Environmental Recap

Tracking environmental quality on Redmond.gov

The City of Redmond's official city website, redmond.gov, contains some information that allows to track changes in environmental quality over time. Here are some recommendations how to find them:

1. Read Community Indicators, which are a broad-based community tool maintained by the Planning Department to address a range of topics beyond environmental topics. The nitty gritty indicator info is lower on the right side of that page where information is provided on an annual basis so one can track macro trends through multiple annual studies. This page also contains Quick Links to the dashboard indicators, which summarize elements of Budget by Priorities. Future Dashboard indicators are being updated to include tree canopy, split between various modes of transportation, water quality, etc, as described by the City Council on March 8, 2016 (as described in the file “ Dashboard Measure Recommended Changes_2016.docx” accessible via the March 8 agenda).

2. Key environmental topic areas are:
3. The most recent performance report of May 26, 2015, for which an update is set for May 10,2016.

4. Redmond’s environmental goals are expressed in the budget, in the "Infrastructure and Growth" section. For 2015/16, this section is here. For other budgets, refer to the list in the Budget page. In the 2015/16 budget, Water supply, infrastructure and system maintenance are on page 153.

5. The most detailed information on Redmond’s environmental goals is found in Clean and Green budget priority line items and selected priorities within Infrastructure and Growth. On the Community Indicators page, select Budgeting by Priorities, go to Adopted Budgets, then select the Table of Contents For example, http://www.redmond.gov/common/pages/UserFile.aspx?fileId=155902 details line items for the 2016 Clean and Green budget priority. (Details begin on page 8 of 35 after background info. See particularly pages 13, 17, 21, 25, 30 and 35.) Water supply, infrastructure and system maintenance are at http://www.redmond.gov/common/pages/UserFile.aspx?fileId=155908

Selected Topics

Climate Action Plan

Redmond has set targets to reduce greenhouse emissions from municipal operations.  Green power is also an area of local emphasis, as is the role of tree cover in improving both environmental quality and quality of life for Redmond residents. See video of the staff presentation on tree canopy from April, 14 2015. The next Redmond’s Climate Action Plan report is scheduled for May 10, 2016.

Since 2011, Sustainable Redmond has championed urban tree retention as quantified in percent of tree canopy.  We are gratified that the City has decided to implement this metric, preserve our urban forests and expand tree planting to enhance ecological values and the quality of life for residents. See also our special page on Tree Canopy.

Water Quality

The health of Redmond’s aquifer, water quality in our streams and stormwater infrastructure systems are key elements of Redmond’s environmental quality. As growth comes to both Downtown and Overlake urban centers, capital investment in green infrastructure is a recent strategy. See video of City Council agenda item IV.B.1.d of January 19, 2016.

Growth and Traffic Congestion

The split between transportation modes and trend away from solo car drivers is found in a February 16, 2016 report to City Council as agenda item IV.B.1.a (see video and agenda). “Mode split” will be a community indicator that quantifies traffic congestion, bike/ped/transit usage and positive effects on air quality.

Community Engagement

Environmental quality is a community priority as shown in Redmond’s annual citizen survey (see video of report of agenda item IV.B.1.c.) Near-term opportunities for public comment, beginning on April 28, can be found in the new Neighborhood Conversations page. Public hearings in the context of Redmond’s Budget by Priorities process will begin on June 21, 2016.