Xavier's Homepage

I have plenty of interesting things for you. A lot of the pages still need major updating, but I have a lot of things you can look into so you shouldn't get bored. Enjoy and drop me a line if you want!

I. Personal Vision Statement: Respect, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Honor, and Happiness; plus some stories I wrote.

II. My list of recommended books: Interesting things for people interested in living a better life and adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

III. My activism and interesting-links page: I have a somewhat different view about activism these days but if you want to join like-minded people to preserve the environment, stop the destruction of our planet, and feel better about life, it's still the place to go!

IV. Quotes: Some neat things people have said.

V. More interesting links: I don't have time to describe those in detail but browse around to find really cool
Visit my wife Rosalee's blog on cool herbal stuff!

VI. My Vitae.