About Us

Since the start of the 21st Century, Sustainovation has worked to establish green and sustainable practices as the Engine of Innovation that drives economic revitalization and long-term prosperity. We inspire the business community with knowledge about how the incorporation of sustainability principles into strategic decisions catalyzes innovation, creates new market opportunities, and delivers tangible bottom-line success. We shift the focus of economic thinking from short-term financial rewards for a limited group of stakeholders to the long-term well being of organizations, communities, and the ecosystem.
In our work, we focus on four populations:
  • Sustainability champions inside companies, cities or networks
  • Sustainability entrepreneurs - key inventors of new systems and solutions
  • Students and young professionals -- the sustainability innovators of tomorrow
  • Career-shifters - those redirecting their talents to focus on greening our businesses

We design all our programs and initiatives with three objectives at the center: 
Educate.  Inspire.  Connect.