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posted Apr 17, 2012, 6:56 PM by Kristina Zichelli   [ updated Apr 27, 2012, 3:12 PM ]

Here are some blogs I found about sustainability!


When I searched "Blog about Sustainability" - the blog posts about our project, from our original website. It tells about each step of our project, from the very beginning to the end of our time in Santa Fe. - updated recently, and is a compilation of sustainability blogs with great descriptions, sorted by the number of followers. - run by a man who made big changes in his life for sustainability. It hasn't been updated in a while, but it has some great information. - has a few different writers, and was added to recently - contains videos, articles, and blog entries, updated recently – students discuss various sustainability issues, related to students, updated recently - sustainability and corporate social responsibility, updated recently - blog by the people helping make Walmart sustainable. Not really applicable to families, but still some interesting concepts, updated recently

When I searched "Blog about Sustainability New Mexico" - sustainability education blog, updated recently - about small steps towards a sustainable life for a family (by a family in New Mexico), updated recently - Syracuse University blogs on being green, and what other schools and cities are doing. Recently updated – a specific blog from our original project website - blogs on sustainable custom home building, updated recently, but sustainability blogs are only occasional – blogs on sustainable practices used by municipal management - website of an organization aiming to empower impoverished communities using sustainability, updated fairly recently

When I searched "Blog about Sustainable Living" - various "earthy" posts - sustainable living project in North Carolina - lists useful blogs - daily posts about growing sustainably - various sustainable living options - shares relevant blogs - sustainability news and green living tips from Oregon - about an ecovillage - about green products - for gardeners who value sustainability

When I searched "Blog about Earthships" - documents the progress of a couple building an Earthship - by a woman who has spent the past 16 years building Earthships - by various people in various locations - by a man who writes about Earthships and relevant topics - about the first Earthship architect - people who "connect to the land and to each other" - a website for Green Blogs - about an Earthship in Virginia - "Natural Building Blog" with timelapse video of an Earthship being built - "New Zealand's First Earthship" slideshow

When I searched "Blog about Sustainable Foods" - article about sustainable food blogs - list of 10 sustainable food blogs - sustainable food blog, including posts about agriculture  - sustainable food blog - interesting site on sustainable food - blog by various people about pure foods - talks about urban farming among other things - sustainable food petitions - blog about a food and travel writer

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