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Hanover Healthy Kids Initiative (HHKI) - Lasted updated on 10/1/10

Who we are:

The Hanover’s Healthy Kids Initiative is a growing number of parents, teachers and community members who are motivated to create a healthy eating environment for our children in our schools and also in our homes.  We will do this by emphasizing the basics of nutrition — fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, minimally processed, low-sodium, low-sugar foods.

We support implementing a more robust school health and wellness curriculum and fostering an atmosphere where children learn to make healthy food choices for themselves everyday, all day so that they can become healthy adults free of disease and discomfort.

Promoting our goals by:

1.  Introduce a new school menu containing fresh, whole foods in September 2010.

2.  Bring Healthy Food Awareness to children and parents through community activities and education such as lunch eat-ins at the schools and healthy cooking classes.

3.  Improve the look of the school cafeterias to reinforce healthy food choices and create a pleasant atmosphere in which to eat.

4.  Fundraising efforts to help raise money for cafeteria-related improvements, such as a point of sale software system.

How You Can Help:

Hanover’s Healthy Kids Initiative is always looking for ideas, suggestions, volunteers and support – join our movement, help promote our goals – make a difference in our children’s health today!  

Join Today by:

Email Bridgette DeMinico bdeminico@comcast.net

or Hope Recupero hoperecupero@yahoo.com

Join us on FaceBook Food for Thought - Healthy Food in Hanover Schools (non-profit)

Health panel approves new nutrition rules

 for Mass. public schools!

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Hanover Healthy Kids Initiative – Just the Facts
35% of American Children are obese or at risk
Centers for Disease Control: “We are facing a childhood obesity epidemic.” “This generation of children will be the first in the nation’s history to live shorter lives than those of their parents.
30% of boys born in 2000 and 40% of girls will develop diabetes.
There are soaring rates of asthma, ADD, anxiety, autism, learning disorders and depression among children.
1 in 4 children take prescription medication daily for chronic illness.
2000% increase in amphetamine prescriptions for children since 1990.
Americans spend 200 billion per year in diet related health care costs. Twice as much per person per year than any other developed nation.
50% of all cancer could be prevented through healthy diet and exercise.
The average American life expectancy ranks 27th in the world.
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