swim team basics

 The SFY Tsunami competitive program is year-round, dedicated to advancing the sport of swimming. SFY provides a program for all swimmers who wish to improve their swimming skills by training year round. Our coaching staff has developed a program that provides each swimmer the required skills and conditioning to be successful at any level of swimming. The skill level of SFY swimmers ranges from the noncompetitive swimmer (JV 1 & 2 - Tidal Waves) and swimmers who are competing in YMCA, USS and Invitational Meets. Competitive swimming is a wonderful activity for everyone, and is a sport in which the entire family can be involved. The competitive philosophy at SFY is to allow swimmers to set goals for themselves and then compete against their own past performances to achieve these goals. With this approach, swimmers learn self-motivation to achieve their goals and personal pride once their goals are reached. These qualities produce a positive influence on their character, schoolwork and other community activities. The SFY Coaching Staff is passionate and proud to provide a program that plays such a positive role in swimmers lives. 


The objectives of the SFY Tsunamis include the personal, physical and competitive development of its swimmers, community involvement, regional and national involvement.   They are:·        
  • To provide an opportunity to participate in a sport that allows development of social and personal skills that will be used for a lifetime.·        
  • To promote physical fitness, proper conditioning and good health habits.·        
  • To assist our youth in the development of good sportsmanship, personal pride, positive self-image, team participation, self-discipline and responsibility.·        
  •  To provide training and facilities that allows young athletes to reach their maximum swimming potential.·        
  • To provide a training program that will allow competitive swimmers to advance to all levels of competition through YMCA (CPSL), United States Swimming (USS) and Delmarva Swim Association (DSA).·        
  • To support and advance Mid-Atlantic Swimming, Inc. by being actively involved and participating in USS meets.·        
  • To support and advance YMCA Competitive Swimming (CPSL) by being actively involved and participating in meets at all levels.     


Team functions, fund raisers and swim meets bring all swimmers, parents and coaches together to provide an atmosphere of cooperation, unity and stability during the crucial years of swimmer’s development. Athletic programs provide valuable lessons on many practical levels such as teamwork, sportsmanship, winning, losing and dedication to goals. Through the SFY Tsunamis, swimmers learn self-discipline, build confidence and develop qualities that enable them to become responsible adults and productive citizens. A SFY Swimmer should understand that membership and participation on the SFY swim team is a privilege and not a right. Both swimmers and parents must abide by all rules, policies and procedures as set forth by the coaches and Parents Board. Swimmers should demonstrate high standards by showing an exemplary attitude and positive work habits, and be aware that, as a member of SFY, their actions are a reflection of their family, community and the SFY Tsunamis.


SFY participates in the Chesapeake & Potomac Swim League (CPSL) during the winter season which runs from October through April and the Delmarva Swim Association (DSA) during the summer season. 


SFY and its swimmers are members of United States Swimming (USS) which is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming programs in the United States. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the Olympic Training Center, USS staff interact with fifty-nine Local Swimming Committees (LSCs), and athletes, coaches and volunteers at all levels, to provide a variety of services to almost 300,000 registered athletes, 20,000 non-athletes and more than 2500 swim teams. USS is responsible for establishing rules and regulations, conducting national championships, providing educational programs, services, and training for USS certified coaches, disseminating safety and sports medicine information, selecting competitors to represent the US in international competitions, and insuring the development of its member clubs and age groups swimmers. USA is the ruling body of sanctioned swim meets in the United States. USS meets are designed to protect the swimmer, provide fair and equitable conditions of competition, and to promote uniformity of the sport. 


 USS is comprised of four zones: Eastern, Southern, Central and Western. Each Zone is made up of a number of Local Swim Committees (LSCs). SFY is a member of the Mid-Atlantic LSC which is part of the Eastern Zone. You can access USS on the INTERNET at www.usswim.org and www.usaswimming.org Any SFY team member must join USS in order to compete at a USS meet with our team. USS registration provides the required liability insurance, and must be completed before a swimmer can participate in a meet. The registration must be renewed annually, and as part of the fee, the swimmer will receive “Splash Newsletter” which provides information for all levels of swimmers. 


The American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) is the primary source for education and certification of coaches and represents a standard of excellence for swim coaches in the United States. Although coaches are not required to be members of ASCA, SFY is proud that its team of coaches is certified by ASCA, and takes pride in the code of ethics and commitment to excellence that this represents. Aside from the primary educational function, which includes an annual clinic for coaches worldwide, ASCA provides a ranking system for coaches based on experience and accomplishments. Coaches are ranked from Level 1 to Level 5 with the top 2-4% of the coaches in the country ranked as Level 5, the top 4-7% certified as Level 4 and the top 15% being certified Level 3. The remaining 75% of the coaching population are within Level 1 and Level 2 categories. 
Gabriel Phillips,
Jun 2, 2011, 9:17 AM
Gabriel Phillips,
Jun 2, 2011, 9:17 AM
Gabriel Phillips,
Jun 2, 2011, 9:17 AM