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Crazy Climate and Rigged Economies

We Can Do Much Better

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Making Sustainability Accessable

Welcome to the Sustainability Chalkboard! Here you will find information on how to transition to a sustainable civilization in the form of links to organizations, downloadable documents, books, videos, and on Twitter people and organizations to follow and useful Hashtags. In addition there are original presentations and videos discussing why economic growth is likely to be constrained by the global environmental resouces (like energy, food production, water and waste absorbtion), and how ecological economics can help the transition. Ecological economics uses many of the concepts from modern mainstream economics, but starts with a different pre-analytic vision where instead of the economy existing independent of the environment, it exists mostly within our social structure and both exist within the environment as shown in the diagram below (adapted from Peter Victor in Book References). This leads to different goals. Instead of focusing on economic growth, and managing inflation and unemployment, its goals are:

  • Sustainable Scale

  • Just Distribution

  • Efficient Allocation

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