Sustainovation on-going programs for Bay Area businesses include:

Green Eggs - on-site breakfast presentations and discussions where major Silicon Valley companies showcase their sustainability initiatives and attendees learn new strategies

In-Depth Dialogues - talks by innovators, corporate and governmental leaders on various  sustainable business and governmental issues, leading to thought partnership, group discussions and networking

Green Drinks Palo Alto - local chapter of an international venue for informal networking where entrepreneurs, employees, consultants and others share tips, ideas, and leads related to green business and sustainability.  We meet each third Wednesday of the month.

In addition, Sustainovation offers the following services by request:

Speaker Engagements & Workshops - multi-day special events with industry leaders in the field of sustainability, including public lectures, corporate consulting, radio spots, and private gatherings

Sustainable Enterprise Workshops - one or two day workshop where corporate representatives learn the basic "ladder of sustainability", with practical applications to their specific company's activity

Sustainability Tours - guided tours highlighting sustainability initiatives at major corporations, offering inside experiences of the issues and practices around corporate sustainability.