Sutherland Climate Action Network helps raise awareness about climate change and promotes strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across Sutherland Shire, New South Wales, Australia and the world.

Climate change is the biggest issue facing humanity. But what can one person do?

How about this for starters:

  1. Switch to green electricity – compare prices and benefits at Green Electricity Watch. And be sure choose a retailer committed to no new coal-fired power.
    • Did you know? You can get 10% GreenPower at no extra cost from four different suppliers.
    • 100% GreenPower is available from just $4.40 extra per week.
  2. Leave the car at home – take public transport, carpool, walk or ride a bike instead.
  3. Lobby governments to reduce use of fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy. Write a letter a month with the Citizens’ Climate Campaign.
  4. Buy only appliances with good energy ratings.
  5. Buy low energy light bulbs – yes, even for downlights! Turn lights off whenever not in use.
  6. Install ceiling insulation and replace your old electric water heater with solar hot water.
  7. Use fans and fresh air instead of air conditioning – dress warmly in winter.
  8. Reduce or offset your air travel.
  9. Buy recycled or plantation timber products only – not rainforest or old-growth timber.
  10. Join us! Share your ideas for action in the community – see our contact page.
  11. more ideas »

From the most trusted people in our community...

You can't stop progress!

Fix the CPRS! The greener we get ...the more they pollute.

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Divestment Seminar 
Learn how to make your money work
for the good of the planet 

Sutherland United Services Club
7 East Parade Sutherland
Wednesday 18 February 2015
7.00pm to 8.30pm

To celebrate Global Divestment Day we're hosting a Divestment Seminar in Sutherland on Wednesday February 18. We'll explain how individuals can exert pressure on institutions such as banks, superannuation and electricity providers to cut funding for climate change.

Last year the Rockefeller Fund, Australian National University, Stanford, Glasgow University, Victoria University in New Zealand, the World Council of Churches, the Uniting Church and many others pulled their investments out of fossil fuel companies. Find out how you can join this fast growing movement and make your money work for the good of the planet.

 The Shire Loves Renewable Energy

 Nine in ten people in Sutherland Shire want more renewable energy:

 Download survey results in Excel:   Big Solar Poll   Renewable Energy Survey
  • Zero Carbon Australia Learn how Australia can make the shift to 100% renewable energy using baseload solar thermal power station sand wind farms.
  • 100% Renewable Join the community campaign for Australia to make the shift to 100% Safe Healthy Inexhaustible Renewable Energy

Damage from longwall coal mining - just like at Woronora

The end of oil - coming to Sydney in 2012

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