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Chatham House London Dec 7-8  A sustainable Food Future Register to join in online or real.


Food Matters Live 17-19 London "The relationship between food, nutrition and health remains one of the most critical issues of our time. The Food Matters Live 2015 Conference addresses this complex and challenging subject through a rich and varied programme across 17 thought-provoking debates." 


Institute of Zoology Future of Food and Biodiversity 21-22 London "Food production and biodiversity conservation are in conflict.  Join experts and leading voices from farmers' groups, food suppliers, major retailers, conservationists, scientists, NGOs and policy-makers to debate sustainable solutions to the growing challenge of balancing food security and envrionmental protection."


Harrogate 11th @FEED Conference Towards New Farming and Food systems "Farming and food production have to react to new policy developments where discourses of sustainable intensification and food and energy security are becoming increasingly important. New technologies have been identified as part of the solution to deliver these goals. But these technologies raise significant concerns, for example in relation to environmental protection and the governance of agriculture and food"

France Ist Sustainable Oils Congress "FAT & Associés, have decided to organize an international event to gather all industrial actors and decision makers around a 360° view of the sustainable oils & fats market."



Sustainable Food Cities Webinar Nov 11th "will explore how we can better connect the research community with research needs locally, and how we can identify what those gaps are across the network. "

FAO and WHO International Conference on Nutrition 2 Nov Rome meets when evidence suggests public health advice needs to be integrated into environmental advice, but the signs are that sustainable diets are not on the agenda;

Arc of Taste docks in Turin 23-27 Oct Family farming, designated by UN for World Food Day,  will be one of the two key themes at the 2014 Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.

Centre for Agroecology  Seminar with P Sainath archivist of Indian Rural life.  He wrote Everybody Loves a Good Drought (Penguin India, 1996) which has remained a non-fiction bestseller by an Indian author for years and was declared a Penguin Classic in 2012. Nov 3 Coventry, Nov 4 London.

LEAF Defining Resilience and Diversity in Agriculture "brings together some of the evidence of the impact of agricultural diversity on productivity, pest and disease control, ecosystem services, nutrition and health and the potential to minimise the effects of climate change on farming, specifically relating to crop, livestock, biodiversity, our markets and diets." Nov 11 Canary Wharf London

November 22 Making Food Fair Federation House Manchester

While families struggle to feed themselves, farming and the food sector are reliant on poverty wages, poor conditions and precarious employment."

October 16 World Food Day Nourish Conference Common Wealth of Food will "  be sharing experiences and ideas with farmers and policymakers from India, Malawi and the Caribbean countries.  What would it take for everyone to eat well without messing up the planet? And how should Scotland play its part?"

Warwick Crop Centre Better ways of growing crops Sept 25 afternoon. + Guided tours.

World Public Health Nutrition Association 'Building Healthy Global Food System' A new imperative for Public Health in Oxford 8-9  September..

Lancashire Sustainable Food May 29 Myerscough College Invite

Co Durham Sustainable Food Partnership May 22 Launch of Strategy

RELU Workshop London May 1 Links between Research and Land Professionals  "Improving land management is imperative to such objectives as food security, sustainable development and the management of environmental change, and land professionals are vital to this process". But there is a big gap between research and practice. See UK Food Security for much more.

Sustainable Food Cities Conference March 31 Brighton "will look at how to embed food work in a city for the long term"

Fast Food Rights 15 Feb

UK Plant Science 31 March- April 1 York Plant Science - Sustaining Life on Earth 


9&10 Dec Chatham House Food Futures. How should we judge the sustainability of food? This conference will consider how to improve the efficiency of our food system, from production to consumption, while addressing key issues of food and nutrition security. Register

15 October Food Waste & Pig Food All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology in Parliament Ctte Room 16 10am. They will "look at the question of feeding catering waste, or swill, to pigs. The practice is banned by the EU but it has a number of economic, environmental and nutritional benefits". It is the Pig Idea!

