Subcommittees - General Information

The Sustainable Agriculture Standard Subcommittees play a critical part in the standards development process by taking a direct role in exploring key issues, developing draft criteria, and providing recommendations and guidance to the Standards Committee. Although the Standards Committee makes the final decisions on standard language, the subcommittees will write a majority of the standard. All interested parties are welcome to participate in the subcommittee work.

Current Subcommittees

  1. Criteria Development - Economic Sustainability
  2. Criteria Development - Social Sustainability
  3. Criteria Development - Environmental Sustainability
  4. Reference Library and Information
  5. Structure and Process of Standard Development
  6. Fundraising and Communications
  7. Marketplace Subcommittee
Participation on the Subcommittees -- Membership on the Subcommittees is open to all interested parties. There is no limit to the number of subcommittees an individual can join. In the event that the membership of a given Subcommittee reaches the size where it proves difficult to be productive, the Subcommittee will be divided into Task Groups or Resource Groups as appropriate.

Time Commitment -- The time commitment of Subcommittee members will vary according to the range of issues explored by the Subcommittee(s) they are active in, as well as how involved the member chooses to be in the Subcommittee work. There may be periods of high work intensity within a given Subcommittee, which will taper off as the issues the Subcommittee is working on are resolved. On average, members can expect to devote 2 to 4 hours per month per Subcommittee. Those involved in Subcommittee writing groups can expect to devote up to 10 hours per month.

Meetings -- Subcommittee meetings will be held via teleconference, generally on a monthly basis. Subcommittee writing groups will convene regularly between Subcommittee meetings and report back to the full Subcommittee on their progress during the monthly conference call. Please see the
Sustainable Agriculture Project Calendar for scheduled subcommittee meetings.

Leadership --
Each Subcommittee is led by two Co-Chairs. One Co-Chair is elected by the Standards Committee from among the Committee membership, and the other Co-Chair is elected by the Subcommittee from among that Subcommittee’s membership.
Applying for the Subcommittees -- Interested parties are required to submit an application. Download below.

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