The Sustainability Funders was founded in 2001 to directly address the harmful environmental and social impacts of current modes of producing, consuming and disposing of material goods.

We believe it is possible to create a sustainable and just world where people can live healthy and fulfilling lives and natural resources can be conserved for future generations.
We also coordinate the New Economy Discussion Group, which offers funders the opportunity to learn and engage on emerging New Economy Issues.

More information on the Sustainability Funders' activities
can be found in our most recent publication:

February 6, 2014, Yale Environment 360
January 15, 2014, Nature
June 21, 2013, The Guardian
June 11, 2013, Baltimore Sun
May 24, 2013, Associated Press
May 8, 2013,
April 24, 2013, Plastics News

Call resources for the April 21, 2014 funder briefing call, Fast (and unsustainable) fashion: How the growing demand for wood-derived fabrics is impacting the world's endangered and ancient forests, and what companies are doing about it.

November 21-22, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland