Head of Application research and International Corporation department
Mr. Phan Van Kien, Master of Science

 He is very enthusiastic with the sustainable development in the Central and Highlands region especially on  the most vulnerable community development. He is a founder of SUSDEC. Mr. Kien had researched on Environment in Sustainable Development at the Hanoi National University and worked for some national and international organizations but now Mr. Kien is a Director in SUSDEC.

Vice Director
Ms. Pham Thi Huong, Lawyers
 Ms. Huong is currently in charge of the areas related to administrative, human resources and legal of the Centre. In addition, she also is participating in building capacity for staff of the organization.

Head of Administration and Human resources Dept

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan, Bachelor

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan work good at operation activities in the field. He very happy to work for SUSDEC to promote sustainable development in Central and Highlands.

Head of Emvironmental and Natural resources Management Dept.
Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang, PhD.
She is a master at sustainable energy sector from ERASMUS MUNDUS in Austria and  conducting PhD. in Sweden. She is undertaking projects relating to the Sustainable Resource Management at SUSDEC. 

Expert of Livelihood and Community Development Dept.
Mr. Phan Van Quyet, PhD.
He got master of science on biotechnology and researching to get PhD. in Turkey. He have a lot of experience in  working with sustainable agriculture projects under both of academic and community based approaches. He work for the SUSDEC as a Consultant
 on Agriculture and Community development.

Mrs. Tran Minh Trang, Senior Environmental Management, Dept. of Environment - Natural Resources Management.
She lives in Hanoi but her country is Ha Tinh province Central rigion Vietnam. She graduated with distinction on Environmental Sciences at Hanoi University of Natural Sciences. After graduated, she worked for a company, but she want to contrubution on sustainable development in the Central and Highlands rigion so she returned to work for SUSDEC with a
long term.

Head of Communications, Education and Advocacy Dept.
Mr. Trinh Quang Vinh
Mr. Vinh was born in Central rigion, he graduated in Environmental Management at the Ha Noi University of Science and Technology. Vinh was in charge of communication and capacity building as a facilitator on projects of the SUSDEC.

Head of Administration Dept. 
Mr. Phan Tat Thang
He graduated from Aptech FPT on information technology in Ha Noi. Before work for SUSDEC, he worked for VOV for a long time. He was in charge of information - web administration, database as well as participate in monitoring and supervision on projects of the SUSDEC.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong,
She graduated from Accounting Dept., Hanoi National Economic University in 2010. After that she worked for a foreign company on Agriculture Food. From 2012 to now, she has been working for The SUSDEC.


SUSDEC really fortunate to have so many experts in support of sustainable development. Especially we have many scientists and experts on sustainable development, climate change and community development-oriented comments on the development and implementation of specific activities. Among them, there are some scientists regularly as consultant to the Center:
         Dr. Vo Thanh Son, senior adviser on Sustainable development and Environmental resource management.

         Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Cong Hoat, senior advisor on Science and Technology.

         Associate Professor, Dr. Cao Tien Trung, senior adviser for the Biodiversity Conservation and Ecology.


We also have a accountant, a large team of collaborators, including those colleagues and students passionate about community based sustainable development and are contributing to building a strong Central Highlands. They are the forces involved in the operation of SUSDEC.