This toolkit was created in conjunction with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's (AASHE) publication A Guide to Creating and Maintaining Internship Programs. The toolkit provides access to sustainability internship program resources crowdsourced from sustainability managers across the country. Submissions to the toolkit are accepted at sip.managers[at]gmail.com


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How This Site is Organized

The guide is organized in three chapters. The toolkit provides resources for chapters two and three: 
Chapter Three is divided into six more categories based on what the guide terms the "Life Cycle of an Internship." These sections include: 
  1. Setting Goals and Priorities
  2. Developing Internship Project
  3. Establishing a Hiring Process
  4. Supporting Students During Internships 
  5. Evaluating the Program
  6. Creating an Alumni Network
The graphic below illustrates this cycle: 

All resources are housed within a Google Drive folder. Visit the section listing Chapter 3 resources, or click here to enter the entire toolkit

Other Resources

Here are some additional resources you may find helpful in building or managing a sustainability internship program (SIP): 

This toolkit wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions of SIP managers across the country. Founding contributors include: 
  • Arizona State University: Sada Gilbert
  • Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA): Steve Glazner
  • Bentley University: Natalie Berland and Amanda King
  • College of Charleston: Jen Jones
  • Connecticut College: Josh Stoffel
  • Duke University: Casey Roe
  • Emory University: Emily Cumbie-Drake
  • Indiana University, Bloomington: Bill Brown and Emilie Rex
  • Oberlin College: Bridget Flynn
  • Texas A&M University: Ben Kalscheur
  • University of Arkansas: Carlos Gilberto Ochoa Jr. 
  • University of California, Berkeley: Katherine Walsh and Kira Stoll
  • University of California, Santa Cruz: Shauna Casey
  • University of Illinois, Chicago: Cindy Klein-Banai and Zoe Lukens 
  • University of Richmond: Emilie Rex
  • University of Texas, Austin: Hiro Horikoshi, Markus Hogue, and Jennifer Hobson
  • Virginia Tech: Angie De Soto and Emily Schosid

The guide was edited by Monika Urbanski of AASHE Programs Coordinator/Analyst and desgined by Krissy Gilhooly of Potassium Design.

Several other members of the sustainability community graciously served as readers and provided valuable feedback: 
  • McKenzie Beverage, Sustainability Coordinator, Butler University
  • Bill Brown, Director of Sustainability, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Jillian Buckholz, Director Of Sustainability, University of California, East Bay
  • Michael Hamburger, Professor of Geological Sciences, Co-Chair of Campus Sustainability Advisory Board, Indiana University, Bloomington 
  • Stephenie Presseller, Sustainability Manager, Moraine Valley Community College
  • Douglas Rex, Professor of Medicine, Indiana University 
  • Judy Walton, Program Administrator, Urban Sustainability Accelerator, Portland State University