Sustainovation has been a project of Conexions-Partnerships for a Sustainable Future since 2006. Prior to 2006, Sustainovation was named the Business and Sustainability Group (BSG) and was a project of the Foundation for a Global Community.


The founding team members from BSG came from the business sector. They saw the need to educate this sector about sustainability and business and support and amplify the work of sustainable business pioneers.  In the middle of the decade the needs in this sector were changing and the rebranding of our name to Sustainovation and our positioning with innovation, reflected the change. The  complex challenges facing the environment and the rapid pace of change were becoming increasingly  apparent. Sustainability needed to be the engine of innovation. The disciplines of innovation need to be applied to the challenges facing the environment.


Much progress has been made since our founding, due to the efforts of ourselves, other mission-aligned NGOs, and the sustainable business pioneers we have encouraged and supported.  Going forward, the need is to take this fledgling momentum, and amplify it. 


If sustainable innovation becomes a central driver of our business and community cultures, across disciplines and across generations, regenerative business practices can become widespread, 


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Program History