Sustainability Guru Services is on a mission to make the Chicagoland Suburbs 
a more sustainable place to live- one homeowner and business at a time.
"Save money today! Our evaluations will help you operate more efficiently"  

Reduce your operating costs

Trying to convince people to habitually adopt practices that will reduce your energy, water, and municipal waste costs.  Also, maximizing Indoor Air Quality will significantly benefit the health and well-being of your building or home's occupants.  So naturally, this will save you money; plus there is a growing Sustainability Revolution with distinct financial and marketing advantages in being a leader in environmental initiatives.

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February 28, 2013

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is about embracing technology & good habits that gets our world closer to meeting our current needs without inhibiting our current needs to meet their needs.  It is a path and sometimes you need a guide, a Guru of sorts to help you get closer to the destination.

Your Sustainability Guru

Learn more about Sustainability Guru Services, a pioneer in comprehensive green consulting in the northern Chicagoland suburbs. Consultation services provide include a Green Home Evaluation for homeowners or a Green Business Assessment for small businesses to affirm current green practices and technology while finding potential cost saving opportunities.  By implementing these low and no cost recommendations with new tools, resources, and contacts, you can reduce your annual utility bills by up to 20%.  Plus, strategies to increase your indoor air quality and recycling participation will be discussed. The sustainability guru is at your service to shed light upon the overlooked things to help you operate your home or business as efficiently as possible savings on their utility bills and on precious natural resources.   

"Satisfaction Guaranteed or you name the price of the services provided!" Jeffrey Peterson- Owner of Sustainability Guru Services 

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