Ceremony of water purification system and gifts to poor children Ky Anh coastal area

posted Jul 1, 2016, 4:16 PM by SUSDEC A   [ updated Jul 1, 2016, 10:28 PM ]
On 30 Jun 2016,  at the Ky Phuong kindergarten, Research Center for Sustainable Development in Central and Highlands (SUSDEC) in collaboration with the Hungarian rice with meat program (CCTH) have supported school conduct Ceremony of water purification system for schools and gifts to poor children in Ky Phuong, Ky Loi and Ky Ninh communes, Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province. The organizers have awarded the first overall water filtration system for the school, 7 water purifier, disinfection 3 machines and 30 gifts to children. The total value of gifts is 84.48 million VND.

Recently, mass fish kills in coastal Central, especially in Ky Phuong, Ky Loi, Ky Ninh communes in Ky Anh - Ha Tinh which making people's life turned upside down, the lives of fishermen are more and more difficult.Survey more we see that  poor children is objective who the most vulnerable of living and education in this time because of poor children will be limited due to poor parents who are not eligible for basic income to look after their children.
Understand and share with such difficulties of poor fishing households and the children, the SUSDEC Center in coordination with the Hungarian meat and rice program conducted The For poor children in central coast (TMT programe) to support for children of fishermen are happy to call CCTH funding to support our implementation of equipment for schools and gifts for children. We went to the site to visit, met with the families of children in difficult circumstances, as well as working with schools and local authorities and has built the program proposal submitted to the CCTH .
By survey the difficulties in organizing learning for the children here, we see that our support has to meet a certain part, but still difficult need hand in hand to improve in the near future. Therefore, the Centre of SUSDEC and the local fishermen family highly desirable The Hungarian rice with meat program continues to accompany and support for poor children Ky Anh - Ha Tinh to ensure the safety and comprehensive development of the children in next time, first started the school year 2016-2017.

The For poor children in Central coast - TMT 2016 P1