Ron Suskind's Concoction -- 

The Way of The World

Pulitizer Prize winner Ron Suskind has done it again

He has produced a book that reads like fiction -- because much of it is.


Official Tenet Website


Secret Service Denies Suskind Account 


Washington Post - Aug 23, 2008 

"CIA has made its own inquiries overseas and no one -- no individual and no intelligence service -- has substantiated Suskind's account of Habbush or the bogus letter," the agency said in a prepared statement


CIA Statement Disputing Book - Aug 22, 2008 


New Tenet Statement - Aug 22, 2008


Yet Another Suskind Source Says It Ain't So 


Suskind Challenged On BBC Radio 4 : Aug 19, 2008


Suskind Hammered on Hannity & Colmes Aug 15, 2008  -Video


Interview Transcript


 Rob Richer Statement on Supposed Phone Call "Transcript"  8-8-08 


Former British Intelligence Officials Call Suskind's Book "Misleading" - "Inaccurate" & "Wrong" 

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"The Way of the World -- A Story of Truth and Hope in An Age of Extremism" was released on August 5, 2008 to relatively little notice for a book whose publisher says had an advance printing of half a million copies.  The 400+ page book's blatherings have been largely ignored by the main-stream media - except for his two main claims which have been widely rebuffed. 


"For 400 pages, the tale meanders hither and yon, in its bloated "multilayered" fashion, with a recurring sideline in cloddish pseudo-philosophy."  The Financial Times

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