What is a Student Sustainability Workshop?

A Student Sustainability Workshop is an 8 week program held each fall and spring semester on the LAVC campus.  Each meeting lasts 1½ hours and is designed to educate students about important environmental issues while providing them with practical solutions they can use to reduce their environmental impact, conserve resources and save money.  With the guidance of a trained Workshop Leader and the course text, the Sustainable Worksbook, students discuss issues, participate in hands-on activities and watch films relating to the 6 topics covered in the workshop: Water, Energy, Waste, Chemicals, Transportation and Shopping/Food.  The Student Sustainability Workshop is a fun and enlightening experience that increases student’s understanding of the local, regional, and global impact of their daily choices. They become empowered with the knowledge that small actions can make a big difference!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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LAVC Spring 2010 Workshops

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Student Greening Program Coordinator: 

Holli Fajack

Email: holli.fajack@sustainableworks.org
Phone: (323) 385-4703