How do I pay the membership-fee?

Our club is based on a trust-system. The membership fee is NOK 200 per semester. You can pay at the club and you will get a receipt there or directly to our account.


How can I join a dive?

You can either join one of the dives announced via Mailing list or you can send out an E-mail yourself and announce a dive. If you´d like to use the club car, it is mandatory announce your dive via mailing-list.  Put in the subject line, when the dive will be. If you´d like to take the boat out, remember to announce in the subject line that it is a "boat dive".

I´d like to dive but I don´t have any certificate yet. What do I do?

Send us an e-mail, we can find someone that will provide you with a diving course.


I don´t have any own equipment. What do I do?

You can rent equipment at the club. Send an e-mail to sut-styre@list.uit.no and tell us when you´d like to rent it and what kind of equipment you need.


I don´t know how to fill up tanks. What do I do?

Also send an e-mail to sut-styre@list.uit.no, then we can organise someone who can give you instructions on how to fill the tanks or we can fill them for you. It is important that only instructed personell uses the compressor.