The Civil War Comes To MILTON

appeared in the CAPE GAZETTE 2014



the Civil war comes to milton

Patricia Kaufmann speaks on: Confederate Postal History

Milton, DE, May 14, 2014– In May of 1864 the Battle of Spotsylvania, was the second major battle in Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's 1864 Overland Campaign of the American Civil War. The battle was in progress from May 8 through May 21, 1864, 150 years ago this month.

The Sussex County Stamp Club will present for the second year an historical  American Civil War series open to the public which should be of interest to historians and stamp collectors alike.

The American Civil war comes to Milton on May 14th, through the Confederate Postal History brought to you by The Sussex County Stamp Club. Our own Sussex Countian Patricia Kaufmann of Lincoln Delaware will speak on May 14th at 7pm at St. John’s Hall, 307 Federal Street in Milton, Ms. Kaufmann will speak on the subject of the Confederate Postal History. Admission is free.

 Trish Kaufmann began collecting Confederate postal history in her late teens and quickly became engrossed in exhibiting, writing and research on the subject. She served as editor of The Confederate Philatelist, official publication of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, from 1973-1987 and co-editor prior to that from 1970-73, a total of 17 1/2 years.

 In brief she was past President of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, elected to the Council of Philatelists of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in January 2011, and became section editor of The Confederate Stampless Cover Catalog as well as a contributor to the 1986 New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and annual updates of the Scott Specialized Catalogue. She has written hundreds of philatelic research articles, primarily on Confederate postal history for The American Philatelist, The Congress Book, Smithsonian Magazine, Way Markings, The Confederate Philatelist, La Posta, The SPA Journal and many other publications. Since January 2007, Trish has written a monthly column entitled "The Confederate Post" for The American Stamp Dealer and Collector and serves as an Associate Editor. She is also an Honorary Member of the Sussex County Stamp Club, bestowed on her in February 2013.

We are happy to announce a special guest Mr. Ken Martin the Executive Director of the American Philatelic Society will be visiting Milton at the same event. In June 2006 Ken became Deputy Executive Director for the American Philatelic Society and in April 2010 Executive Director.

 The American Philatelic Foundation was established on September 14, 1886.The American Philatelic Society (APS) is the largest nonprofit stamp collecting foundation of philately in the world, with almost 44,000 members as of 2007 from 110 countries. Both the membership and interests of the society are worldwide. APS membership includes over 1600 commercial stamp dealers and about 700 local stamp clubs. In addition, some 200 specialty societies are affiliated with the APS. Individual membership reached a high of 60,000 in 1991, but declined substantially since then. As of August 31, 2013 membership was 32,079. Throughout its history, the APS has struggled with the issue, concerned for the future of the hobby.

By the mid-1990s, the expanded services, staff and the American Philatelic Research Library had outgrown the facility in State College. A study determined that because of high local real estate values, it was not cost effective to expand the existing building. A search of alternatives identified a property ten miles from State College that was basically sound and could be acquired for a reasonable amount. In 2002, after much discussion, debate and soul searching, the APS committed millions of dollars to purchasing and renovating what was known as the Match Factory in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The American Philatelic Center was dedicated in June, 2004.

The Sussex County Stamp Club was formed in 1989 in Sussex County, Delaware and currently we hold our meetings the second Wednesday of each month at St. John’s Hall on Federal St. in Milton, Delaware. We are the youngest stamp club in the state and the only club in Sussex County. We will be celebrating our 25th year as a club in 2014. Originally formed by Frank J. Morris and named The Lewes Stamp Club after the retired club. The club eventually became the Sussex County Stamp Club in 1989. We are also an affiliated Chapter to The American Philatelic Society in Bellefonte PA.

Bruce McKinney,
May 1, 2014, 9:00 PM
Bruce McKinney,
May 1, 2014, 8:59 PM