+The Susu Plus money pool allows us to
  • aggregate our monies,
          • invest in businesses,
  • create jobs for our families and communities.
              • and live like a millionaire.

In essence, live the principles of PowerEconomics!

Benefits of a Susu only better!

  • Take out as much as you want!
  • Never have to pay it back!
  • Forgive your own loans with our SusuPlus!

The old Susu:
  • A rotating credit association especially popular among immigrants for raising capital quickly, enabling them to purchase businesses in your neighborhood.
  • Derived from the Yoruba word "esusu," which roughly translates to "pooling the funds and rotating the pot."
  • Involves a group (usually five to 10 family members or friends) that contribute a set amount of money each week into a pool for a certain period of time.
  • Each week, one member gets a "hand" (payout)--the entire amount of the pool collected for that week.
  • Once each member has received a hand (payout), the Susu is usually dissolved.
  • Weekly contributions can run anywhere from $100 or $500 up to $1,000. Hands generally range from $5,000-$15,000, depending on the size of the Susu.
  • Susu hands are most often used for securing home mortgages, they also come in handy for cash flow management and raising seed capital.
  • The most important member of a Susu and usually the one that organizes it- is the Susu banker, often times a business owner or someone with access to a special secretive place where the money would be kept safe.

Main challenge for running a successful Susu has been:
Most “Susu bankers” are not the types that can easily be pushed over, but you don't always know that banker. All Susus are run differently, but for security reasons- sometimes the banker collects the money themselves and the members may not know of each other at all. The banker is often a very trustworthy member of the community, but the main parameters of the Susu is often kept very secretive, especially where the money will be held.

Another challenge has been someone quitting once they receive their "hand" but before everyone else has theirs.

Problem solved! Get the benefits without the challenges with The new SusuPlus:
  • Unlimited number of people may participate.
  • Amount of money keeps growing and everyone gets paid.
  • You participate for as long as you want to.
  • Your contribution is only $40 per month.
Most important:
No “Susu bankers” required! Your money is securely paid to a well established, 87 year old company.
They in turn pay you based on the number of participants, deposited into the account of your choice.

Susus work because of their community orientation. The source of their energy to create them, support them, maintain them, comes from the community. And just as a rising tide raises all ships, the Susus improve conditions for the entire community.

Our SusuPlus also derives its energy from the community, and improves conditions for all. You just need to join the MCA Platinum Matrix and put in $40 per month and involve at least 3 other people. Oh yes, the first month, you'll pay first and last month ($80), that way if someone stops at any time, they will not mess up the system.

To see how it all works, watch this video:


If you personally refer just THREE people to a Platinum Plan, and the next month they do the same, and this process continues on for each new member, within 12 months, you can have potentially have monthly income of nearly $100,000 with the company’s Matrix. You can earn from those on your team below you as well as those above you. Everyone Wins.  If you refer even more, every person provides you an ADDITIONAL 100% Check match on theirs and their referrals matrix income. But this requires your ENTIRE team to WORK.  You should be willing help yourself and your team succeed.

You will also earn 100% Matching Matrix Income on ANYONE your Personally Refer, and on those people they refer in addition to your own earnings. Matrix Income is paid Monthly to each MCA Platinum Plan Member on the first Friday on or after the 15th of each month.  It is paid on the same check along with your regular referral income. 

When you are in the MCA Matrix, you can receive people in your matrix who you do not personally refer.  This is called SPILLOVER.  This occurs when someone above you refers someone to a Platinum Plan, but there is no room for someone directly below them.  Each member can only have 3 people directly below them.  If all position are filled, it will "spillover" below to the next available slot from left to right.  The member will end up directly below someone else helping them build their own and that person's matrix and providing themselves the 100% check match.

It is POSSIBLE to build a full matrix without out referring anyone and earn a residual income of $7,500+ monthly, but this will take considerable time as there are many places a member can fall above you and on the same level as you.  Picture a branch of a tree, if you start at the start of a branch, there are many paths you could take to navigate to the end of any of the endings of a branch.  If you are depending SOLELY on spillover, the process to build your matrix will take a SIGNIFICANT amount of time, realistically years, not to mention, you will dramatically reduce your income ability as on each spillover, the 100% check match belongs to the person who referred them in, irregardless as to where they fall in the matrix.

PLEASE NOTE: $80 Commissions are NOT part of the 100% Matching, only the Reward Dollars Listed in the table above.

See all you get for your $40 per month