"We are all connected;  to each other biologically; to the earth chemically; to the rest of the universe atomically."  (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

And the Susquehanna River is connected to the Chesapeake Bay hydrologically, geologically, historically, culturally, and economically.  In fact, the magnificent Chesapeake estuary was spawned by the inundation of the lower Susquehanna River valley at the end of the last ice age, 12 to 14 thousand years ago. Natural climate change has created this treasure.  

Where will it go from here?  Where will we take it?

As you use, preserve, and enjoy the Susquehanna River it is important, fun, and instructive to ponder these connections.  The videos below may help unleash within you the mystical and spiritual energy of this web of nature.


Chesapeake Conservancy - Treasured Landscapes