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A response to Leon Ashby’s Climate Sceptics Party presentation "Why an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is not necessary"


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About this response

Leon Ashby’s anti-ETS presentation presents a range of evidence that appears to support his view that rising CO2 is not a problem and could even be a good thing.
Having seen a lot of evidence that human emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2 constitute a climate emergency, I searched for an online investigation of Ashby’s claims. It wasn’t hard to check the facts behind his slides: it took less than half an hour on Google to find the basis for each of the rebuttals below. But it didn’t seem that anyone had put it all together in one place, so I compiled this critique.
I’ve scored each of his claims using the following key:
Red herring

By my reckoning Ashby got two right and one half-right, against 27 wrong and 14 red herrings.
Please forward this critique to anyone who finds Ashby’s presentation persuasive. Constructive criticisms or comments are welcome. Email

Dialogue - Leon responds

I called Leon Ashby to let him know about this response to his presentation and he politely agreed to look into it. This ongoing dialogue is here, published with his permission.

Leon Ashby's presentation on SlideShare

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17 Feb 2010, 21:58