Welcome to the Sustainable Forests and Communities Collaborative Website!

This group is comprised of a diverse range of stakeholders from throughout Madera, Mariposa, Fresno and Tulare Counties with a common interest in the ecological, economic and cultural health of the Sierra Nevada.
Mission Statement:
The Sustainable Forests and Communities Collaborative initiates, encourages and supports efforts that promote a healthy sociological system of forests, watersheds and economies in the communities of the South Central Sierra through a transparent, collaborative and mutually supportive process within a diverse and committed stakeholder group.
Vision Statement:
 The vision of the Sustainable Forests and Communities Collaborative is of a Central Sierra region in which the challenges presented by fire, forest and cultural resource stewardship have been transformed into a healthy sociological system of forests, watersheds and economies in communities that are thriving in a long-term, sustainable way. This healthy system will transcend its present boundaries, providing a home for future generations to enjoy and multifaceted benefits to all Californians.
  • Fuel reduction and forest restoration
  • Local economic and environmental sustainability 
  • Enhancements to the watershed to protect local users and benefit downstream users
  • Protection of cultural, historical and archaeological resources
  • Promoting environmental stewardship and awareness
  • Renewable energy production
  • Ongoing environmental assessment, monitoring and outreach
  • Promoting projects that support healthy community wild fire and urban interface
  • Build capacity to plan, fund & implement projects 
What our members are saying:
  • "SFCC is a passionate group of persons who really care about our community and want to see positive changes that are possible and beneficial for the individuals and families who live in the sierra foothills.  The seemingly tireless efforts and consistency in not giving up has been an outstanding example in how to really make positive changes possible."

  • "I am staying engaged with the SFCC because I enjoy working with a diverse group of folks that really have the interests of the community at heart--- who support and understand the need for sustainable use and management of the local forest and wildlands and also friends' and neighbors' economic stability. "

  • "Being involved with the SFCC has made the department & Tribe become aware of its partners within the Sierra Nevada Range. It would be nice to have more Tribal participation, but we understand how difficult it can be to choose what meetings to go to. We chose to participate with the group because of the importance of collaboration. Collaboration is the key for successful Programs, whether it be internal within an organization or external."
  • "The collaborative approach to problem solving [keeps me engaged with the SFCC]!!  From the citizen prospective it seems that federal, state, and local resource agencies seldom ever talk to each other - let alone truly engage residents of the area.   As a retired bureaucrat, I was guilty of that allegation.  Living here since the late 1970's, SFCC represents the first opportunity at establishing a forum or incubator, for ALL stakeholders to collaboratively improve the long-term environmental, economic, and social well-being of this Sierra Nevada Region.  I look forward to each and every SFCC meeting simply because of the level of commitment and participation each participant contributes." 

  • "The diversity of professionals in land management and environmental science - [and] the opportunity to learn from them [has kept me engaged in the SFCC]. The SFCC has given me the ability to help start an initiative to reduce fire danger on provate lands in the Sierra Foothills."

  • "The SFCC is an all inclusive collaboration designed to enhance both the nature and human economy. It is sustainable when a professional can share data with the environmentally minded and vice versa thereby promulgating a healthy holistic public and private landbase. The SFCC is a diversity of cultural, educational and governmental interfacing."

  • "[I participate in the SFCC] because it seems like the stakeholders really WANT to be there. I feel they are looking for a new way to handle challenges because the realize the same old way of doing it does not work."

  • "We created a serious problem with fire suppression in the past few decades. If we don't make changes to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires,the problem becomes increasingly dangerous."

  • "The Sustainable Forests and Communities Collaborative (SFCC) has been a valuable connection for the Sierra and Sequoia National Forest's - Tribal Relations Program. The various Federal, State and local government agencies, Nongovernmental Organization's, Tribal government representatives, Tribal groups and organizations all actively share valuable information and the tribal reps share Traditional Cultural/Ecological Knowledge at each meeting. We continue to build familiarity with each others mission and goals and can all relate to the SFCC Mission statement.  The facilitators keep the group moving in the right direction and learn from each meeting and promote the benefits to other organizations that are new to the collaborative group.  SFCC staff have attended several USFS sponsored Sierra/Sequoia Tribal Forums and have shared timely information with Tribal Leadership on the SFCC Mission and related events, activities and initiatives. I have personally benefited by the networking aspects of the SFCC.  At each meeting we have engaged in interest based problem solving as a way to helping each other. The meetings are always conducted in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere (no drama).  As a frequent facilitator of USFS meetings I learn from Mandy, Elissa and others in their meeting management style.   I have expanded my knowledge of the geographic areas where the meetings have been held and I seize the moment to ask more about the history/traditions of areas visited. "