Ultrafiltration for sustainable hydroponics

Ultrafiltration is one of several disinfection options for hydroponics. Primary Principles is testing the efficacy and value for greenhouse and hydroponic managers
A disease free source of water is essential to efficient and cost effective hydroponic production. Furthermore, a closed hydroponic system, in which nutrient solution run-off is reused, improves water and fertiliser efficiency by up to 40%. Reuse of water, however, increases disease risk.

Ultrafiltration could reliably remove key pathogens at a lower cost and without chemical residues or impacting on the dissolved nutrients in a hydroponic nutrient solution.

Primary Principles Pty Ltd with the support of Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd and the collaboration of NSW DPI is currently running a series of trials to confirm ultrafiltration as a viable low cost water disinfection and nutrient solution recycling option.

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Coffs Harbour landcare field day  
25th May, 2016  
Ultrafiltration field day Coffs Harbour, NSW