How to get involved

There are a number of ways to get involved, here is just a taste:

  1. Turn up at our events such as freecycles, green drinks and repair cafes
  2. Come gardening with us at our community allotment, we meet monthly and if you're very keen you can have access to the site to garden outside our monthly sessions as the allotment needs plenty of watering and weeding
  3. Help out at our eventsĀ  - even an hour spent at our freecycle stall, fixing things at our repair cafe, hosting the repair cafe and making sure it is run well helps. We also regularly need people to help move our equipment to and from events.
  4. Provide help in other ways - cakes for our repair cafes, help publicising what we do, or linking us to other community groups. We're especially looking for community groups interested in gardening at our allotment or for future projects on upcycling.
  5. Help to plan events and other activities by coming to our monthly meetings
  6. Sit on our committee (we elect new members in June) - our committee consists of two chairs, a secretary, a treasurer and a number of leads for each of our key projects
If you have any questions contact us on