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Sushi is a work of art, an expression of inner self, must be delicious & beautiful..

by Sushi Chef Francis

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Im Sushi Chef Francis at your service!


Making and preparing sushi has been my way of life now for years. Making your own sushi is easy, however, to be in par with the standards and cope up with ever changing trends, one must master the art of sushi making.

Different techniques should be learned, new ideas should be discovered and continually enhance your experience (that is to listen to people's advice and comments).


Sushi is a delicately prepared food, made of vinegared rice, topped with ingredients like fish, fruits, and vegetables (cooked or uncooked).

There are various types of sushi, however the most well known is the Nigiri Sushi and Maki Sushi.


Nigiri Sushi is a hand-formed clumps of sushi rice topped with desired topping of fish, vegetable, fruit, and sometimes it could be a mixture of stuff.




Maki Sushi is sushi rice rolled using a bamboo maki matt with choice of stuffing inside (seafood, meat, fruit, or vegetables), then cut into bite size pieces.


You can view the photo sections for my very own creations.