Willow Creek Planning Collaborative

The Sierra National Forest’s Bass Lake Ranger District was given Regional and National direction to restore watersheds to normal function, and one step in this process was to update the out-of-date Willow Creek Watershed Analysis. This project was utilized as a collaborative opportunity to better engage the community and bring stakeholders together to discuss their visions and priorities for this watershed and to engage them in the process.  The participation level was impressive, with between 20 and 50 participants at each meeting and field trip. The deliverables of this effort were:
  • A living, guiding document developed by the collaborative which directs future Forest Service actions in the Willow Creek watershed;
  • A committed and engaged stakeholder group eager to continue its work with the Bass Lake Ranger District, such as the Whiskey Ridge Project and North Fork bioenergy plant described below; and
  • A growing public involvement in public lands management.

Whiskey Ridge Project Scoping Field Trips:
This project started as an outgrowth of the Willow Creek Planning effort. It is the largest project proposed in this particular forest region, 18,000 acres. SFCC has played a central role in supporting this process, and participation in the field trips has been high, each one drawing over 50 people.  Feedback was especially focused on timber development, roads maintenance, range, water developments and habitat restoration. The project was designed to enhance collaborative elements within the existing NEPA process.

 Bioenergy Plant in North Fork: This project has been supported by the SFCC since the inception of the group, and the project area is located on the old North Mill site and within the Bass Lake Ranger District, in which the SFCC efforts in Willow Creek and Whiskey Ridge have played an important role.

The Addendum to the 1995 Willow Creek Landscape Analysis developed by the Willow Creek Planning Collaborative can be found, as well as the Forest Service Letter of introduction to the Addendum, through the Supporting Background Documents link below. 


The Bass Lake Ranger District is currently working with this group directly as future opportunities for  collaborative planning in the Willow Creek watershed aris. If you want to be put on the mailing list for future communications about projects or events in the Willow Creek watershed, please contact Aimee Smith at ( asmith03@fs.fed.us )or at (559)877-2218 ext. 3151. 

Please follow the links in the subpages listed below to access Additional Resources and Research, Meeting Agendas and Notes, and Support Background Documents that relate specifically to the Collaborative.