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September 2016

1. Merger Mania

The one big Agribiz story this month is the takeover by the Swiss giant Bayer of the demonised Monsanto. See below and here for latest developments. There are more 'click' campaigns to try and stop this merger than two other big Agribiz takeovers of the year - namely Syngenta going in with ChemChina (which I covered earlier) and the two US giants Dow-Dupont merging. I can’t help but think the increased complaints are because the new merger involves Monsanto. But quite why Dow doesnt get the same sort of blame, I don’t know. After all it bought the manufacturing plant that made a pesticide precursor, at Bhopal that had been the biggest industrial catastrophe ever. Over 3,00 were killed and arounf half a million injured. The families of these people just want a better life -- see 'Dow - Have a Heart'.  The mergers this year mean that the Big 6 has now become the Huge 3 (+ BASF). These mergers resemble medieval royal family marriages - nothing to do with love but just to gain reach and control in the world.

2. Soil Animals..

BBC Gardener's World have picked up on my interest in little soil creatures. We did a day's shooting last week, that will be converted into 5 minutes on the programme within the next month. I haven't got the exact time yet, but if you are interested I can let you know nearer the time. They wouldn’t let me have my website - soilanimals.com on my equipment (advertising!), but said there will be a Facebook page associated with the programme, where there will be links to the site. In preparation I'm doing the site up a bit - in particular the possibility of 'Bringing the soil to life' courses - both vocational and academic. I could use any ideas you may have for these (especially linking with the curriculum).

3. Brexit

You put your right arm in and shake it all about, then your left arm in and shake it all about, right leg, left leg, then you do the hokey kokey and that's what it's all about. That seems like our approach to Brexit. Has anybody any idea what this country is going to look like in 5 years time? Or how it is going to be decided? I'm trying to keep abreast of developments in food and farming especially the row about replacing the £3 Billion of CAP subsidies - towards a Food Policy,

4 Previous Mashes.

I've put many of the previous Montly Mashes on a website, so they can be searched more easily. I'm missing a few Mashes - so if you still have one of those, I'd be pleased to get it.

All the sites quoted are Google Sites; which means they are easy for people to use - you dont have to be a webmistress or master. If you want to join in any of them, please let me know, so we can develop them collectively.

Charlie Clutterbuck,
Oct 7, 2016, 2:01 AM