March 30 Hebden Bridge Town Hall  for Incredible Edible Mytholm.  Charlie speaking on Sustainable food education/training and land-based employment issues

G8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture  April follows previous G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, the shared commitment to achieving global food security. This data initiative arises out of Agriculture for Impact - the Imperial College project. Considering it was Imperial who closed the then greatest agricultural college in the world - Wye College, it is a bit ironic..

Cambridge University Global Food Supply Intensification v Extensification  23 Jan 7pm asks: "What are the relative merits of agricultural intensification as opposed to strategies that expand output by increasing cultivated area?"



Food Policy City University Symposium on Local Food London Dec 12 will look at policy thinking about local food policies, and will explore that state of the ‘subnational’. Full Report

Chatham House Sustainable Intensification Miracle or Mirage? Dec 10&11 starts with "What are the particular challenges that technology must address over the coming decades:  soil, water, climate change, yield, post-harvest losses"

Inst Public Policy Research & National WI Great Food Debate York Dec 6 6.30pm. Keynote speech will be delivered by Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, followed by responses from speakers on food and sustainability and audience Q&A.

APPG Soil Day All Party Parliamentary Group AgroEcology Dec 6 London. All day. Speakers from different perspectives set out the current health and condition of UK soils and provide visions to restore them. Author to chair workgroup.


FAO/World World Food Day Oct 16 "Food Prices - From Crisis to Stability" is as this year's theme to shed some light on on this trend and what can be done to mitigate its impact on the most vulnerable. WFP video


2-3 British Sociological Association Food Study Group 'Food and Society' Conference.London "The global economic retrenchment and ever-present environmental concerns, including climate change, have critical implications for food systems and eating practices. How do these intersect with other foci of sociological concern, such as nation, post-colonialism, gender, social order, inequalities, wellbeing and public health?" Answers on a postcard...


Agriculture Investment Summit 26-28 London "will guide you through the complexities of investing in agriculture as an asset class. Learn how to make the most of exposures in South America, Sub Saharan Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Australia and New Zealand from Brasil Agro, TIAA-CREF, PKA Pensionskasse and Feronia Inc - Africa during the regional streams." If you are interested in making a noise outside, please contact us." See more on 'Landgrabs'


Food Revolution Day 19th, All over the world. Join in. "Together we can change the way people eat by educating every child about food, giving families the skills and knowledge to cook again, and motivating people to stand up for their rights to better food. Add your voice to the conversation with your best cooking and food education tip, favorite ingredient, or tell us why you support the Food Revolution and what actions you are taking. "


APPG 25th 1-3pm HoP London The death of British Farmland with a familiar face - Charlie C, presenting "Dont treat the soil like dirt".


Slow Science Workshop March 30 Brussels investigates 'slow science’. "Just like the ‘slow food’ movement defends qualitative food against fast food, slow science urges rethinking the current university, against the fast, competitive, benchmarked research."

FAO Rome MArch 20-24 Global Soil Partnership Conference on Global Soil Informationseeks "The improvement of soil information and its use in developing sound soil policies and improved decision making for soil protection ".

DEFRA debate in Green Food Project "trying to get to grips with what England’s role in this challenge should be, by bringing together government, industry and environmental partners to look at how we might reconcile the goals of improving the environment and increasing food production in England." Make your comments by April 3.

Making Local Food our Future London March 20 Mermaid Conf Centre "is a national conference which will bring together the innovators, drivers and investors in the community food sector, to show how they are making a real impact by joining together and working collaboratively." FULL

Let's Talk about Food (latest talk) Mar 12 Durham Sustainable Local Food Strategy project Co Durham "will involve stakeholders in forming a Food Partnership and developing a Strategy for sustainable food production and consumption in County Durham." Charlie's presentation on YouTube.

Incredible Edible Todmorden: Manchester Network Thursday 8 March 5pm – 7pm Venue:Mint Hotel, Manchester focuses on food, communities and enterprise and will be hosted by Fellows involved with the recent Incredible Edible activity.


Plymouth launch Sustainable Food Strategy that "lays out a clear framework to support a thriving local food economy, with far reaching social and environmental benefits. We are also very proud that the Council's school catering services have now achieved Gold Food for Life Catering Mark standard.

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