"Susie's the first yoga teacher that I've stuck with because she's been so patient and helpful to me. I've noticed an immense difference in my posture over the past year, and overall have never been so flexible. Taking her classes has taught me how important it is to make yoga a regular part of my life. I look forward to continuing my practice of yoga with Susie." --Phoebe

"You can tell that Susie puts a great deal of thought into her lessons to be sure that they benefit different areas of the body and that they build on previous sessions. She pays attention to each student and assists them in a calming manner."  --Peggy

"I love Susie's yoga classes! She keeps the classes upbeat and energetic and at the same time she's able to break down the moves for people who need the extra help. She explains each pose not only how to do it but what the pose means which is interesting. I leave each class feeling stronger, more flexible, and with better balance. I'm so glad I started practicing with her. My body thanks her and so do I." --Tracy

"Susie is a thoughtful and sensitive yoga instructor. She is gentle and caters to the individual's needs." --Larry

"Susie's wonderful classes are some of the best health-related experiences I have ever had." --Agnes

"Susie's classes are such a gift. Her skills in teaching and being a caring human being are priceless. No matter what is going on, my whole worldview shifts to a more relaxed and positive place after I've made room in my day to take her class." --Shana

"I am a certified yoga teacher and have over 20 years teaching experience. I cannot help but to critique other teachers' work. Susie is an outstanding teacher! She is not only incredibly knowledgable, she is warm, calming and in tune with each of her student's levels and limitations. My critique on Susie is...She is hands down one of the best." --Karen

"Susie's class has literally changed my life. For the first class, I had to push myself to go—knowing I "should"—and now my entire week feels like it's balanced on the axis of that transformative hour on Monday nights. Susie strikes just the right tone—pushing us to grow but never making us feel judged or inadequate for what we cannot do. I'm awed by her strength and flexibility but even more grateful for her nurturing and graceful instruction. I leave the class every time feeling light but also grounded, more aware and more alive." --Rachel