a burning man theme camp 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to nourish the planet with delicious, organic, vegan, brown rice sushi, made with love.

Our History

Sushilovecake began back at Burning Man 2004, when Flan piled the little red wagon with a few sushi rolls and hit the road.  People were astounded and amazed to get such a wholesome, delicious treat on the playa.   This made Flan super happy :)  and the concept for SLC was born.  The following year, at BM 2005, a group of 12 amazing individuals came together to manifest the sushi love.  We satiated the crowds night after night, with soul satisfying vegan sushi, mellow tunes, soothing tea, and of course...cupcakes.  SLC was such a hit that we were back for the burn in 2006- continuing to serve up the goods.  The key to our playa success, is the secret ingredient...LOVE.  Though the membership has shifted some each year, the spirit of sushilovecake continues, as does the mouth watering sushi.


Interested in Becoming a Member?  Here's More About Us:

Really, we are a simple camp, with a few simple goals.  We live to nourish burners- with sushi, cupcakes, and love.  Burning Man can get kinda crazy- all the partying and whatnot.  And don't get me wrong- we love to party too.  But we also want to offer a calm, safe, comfortable space, where friends and strangers alike can come together, laugh, relax, and eat well. 


Our Space 

We have a dome which operates as a chill space by day, and a sushi lounge in the early evening.  We also have a kitchen, shower, sink, budget truck, and shaded area for personal tents.  


Sushi Service

Tuesday-Friday nights, just as it gets dark is when we do the sushi thing.  We serve around 100 rolls per night, plus tea and cupcakes, to the lucky folks who happen upon us.  It's usually finished by 10 or 11pm so we can go out and play :)


What you get as a member:

  • A guaranteed spot to call home in Black Rock City.
  • The dome, which will be a fully carpeted, shady, comfortable, strong shelter from the elements.
  • The opportunity for daily showers.
  • A fully operational kitchen,  plus sushi each night, and spontaneous shared snacks and other meals.
  • Space reserved for your tent and vehicle. (we do encourage carpooling)
  • Storage of camp materials between burns and transportation of camp materials to the playa.


Still Interested?  Here's what we ask of you: 

  • Plan to arrive on Saturday to setup, and/or stay for breakdown on Monday morning. 
  • Work 1-2 sushi shifts- jobs include: prep, roller, host, server, dishwasher, tea host. 
  • Take on responsibilities to lead and/or participate in at least two committees.
  • Pay a camp fee of $200 (we do have some opportunities for work trade)
  • Sign up for one ice run during the week.


Sushilovecake Committees

  1. Shower
  2. Dome-structure (we have one from last year- just needs maintenance)
  3. Dome interior
  4. Evaporation pool
  5. Sink
  6. Green team- figure out how to green our camp
  7. Kitchen
  8. Trash/compost/recycle
  9. Design- SLC sign, camp stamp, other advertising
  10. Shade- tent area and kitchen
  11. Sushi service coordination
  12. Generator service/repair
  13. Other food coordination
  14. Camp management
  15. Theme camp application-(this will be completed by may 15th)
  16. Truck organization/driving
  17. Setup crew
  18. Breakdown crew


If sushilovecake sounds like the right fit for you, here's what to do:

Send an email to us at:

Please include:

1.  your name 

2.  where you live

3.  how you heard about us

4.  why you want to be a member of sushilovecake

5.  what committees you are interested in joining

6.  How many times you have been to Burning Man before

7.  Any questions you have for us

8.  The best way(s) and times to contact you

We truly appreciate your interest in joining us and will get back to you within one week of receiving your email.  There is no specific end date for new members to join.  However, we are a small camp, (20 members), and we anticipate filling up quickly.   So please, if you think you have found your people- don't hesitate to email us!!

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita