Susquehanna River Trail - Middle Section
   ...An Island Adventure 

The Susquehanna River      MIddle Section Map

   New Island Camping on Sassafras Island.  INFO

   To report campsite problems contact:

Ranger Chad Woleslagle
PA DCNR - Bureau of Forestry
Phone: 570-527-9523

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      Please think safety first when on the river.

Canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping, and other river-related outdoor activities are inherently risky:
    • river environment -- moving water, cold water, deep water, tricky currents, rocks, poison ivy, ticks; 
    • weather extremes -- cold, heat, electrical storms, wind 
    • structures -- bridges, water intakes, and dams
River trail users should be aware of these hazards and exercise proven boating and paddling practices on the river at all times.  Safety is your responsibility!  

In case of a life threatening emergency call 911. Cellular service is generally good along the trail.