John Peter Thompson

Bioeconomic policy advocate, Agricultural information, Ecosystem service project management, Integrated Pest & Vegetative Management assessments and plans, Environmental Assessments (EA) and NEPA documentation,  Natural Environment Inventories

John Peter Thompson is a strategic advisor to public and private organizations seeking a sustainable future. 

EcoSystemServices brings pragmatic,innovative and practical solutions to government, businesses and non-profits.
Our subject matter knowledge and strong relationships with policy makers, trade associations, environmental, labor and consumer groups 
enable us to foster dialogue and create working collaborations or a range of organizations including:

USDA APHIS, ARS and Forest Service
US Department of Interior, National Park Service
The African Investment Corporation
North West Coffee Association of Cameroon
Maryland Africa Trade Office
American Nursery & Landscape Association
Maryland Nursery & Landscape Association
Prince George's Community College
LBJ Wild Flowers Center SITES Project


National Agricultural Research Alliance - Beltsville


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