal School in 1930-22 to gain her teaching certificate and started teaching at Cragel Hill at the ripe old age of 18 -little older than some she taught. She moved later to the Hunlock Creek and 4th grade Muhlenberg Schools before moving out of the area to work in a war related job during WWII.  After the war she returned to her parents home,                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                     Young Teacher Caroline Sutliff
    teaching locally.  Becoming a Christian later in life she became interested in Christian Schools and supportive of many Christian ministries. Aunt Cal came close, but was never married - Archie Vincent who was rumored to be a local gangster. Late in her career she went back to Bloomsberg State College '57, for 

    Aunt Cal with niece, Jean Ann Sutliff - winter 1932
    advanced reading courses and later library science. Caroline would operate the first Summer bookmobile (grandnephew John Haas III remembers riding with her) in the Shickshinny area. Later she purchased a home in Muhlenberg, volunteered in a local Christian School. She died from breast and brain cancer at 76. She is remembered for her tea parties with nieces and their female friends. Aunt Cal was loved by all the children and grandchildren of the family.                                     

    The story continues: Richard and Merle Sutliff (1931-2006)   
  • An interesting question involves when "Sutliffs" moved from Huntington Mills to Bloomingdale, Ross Township. A quick search indicates that Barna had moved there at least by 1850 according to the Census!