Community Allotment

We have a community allotment at New Road allotment site behind Fleet Meadow Community Hall (map below).

To get involved in the community allotment:
  • come to our 2019 planning session on Thursday 24th January 2019 at Cornerstone from 7.30pm. We will be talking about how we want to organise ourselves in the coming year and what we'd like to plant.
  • come to a monthly group gardening session,usually held on a Sunday from 11-2. Keep an eye on the front page of our website or facebook for when the next  sessions are, or email us and ask to be notified. 
  • if you can't make the group gardening sessions we are happy to meet up with you individually and give you a tour.There's usually one ofus up at the site on Saturday or Sunday so we can just arrange to be there when you can make it
  • If you want to come more than monthly we can arrange for you to get proper access to the site (which is locked outside of Restore's opening hours),so you can pop in, weed, water, potter, harvest whenever you want 
  • We share the site, the work, the decision making and the harvest. If you've made the effort to turn up, even briefly, you can take crops away - but please consider others who might also like a share. If you really want to grow something, say so and we'll make sure there's space. 
  • Allotment holders on the New Road site (our lovely neighbours) may use our polytunnel to grow exotic veg or start seeds off (please follow any instructions inside the polytunnel and label your plants with your name as well as the crop). You can also help yourself to coffee grounds from Cornerstonewhich are in the bin next to the shed foryour compost or as slug repellent. If you use a lot of our coffee grounds please consider helping with our collection rota.
  • Sometimes we have picnics or bonfires (within the permitted period) and we're considering other socials there too
  • If you're a member of a youth or community group and would like the group to spend an evening at the allotment that can be arranged. The guides visited last summer and had loads of fun. We have a suggested programme for youth groups aged 7-14 consisting of a scavenger quiz, meet the chickens, some light gardening work and a wide (running around) game on the green patch. We'd be happy to discuss something tailored to your group, including recurring activities at the site if desired.
  • We are open for other suggestions on how to make this an allotment open to the whole community
Where is the site?

What's the site like?

Our main plot has a polytunnel,four raised beds and some raspberries canes, as well as hosting our shed, coffee grounds bin and water butt.
Our chickens are hosted on a separate plot by some very kind neighbours.