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Suspicious of Whistlers is Washington University in St. Louis' most kick-ass long form improv comedy troupe. Ask anyone.

Suspicious of Whistlers welcomes our newest members: Ethan Bresler, Candace Borders, and Joe Holley! They are bold, they are brutal, they take no prisoners.

Upcoming Shows:

Dome Alone
December 7th @ 4PM
Mudd Multipurpose Room

News & Updates:

  • Fall 2013 Auditions: Thank you to everyone who joined us for auditions and callbacks. We were blown away by your talent and enthusiasm! Decisions will be posted on the PAD Callboard by Thursday afternoon. 

  • 10th Anniversary Reunion:Thank you to our alumni and all those who came out to the show! Videos and photos are coming soon!

  • The 4/20 Show: Thank you to all those who joined us! Check out our sketches under VIDEOS!

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"The voice of long form improv in St. Louis."

~ Jacob Schneider, Improv Olympic's The Reckoning

"Best improv group I've seen
in a while. I laughed so hard I choked
on my beer. If you wa
nt entertainment, these guys are the group."
~ Improv Across America

"Insanely dynamic long form improv comedy troupe...incredibly talented, raucously hilarious." ~ St. Louis Science Center
Peter Robards Adam Rubin
"Best improv on the planet earth...or at least in St. Louis." ~ Ashley Einhorn

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As seen on CBS' The Early Show!
(Some tricky people were here once.)


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