Standards Committee Members

Sustainable Agriculture Standard development committee (Standards Committee) is charged with crafting an innovative standard that provides clear, continuous improvement  for advancing sustainable agriculture practices. A key element of the Committee work is to identify, deliberate and build consensus around the range of issues relevant to the standard and the standard development process, and, with the support of the subcommittees, to develop the criteria, indicators and metrics that will be included in the final standard.

The Committee consists of 58 seats who represent
a broad range of perspectives from across all areas of agriculture, including commodity producers; specialty crop producers; agricultural product processors and distributors; food retailers; environmental, labor, and development organizations; NGOs; industry trade associations; government representatives; academics; regulators and certifiers.

Applications for committee membership are currently being accepted. 
To fill out an application download this form Application and send to

Ximena Franco-Villegas Asocolflores
Brian McElroy Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, Inc.
John Foster Earthbound Farm
James Knutzon Farm Fresh Direct
Luke Howard Homestead Farms Inc.
Tina Ellor

Phillips Mushroom Farms

Yvette Speziani
Steve Flick
Show Me Energy Cooperative
Hank Giclas Western Growers
Kindley Walsh-Lawlor Gap Inc.
Gene Kahn Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Timothy York Markon Cooperative, Inc
Cecil Wright Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative
Jesse Singerman
Melody Meyer                                                        

Prairie Ventures
Ann Sorensen American Farmland Trust
Steve Apfelbaum Applied Ecological Services
Laurel Marcus
Eric Landen
California Land Stewardship Institute/Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Program
Landen Consulting
Dr. John Fagan Earth Open Source
Taylor Reid Beginning Farmers
Jonathan Kaplan Natural Resources Defense Council
LaRhea Pepper Textile Exchange
Jeff Moyer Rodale Institute
Michelle Wander Soil and Water Conservation Society
V. Philip Rasmussen, Jr

Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Center (SARE)


Ciaran Long
Hector Quemada

Calvin College and Crop Technology Consulting, Inc. (CTCI)
Damara Luce    
Richard Olson
Doug Miell
Molly Anderson
Lee Meyer    
Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Miell Consulting
College of the Atlantic
University of Kentucky, Department of Agro-Economics
Jody Endres University of Illinois/ Energy Biosciences Institute
Jim Pierce  Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association
Grace Gershuny GAIA Services
Peggy Barlett

Emory University, Anthropology

Stan Pohmer
David Groenfeldt
Pohmer Consulting Group
Water-Culture Institute
Douglas H. Constance  Sam Houston State University, Sociology
Linda Brown  Scientific Certification Systems
Pamela Ronald
Tim Galarneau
A. Bryan Endres
Alvin J. Bussan
Jim Jones 
University of California Davis, Department of Plant Pathology
University of California - Santa Cruz, Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
University of Illinois, Dept. of Agricultural and Consumer Economics
University of Wisconsin, Dept. of Horticulture
US Environmental Protection Agency
Bill Wolf  Wolf, DiMatteo + Associates