Got my first commission completed, and started up my business Monday!  Check out the "Sutherland's Ink!" in the side bar for more information as it comes through!

18JUL08-  Tweaking of "UCAVs Over The Mountains" (making this drawing v.2.1)
Most of the changes are slight, mainly with sharpening the outlines of the aircraft, and sharpening the background scenery, and blending the clouds into the sky to make them seem realistic.  Also, highlights have been added to the ground like trees and the light reflecting off of the river!

17JUN08 "UCAVs Over the Mountains" (v2.0)
I finally finished my "UCAVs Over The Mountains" Picture as seen by the concepts below...  Those are the evolution of this final product!  Its still being tweaked though!  I've got some great inputs from the folks at Concept Art in the Critique Center Forum that has helped this piece climb to this height!  No photo references were used in the creation of this picture!  However, many photos of UCAVs (the X-45 A, B, and C models) and Boeing Phantom Works "Bird of Prey" demonstrator provide large amounts of inspiration for the airframe.  The main point of this particular piece was to work on my colors and my composition and receive the constructive criticism necessary for artistic growth.  So far, I think in that regard its served its purpose extremely well!  When I get the tweaking done, I'll be posting the new images!  Enjoy!
Done using the GIMP (v2.4.6) and Wacom Intusos 3 tablet.